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Creator: Chris Ayres
Christopher Owen Ayres (born May 16, 1965 in Richmond, Virginia) is an American voice actor who works for anime series at ADV Films, FUNimation and Seraphim Digital Studios. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films. He also has lots of experience as a stage combat director, which he sometimes combines with his anime experience in the form of his "Mock Combat for Cosplay" con workshop panel. He is best known at conventions for bringing a giant colorful travel mug nicknamed by fans as "The Sippy Cup of Doom". Since Sentai Filmworks rose up from the ashes of ADV, Chris has become one of the 3 full-time directors for them and practically lives at the studio, which means he's pretty much unavailable for acting jobs at the moment, though you'll still occasionally see him credited for temporary or bit-parts.

He is the brother of Greg Ayres.

Occasionally his surname is listed as Ayers instead of Ayres; however, this spelling is incorrect as his legal name is "Christopher Ayres".

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alternative title(s): Chris Ayres
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