Robert Francis "Bobcat" Goldthwait (born May 26, 1962) is a comedian and director who rose to fame in the TheEighties for two things: his role of Zed in the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' series and for his stand-up act, most famous for acting ''[[CloudCuckoolander insane]]''.

The first film he directed was ''Film/ShakesTheClown'' in 1992 which was not a box-office success, but developed a cult following. His next notable return to directing was over a decade later when he directed episodes of ''Series/JimmyKimmelLive'' During a break from that show, he directed his next feature film ''Sleeping Dogs Lie'', which was about an... [[BestialityIsDepraved interesting]] piece of subject matter to say the least. His next film, arguably his best-received, was ''Film/WorldsGreatestDad'' starring Creator/RobinWilliams. His latest film, ''Film/WillowCreek'', was released in 2014.

He acts much calmer in person now, and still does stand-up occasionally. He has [[http://instagram.com/bobcatgoldthwait Instagram]] and now [[https://twitter.com/bcgoldthwait Twitter.]]

!!Some of Bobcat Goldthwait's acting roles include:
* Zed in the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' series.
* Eliot Loudermilk in ''Film/{{Scrooged}}''
* Fred P. Chaney in ''Film/HotToTrot''
* Egg Stork in ''Film/OneCrazySummer''
* The title role in ''Film/ShakesTheClown''
* Muggle in ''WesternAnimation/CapitolCritters''
* Mr. Floppy the bunny in ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter''
* Pain in ''Disney/{{Hercules}}''
* Mr. T in ''Film/{{Blow}}''
* Nosy (Experiment 199) in ''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries''
* Ed the spider in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''
* Pop Fizz in ''[[{{VideoGame/Skylanders}} Skylanders: Giants]]'' and ''WesternAnimation/SkylandersAcademy''
* Johnny Crasher in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''
!!Some of Goldthwait's directing credits include:
* ''Film/ShakesTheClown''
* Episodes of ''Series/TheManShow''
* Episodes of ''Series/ChappellesShow''
* ''Windy City Heat'', a Creator/ComedyCentral TV movie produced by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.
* ''Film/SleepingDogsLie''
* ''Film/WorldsGreatestDad''
* Episodes of ''Series/ImportantThingsWithDemetriMartin''
* ''Film/GodBlessAmerica''
* ''Film/WillowCreek''
* Episodes of ''Series/{{Maron}}''
!!Tropes Associated With Bobcat Goldthwait:
* BaldOfAwesome: As Bobcat put it, "I had long hair and I was going bald, and there's no way to look cool with that combination."
* BlackComedy: In both his stand-up and his films.
* CelebrityIsOverrated: Seems to have this attitude, based on recent interviews and has stated he doesn't miss being in front of the camera.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Creator/TomKenny
* CloudCuckoolander: In his stand-up
** TheCuckoolanderWasRight: If you listen to his stand-up, he's very smart and insightful.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: A lot of his stand-up and quite often in his films.
* FunnyCharacterBoringActor
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Charlyne Yi.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Creator/RobinWilliams.
* KindheartedCatLover: Possibly. He posts a lot of photos of his own on Instagram and has talked about them quite a bit in his stand-up and interviews.
* MoneyDearBoy: Reportedly, when he was given a script of the movie ''Hot to Trot'', he wrote "Why would I do this?" on the cover. His agent responded by drawing a dollar sign over it.
* NeverLiveItDown: Setting fire to Jay Leno's set on-air.
* NerdsAreVirgins: Did a bit in his stand-up where he said he didn't see the 2 (at the time) ''Franchise/StarWars'' prequels because "I'm 40 years old and I've been laid." He mentioned going to the re-release where after listening to "uber-nerds" heckle the film he yelled at them "Have you nerds ever ''seen'' a vagina?"
* NoIndoorVoice: In parts of his stand-up. In fact, his shouting ''quavers,'' giving it an edge of madness perfect for... unhinged... characters.
* ProductionPosse: Has one of these, although with the exception of Robin Williams, most of them are only slightly famous. This includes Geoff Pierson (the actor who played [[Series/MarriedWithChildren Al Bundy]] expy, Jack, on ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter''), Creator/TomKenny, [[Series/TheAdventuresOfPeteAndPete Toby]] [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Huss]], Dan Spencer, Morgan Murphy, Joel Murray, Tony V, Alexie Gilmore, and Bryce Johnson among others.
* ReferencedBy: In the episode of ''WrlesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' where Peter talks about his ancestors, his great grandpa Willie was a silent film actor. When they switched to talkies, he had to quit because "His voice wasn't suitable for the talking picture." Cue the Griffin's Identical Ancestors discussing why the boy doesn't want to go to school, with Willie busting out "It's important to get an edjucation" in Bobcat's top-of-the-lungs quaver.
* SelfDeprecation: Quite a bit...
-->"That movie looks so bad I can't believe I wasn't in it..."
** During one of his ''Radio/WaitWaitDontTellMe'' guest spots, Peter Sagal was teasing him about his directorial success:
-->"Listen, Peter, I have made literally ... '''TENS''' of ... dollars from my films."
** One of his comedy albums bears the LongTitle ''I Don't Mean to Insult You, But You Look Like Bobcat Goldthwait''.
* StupidSexyFlanders: Admits this about actor Rob Lowe in his standup routine, and provided the page quote for the APrettyBoyIndex page. He said [[IfItsYouItsOK something similar]] about Creator/JohnnyDepp in his recent special.
* TheTeetotaler
* ThemeNaming: Got his nickname as part of a comedy duo with Tom Kenny (of ''Series/MrShow'' and ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'') called "Bobcat and Tomcat."
* YoungerThanTheyLook: More in the 80s than now. He was about 22-25 during his involvement in the ''Police Academy'' films and sure doesn't look it.
* YourCostumeNeedsWork: He hasn't used his stage-persona's distinctive speaking pattern in years and has admitted in interviews that he's since forgotten how to do it properly.