Creator / Bob Lennon
"It's time for the... SHITTY JINGLE!"
"Hi! I am Bob Lennon!! Ha-ha!"
His main Catch-phrase

Prior his popular Minecraft videos with TheFantasio974 and his Skyrim Let's Play, Bob Lennon was known in 2010 for The Bob Lennon Show, a comical podcast series, destined to inform the members of the French Minecraft server Minefield about the general Minecraft news and updates about the server. He started it just after he met Fanta (who was also on Minefield and beginning his YouTube career), who posted the padcasts on his channel, bringing fame to Bob.

A total of 6 episodes and 2 bloopers have been produced. Then Bob canceled the series to focus on FantaBobShow and FantaBobGames.

Tropes Associated with The Bob Lennon Show:

  • (WIP)