Dave [=McKean=] is an English artist. His work often uses collages involving traditional painting materials, photographs, sculpture, found objects and digital manipulation.

He is probably most widely known for his collaborations with Creator/NeilGaiman, which include four graphic novels, two picture books, and the ''Comicbook/BlackOrchid'' miniseries. He did every cover for the entire run of Gaiman's ''Comicbook/TheSandman''. Other non-Gaiman-related comic book work includes the miniseries ''Cages'', which he wrote himself, and ''Comicbook/ArkhamAsylumASeriousHouseOnSeriousEarth'' with Creator/GrantMorrison.

He is also a filmmaker, who has made several short films as well as the feature film ''Film/{{MirrorMask}}'', another collaboration with Neil Gaiman.

!!Tropes associated with Dave [=McKean=]:

* BodyHorror: A favourite trope of his. Heads missing their top half, flowers that are also screaming faces, people who are part tree...
* EyelessFace: He often invokes this trope, depicting faces with either empty eye sockets or...well...''things'' where eyes would normally be.
* FanDisservice: There are a fair amount of naked or topless people in his work, but [[{{Understatement}} they don't look like they're having a lovely time]].