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David Duke is an American politician, born in 1950. His former titles include Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and state representative for Louisiana. Duke ran repeatedly for higher office in the 1990s, and finally achieved widespread infamy in North America when he sought nomination for the Republican candidacy for President in 1992. He's also one of the founders of the infamous white-supremacist message board

While he's reasonably good at coding his beliefs to sound less controversial, Duke is a lifelong white separatist and professional anti-Semite. Since his rise to fame, his name has become largely synonymous with organized racism in the United States, particularly in and around Louisiana.

As of the late 2000s, Duke has largely retired from public life and is said to live in Austria, making a living as a wildlife photographer.

Works that feature Duke include:

  • In the early '90s, David Duke appeared in "Doonesbury," where he was claimed to be a first cousin of Duke's. Notably, in keeping with Garry Trudeau's style at the time, Duke was not caricatured, but instead drawn as a symbol. In his case, it was a swastika.