A horror novelist, best known for his Serial Killer trilogy and for being one of the podcasters on WritingExcuses. He was born on a sentence, hooked on writing because of Literature/WinnieThePooh, and [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial is most definitely not a sociopath]].

His works include:

* '''John Cleaver''' trilogy:
** ''Literature/IAmNotASerialKiller''
** ''Literature/MrMonster''
** ''Literature/IDontWantToKillYou''
* ''A Night of Blacker Darkness''
* '''Partials''' trilogy:
** ''Literature/{{Partials}}''
** ''Isolation''
** ''Fragments''
* ''The Hollow City''

Dan is a regular on the WritingExcuses podcast. He and his brother, Robison Wells, also started their own podcast, [[http://www.doidaretoeatapeach.com Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?]] where they review various media.