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Creator: Dark Maze Studios

An independent production company created by Ed Glaser, Dark Maze Studios is notable for having low budgets, yet creating high quality products such as Press Start, Space Ninja, RoboGirl and Ed Glaser's own review series, Deja View. Dark Maze is an affiliate of That Guy with the Glasses.

Originally founded as Mobled Queen Entertainment, a horror film production company, which changed its name to Dark Maze Studios after Amazon bought its distributor company Custom Flix in 2005 and started pre-production on Press Start.

The company's official statement on the name change is: "It was time for a format change, for a number of reasons. First of all, nearly all of the Mobled Queen movies were short – generally less than an hour long. The shift to Dark Maze represents a shift in focus toward feature-length films. Additionally, with all the horror movies we had been doing, Mobled Queen had started to seem like just another low-budget horror studio, which was never really the plan. We love horror movies and have had a blast making them, but it was time to diversify. A little image shift seemed like a good way to start that process."

Their material can be found at Dark Maze Studios's website, Newgrounds,, and

In 2013, the studio changed its name to Neon Harbor.

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  • Marathon of Fright
  • Marathon of Fright: Mummy Madness!

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