Dave Freer is an ichthyologist turned science fiction and fantasy author who often collaborates with Creator/EricFlint.

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!!List of Works
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* ''Literature/TheForlorn''
* ''Literature/RatsBatsAndVats'' series with Eric Flint
** ''Rats, Bats & Vats''
** ''The Rats, the Bats & the Ugly''
* ''Literature/KrimPyramid'' series with Eric Flint
** ''Pyramid Scheme''
** ''Pyramid Power''
* ''Literature/TheHeirsOfAlexandria'' series with Eric Flint and Creator/MercedesLackey
** ''The Shadow of the Lion''
** ''This Rough Magic''
** ''A Mankind Witch'' (solo)
** ''Much Fall of Blood''
* ''[[Literature/TheWitchesOfKarres Karres]]''
** ''The Wizard of Karres'' with Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey
** ''The Sorceress of Karres'' with Eric Flint
* ''Slow Train to Arcturus'' with Eric Flint
* ''[[Literature/DragonsRing Dragon's Ring]]'' series
** ''Dragon's Ring''
** ''Dog and Dragon'' (forthcoming April 2012)
* ''Save the Dragons'' serialized online at [[http://savethedragons.nu savethedragons.nu]]. Apparently gone now.