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The Cooking Channel is a Scripps Networks channel (formerly known as Fine Living until 2010) that provides programming complementary to the Creator/FoodNetwork. Although some Food Network personalities (including Creator/RachaelRay, Bobby Flay, and Aida Mollenkamp) have shows on the new network, a very large portion of their programming consists of international programming, mostly British and Canadian shows as well as reruns of the original ''Series/IronChef'' and some older Food Network programming. As of 2012, they have started to amp up more original programming with a new cast of Cooking Channel hosts.

!!This network provides examples of:
* ActionGirl: Bal Arneson of "Spice Goddess" fame is shown to be this in her new show "Spice of Life," and this element features quite prominently in the advertising, featuring Bal going on adventures such as hiking and fishing in addition to cooking projects, thus making it a lifestyle show in addition to cooking show. The show features quite a few [[{{CrowningMomentOfAwesome}} CMOA's]] for Bal.
* BigApplesauce:
** Baron Ambrosia looks and carries himself like a chivalrous AmbiguouslyBrown nobleman from a Central Asian country where he's revered as royalty and as a national hero...but then completely subverts it by casually mentioning that he's actually from the Bronx (and he's ethnically UsefulNotes/{{Dominican|Republic}}). It all adds to the show's zany charm.
** Seafood man Ben Sargent made a name for himself selling homemade lobster rolls in Brooklyn, and has lived there for a large chunk of his life, although he's originally from New England.
* BritishStuffiness: Thoroughly averted with ex-model Lorraine Pascale and Ching-He Huang, who's been so popular that the Cooking Channel has hired her to do American-based shows. As of summer 2012, Lorraine has now also been tapped to do a new show as well, this time based on savory foods instead of just her usual baking.
** This trope is also very much averted by Creator/NigellaLawson, who's known for her casual demeanor, playfulness, and rather [[{{FoodPorn}} sensuous way of talking about food.]]
* CanadaEh: Chuck Hughes, Roger Mooking, Nadia G, Laura Calder... If Food Network Canada develops a homegrown hit, odds are you'll find it here eventually.
** All of the people on the list have also made appearances in Creator/FoodNetwork, or even ''[[Series/IronChef Iron Chef America]]'' (as was the case for Chuck Hughes, Laura Calder, and Nadia G).
* CoolOldLady: The Two Fat Ladies triumphantly claim this title.
* ClumsyCopyrightCensorship: Their re-runs of the original ''Iron Chef'' have replaced the theme song, originally part of the ''Film/{{Backdraft}}'' score.
* DreadlockRasta: Levi Roots.
* GenkiGirl: Giada on ''Everyday Italian'', Rachel Ray on ''Rachel Ray's Week in a Day'', and of course, Nadia G of ''Series/BitchinKitchen''. Ching-He Huang also leans towards this at times: when she's excited about something, she tends to get ''really'' excited. Kelsey Nixon isn't quite genki, but she's still very bubbly.
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Sandra Lee, as per her reputation on Creator/FoodNetwork. She even has her own travelogue show revolving around cocktails.
* IDoNotLikeGreenEggsAndHam: Ching-He Huang's MO on ''Chinese Food Made Easy''.
* InsistentTerminology: "Food People." The Channel's ads ''constantly'' use this phrase, ''ad nauseum''. "Food People are" this, "Food People like to do" that, "Food People are very passionate about..." etc., etc. They even came up with a commercial that not only [[{{LampshadeHanging}} lampshades]] this, but also gives their reasoning behind it, with the narrator saying "What I love about the term 'Food People' is it's inclusive, right? It's the people who ''make'' the food but also the people who ''love'' the food!"
* KnightInShiningArmor: Baron Ambrosia sees himself as this. He comes across a bit like Literature/DonQuixote, but he ends up successfully defending local restaurants from evil witches and other such threats.
* LargeHam: Nadia G (and her entire cast), but taken to ridiculous extremes by Baron Ambrosia.
* MsFanservice:
** Laura Calder, so very, very much, and definitely Creator/NigellaLawson.
** Creator/GiadaDeLaurentiis is absolutely another relevant example of this trope as well, now that reruns of ''Everyday Italian'' have started airing on Cooking Channel.
** Lorraine Pascale from ''Simply Baking'', who used to be a swimsuit model before becoming a pastry chef.
** Bal Arneson on "Spice of Life."
* PurpleProse:
** ''Unique Eats'' and ''Unique Sweets'' are Cooking Channel equivalents of Creator/FoodNetwork's ''The Best Thing I Ever Ate/Made''.
** Some of the people featured on ''Eat St.'' fall into this.
** Nigella Lawson is also, unsurprisingly, known for this as well when her shows air on the network.
* RecycledInSPACE: Bobby Deen's ''Not My Mama's Meals'', which in a nutshell is him reworking Paula's recipes to make them actually healthy.
* TravelogueShow: ''United Tastes of America'', ''Eat St.'', ''Road Trip''
* WrongGenreSavvy: Played very much for laughs by Baron Ambrosia, who's basically [[{{Steampunk}} a very flamboyant Jules Verne character]] by way of Guy Fieri in ''Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives''.