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Creator: Daniella Alonso
Daniella Alonso is an American actress born in September 22, 1978. Her mother is from Puerto Rica, and her father is from Peru. She is currently starring in the show Revolution... or not anymore, as her character got killed off in the first season finale.

Works that she has appeared in:

  • Academy Boyz: Lisa
  • All You've Got: Rada Kincaid
  • As the World Turns: Pilar Domingo, appearing in one episode
  • Black Knight: June (uncredited)
  • The Collector: Lisa
  • Covert Affairs: Dr. Suzanne Wilkins, a recurring character
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Elizabeth Martin / Rosa Gonzales, appearing in "Deep Fried and Minty Fresh" (season 9: episode 13)
  • CSI: Miami: Alexis Dawson, appearing in "Born to Kill" (season 5: episode 24)
  • CSI NY: Jenny Rodriguez, appearing in "Cool Hunter" (season 2: episode 16)
  • Friday Night Lights: Carlotta Alonso, a recurring character for 10 episodes
  • The Hills Have Eyes 2: Private Missy Martinez
  • Hood of Horror: Posie Santana
  • In Plain Sight: Sue Shears / Sue Stills, appearing in "Provo-Cation" (season 4: episode 11)
  • Knight Rider: Lynn, appearing in "Exit Light, Enter Knight" (season 1: episode 13)
  • The Last Romantic: Daniella
  • Law And Order: Maddi Donlou, appearing in "Mother's Day" (season 13: episode 10)
  • Law And Order: Criminal Intent: Angie Suarez, appearing in "Jones" (season 1: episode 5)
  • Love 10 to 1: Cali
  • Love Song: Cali
  • Mad Love: Nurse, appearing in "Friends and Other Obstacles" (season 1: episode 2)
  • Medium: Elizabeth Torres, appearing in "Baby Fever" (season 6: episode 5)
  • Metro, Daniela Diaz, appearing in the pilot episode
  • The Mulberry Tree: Maria Ramirez
  • My Generation: Brenda Serrano, the main character
  • One Tree Hill: Anna Taggaro, a recurring character for 11 episodes
  • A Poor Kid's Guide to Success: Nicole
  • Private Practice: Reyna Reyes, appearing in "True Colors" (season 5: episode 20)
  • Re-Kill: Matthews
  • Revolution: Nora Clayton, one of the main characters, appearing in the episodes "Pilot" (credit only), "Chained Heat", "No Quarter", "The Plague Dogs", "Soul Train", "Sex and Drugs", "The Children's Crusade", "Ties That Bind", "Kashmir", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", "The Stand", "Ghosts", "The Song Remains the Same", "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", "Home", "The Love Boat", "The Longest Day", "Clue", "Children of Men", "The Dark Tower"
  • Rhythm of the Saints: Rena
  • Rizzoli And Isles: Riley Cooper, appearing in "Cuts Like a Knife" (season 3: episode 8), and "Melt My Heart to Stone" (season 3: episode 10)
  • Saving Grace: Lily Blackbird, appearing in "Yeehaw Geepaw" (season 1: episode 7)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Katana, appearing in "The Lost Tribe" (season 5: episode 11)
  • Upgrade: Santiago Twin #1
  • We Were Once a Fairytale: Sofa Girl
  • Without a Trace: Dr. Erica Loza, appearing in "Push Comes to Shove" (season 7: episode 9)
  • Wrong Turn 2: Dead End: Amber

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