Robert Francis "Bobcat" Goldthwait is a comedian and director who rose to fame in the TheEighties for two things: his role of Zed in the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' series and for his stand-up act, most famous for acting ''[[CloudCuckoolander insane]]''.

The first film he directed was ''Film/ShakesTheClown'' in 1992 which was not a box-office success, but developed a cult following. His next notable return to directing was over a decade later when he directed episodes of ''Jimmy Kimmel Live!'' During a break from that show, he directed his next feature film ''Sleeping Dogs Lie'', which was about an... [[BestialityIsDepraved interesting]] piece of subject matter to say the least. His next film, arguably his best-received, was ''WorldsGreatestDad'' starring Creator/RobinWilliams. His latest film, ''Film/GodBlessAmerica'', was released in 2012.

He acts much calmer in person now, and still does stand-up occasionally. He has [[http://instagram.com/bobcatgoldthwait Instagram]] and now [[https://twitter.com/bcgoldthwait Twitter.]]

!!Some of Bobcat Goldthwait's acting roles include:
* Zed in the ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' series.
* Eliot Loudermilk in ''Film/{{Scrooged}}''
* Fred P. Chaney in ''Film/HotToTrot''
* Egg Stork in ''Film/OneCrazySummer''
* The title role in ''Film/ShakesTheClown''
* Muggle in ''WesternAnimation/CapitolCritters''
* Mr. Floppy the bunny in ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter''
* Pain in ''Disney/{{Hercules}}''
* Mr. T in ''Film/{{Blow}}''
* Nosy (Experiment 199) in ''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries''
* Ed the spider in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''
* Pop Fizz in ''[[{{VideoGame/Skylanders}} Skylanders: Giants]]'' and ''WesternAnimation/SkylandersAcademy''
* Johnny Crasher in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''
!!Some of Goldthwait's directing credits include:
* ''Film/ShakesTheClown''
* Episodes of ''Series/TheManShow''
* Episodes of ''Series/ChappellesShow''
* ''Windy City Heat'', a Creator/ComedyCentral TV movie produced by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.
* ''Film/SleepingDogsLie''
* ''Film/WorldsGreatestDad''
* Episodes of ''Series/ImportantThingsWithDemetriMartin''
* ''Film/GodBlessAmerica''
* ''Film/WillowCreek''
* Episodes of ''Series/{{Maron}}''
!!Tropes Associated With Bobcat Goldthwait:
* BaldOfAwesome: As Bobcat put it, "I had long hair and I was going bald, and there's no way to look cool with that combination."
* BlackComedy: In both his stand-up and his films.
* CelebrityIsOverrated: Seems to have this attitude, based on recent interviews and has stated he doesn't miss being in front of the camera.
* ChildhoodFriends: With Creator/TomKenny
* CloudCuckoolander: In his stand-up
** TheCuckoolanderWasRight: If you listen to his stand-up, he's very smart and insightful.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: A lot of his stand-up and quite often in his films.
* FunnyCharacterBoringActor
* IntergenerationalFriendship: With Charlyne Yi.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Creator/RobinWilliams.
* KindheartedCatLover: Possibly. He posts a lot of photos of his own on Instagram and has talked about them quite a bit in his stand-up and interviews.
* MoneyDearBoy: Reportedly, when he was given a script of the movie ''Hot to Trot'', he wrote "Why would I do this?" on the cover. His agent responded by drawing a dollar sign over it.
* NeverLiveItDown: Setting fire to Jay Leno's set on-air.
* NerdsAreVirgins: Did a bit in his stand-up where he said he didn't see the 2 (at the time) ''Franchise/StarWars'' prequels because "I'm 40 years old and I've been laid." He mentioned going to the re-release where after listening to "uber-nerds" heckle the film he yelled at them "Have you nerds ever ''seen'' a vagina?"
* NoIndoorVoice: In parts of his stand-up
* ProductionPosse: Has one of these, although with the exception of Robin Williams, most of them are only slightly famous. This includes Geoff Pierson (the actor who played [[Series/MarriedWithChildren Al Bundy]] expy, Jack, on ''Series/UnhappilyEverAfter''), Creator/TomKenny, [[Series/TheAdventuresOfPeteAndPete Toby]] [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Huss]], Dan Spencer, Morgan Murphy, Joel Murray, Tony V, Alexie Gilmore, and Bryce Johnson among others.
* SelfDeprecation: Quite a bit...
-->"That movie looks so bad I can't believe I wasn't in it..."
** During one of his ''Radio/WaitWaitDontTellMe'' guest spots, Peter Sagal was teasing him about his directorial success:
-->"Listen, Peter, I have made literally ... '''TENS''' of ... dollars from my films."
** One of his comedy albums bears the LongTitle ''I Don't Mean to Insult You, But You Look Like Bobcat Goldthwait''.
* StupidSexyFlanders: Admits this about actor Rob Lowe in his standup routine, and provided the page quote for the APrettyBoyIndex page. He said [[IfItsYouItsOK something similar]] about Creator/JohnnyDepp in his recent special.
* TheTeetotaler
* ThemeNaming: Got his nickname as part of a comedy duo with Tom Kenny (of ''Series/MrShow'' and ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'') called "Bobcat and Tomcat."
* YoungerThanTheyLook: More in the 80s than now. He was about 22-25 during his involvement in the ''Police Academy'' films and sure doesn't look it.
* YourCostumeNeedsWork: He hasn't used his stage-persona's distinctive speaking pattern in years and has admitted in interviews that he's since forgotten how to do it properly.