Cassandra Clare (real name Judith Lewis, née Rumelt, born July 27, 1973) is a prominent [[YoungAdult YA author]], best known for her [[Literature/TheMortalInstruments urban fantasy]] and [[Literature/TheInfernalDevices steampunk]] novels, as well as being a writer of short fiction. She is also known for her earlier works of [[FanFic fanfiction]] and [[BigNameFan big name fan]] in the ''Literature/HarryPotter'' {{fandom}}, under the very similar name [[SameFaceDifferentName Cassandra Claire]].

!!Clare's {{fan works}} include:
* ''Fanfic/TheDracoTrilogy''
** ''Draco Dormiens''
** ''Draco Sinister''
** ''Draco Veritas''
* ''Fanfic/TheVerySecretDiaries''

!!Clare's published works include:
* ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments''
** ''City of Bones''
** ''City of Ashes''
** ''City of Glass''
** ''City of Fallen Angels''
** ''City of Lost Souls''
** ''City of Heavenly Fire''
* ''Literature/TheInfernalDevices''
** ''Clockwork Angel''
** ''Clockwork Prince''
** ''Clockwork Princess''
* ''Literature/TheMagisterium'' (co-written with Creator/HollyBlack)
** ''The Iron Trial''
** ''The Copper Gauntlet''
** ''The Bronze Key''
** ''The Silver Mask''
* ''Literature/TheDarkArtifices''
** ''Lady Midnight''
** ''Lord of Shadows''

!!Clare's short stories include:
* "I Never" from ''[[Literature/GeektasticStoriesFromTheNerdHerd Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd]]''
* "Cold Hands" from ''Literature/ZombiesVsUnicorns''
* OldShame:
** You know, it might be easier for her to erase all memories of that NC-17 [[Literature/HarryPotter Ron/Ginny]] [[BrotherSisterIncest Incest Fic]] if she didn't go and give [[Literature/TheMortalInstruments her published series]] the exact same name. And boy, does it ever show on the Amazon reviews.
** It would likewise have been easier for her to ditch the whole plagiarism debacle attached to ''FanFic/TheDracoTrilogy'' if she'd either used her real name or else gone with a different pseudonym. She's one of the few writers who had a pre-built {{Hatedom}} and FanWank before she even got published.\\
But she also had a built-in fandom and she got her book deal because of her fandom fame, so it's a bit of a double-edged sword. The fact that so many characters are {{Expy}}s from her best-known work, not to mention the copy/paste of scenes from the same into ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments'', would make it a little hard for her to get away with pretending to be someone else anyway.