Daniel Remar is an indie game developer from Sweden. His most famous game is probably ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}'', which he created over a span of four years. All his games can be downloaded [[http://remar.se/daniel/ here]]. He is aware of TV Tropes, and in fact has posted on the Administrivia/TVTropesForum threads about his games as Tropers/{{Ulti}}, providing WordOfGod and information on the games' development.

He works at [[http://ludosity.com/ Ludosity Interactive]], the company of fellow indiegame creator reallyjoel, where some full versions of prototype games from his "scrap packs" were published.
!!Games made by Daniel Remar include:
* ''VideoGame/{{Iji}}''
* ''VideoGame/HeroCore'', as well as the game ''Hero'', its predecessor
* ''VideoGame/CastleOfElite'', a puzzle-platformer
* ''VideoGame/GardenGnomeCarnage'', a rather ...[[WidgetSeries uncommon]] Christmas-themed arcade-style game.
* ''VideoGame/HyperPrincessPitch'', a ''Garden Gnome Carnage'' SpinOff and SpiritualSuccessor to ''OperationCarnage''
* ''VideoGame/{{Muri}}'', a GenreThrowback to 1980s MS-DOS platformer-shooter games
* ''VideoGame/PrincessRemedyInAWorldOfHurt'', a role-playing arena shooter?
!!Tropes commonly found in his games:
* EasterEgg: His games contain lots of them. This is part of his SignatureStyle.
* RunningGag: Reallyjoel's Dad, a MemeticBadass who is allegedly capable of completing all the games blindfolded with one toe and a broken controller that is on fire.
** And thus many of Remar's games have a hidden "Reallyjoel's Dad" difficulty that's an [[UnwinnableJokeGame Unwinnable Joke Difficulty]] for everyone who isn't Reallyjoel's Dad.
* SignatureStyle: Equally great amounts of {{Easter Egg}}s and StuffBlowingUp.
* TurnsRed: Usually inverted, as [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=iokdecqb5xpadm8eemx3r7dm&page=6#129 he prefers bosses weakening as they take damage]] to avert CriticalExistenceFailure.
* UnwinnableJokeGame: Most of his games have a highest difficulty level called "Reallyjoel's Dad" that is completely impossible. Examples include ''Videogame/HeroCore'', ''Videogame/{{Iji}}'', and ''Videogame/HyperPrincessPitch'', though in Pitch it's actually called "Reallyjoel's Mom".
** Please note that Reallyjoel's dad has ''completed'' the Reallyjoel's Dad difficulty of ''Hero Core''. Just to prove that the level name isn't hyperbole. Pitch's "Reallyjoel's Mom" difficulty is also technically beatable and Reallyjoel's Mom did most certainly beat it without assist tools, yet no one else but her husband could manage that.