->''"I don't devalue comedy as compared to drama. Not one bit."''

Benjamin Edward "Ben" Stiller (born Nov. 30, 1965) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter and director. He is the son of comedians Jerry Stiller (best known to younger audiences as [[Series/{{Seinfeld}} Frank Costanza]] or [[Series/{{TheKingOfQueens}} Arthur Spooner]]) and Anne Meara.

After beginning his acting career with a play, Stiller wrote several mockumentaries, was a cast member on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' (for all but four episodes during the show's 14th season. Stiller was let go because Creator/LorneMichaels wasn't interested in his short films. Nonetheless, Stiller has come back to host twice: once in 1998 and again in 2011), and was offered two of his own shows, both entitled ''Series/TheBenStillerShow''. After acting in a few films, Stiller had his directorial debut with ''Film/RealityBites'', and has since written, starred in, directed, and/or produced over fifty films and television shows. His films have grossed more than $2.1 billion, with an average of $78 million per film. In 2008, he starred in the film ''Film/TropicThunder'', which he also co-wrote, co-produced, and directed.

Stiller is a member of [[ProductionPosse the comedic acting brotherhood]] colloquially known as the Creator/FratPack. He seems to have a thing for self-deprecation, if his {{Jerkass}} AsHimself roles on ''Series/{{Extras}}'' and ''Series/CurbYourEnthusiasm'' are any indication. A lot of his characters also tend to have a hilarious BerserkButton. He also appeared as the minor character Tony Wonder (did somebody say "''Wonder''?") a LargeHam magician, on ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment''.

HeterosexualLifePartners with Creator/OwenWilson, whom he's collaborated with numerous times on-screen; Wilson once said that Stiller was more defensive about Wilson's signature crooked nose than he was. Also really good friends with Creator/TomCruise; Stiller helped revive the latter's career with a scene-stealing turn in ''Tropic Thunder'' and has done [[AffectionateParody affectionate parodies]] of Cruise multiple times, most notably on ''[[Series/SaturdayNightLive Celebrity Jeopardy!]]'' and while hosting the MTV Movie Awards. The two have been trying to collaborate on a film together based on ''Literature/TheHardyBoys'' (with Frank and Joe grown up, obviously), but it's been stuck in DevelopmentHell.
!!Selected Filmography

* ''Film/RealityBites'' (1994) - director and actor (playing Michael Grates)
* ''Film/TheCableGuy'' (1996) - writer/director; dual-role cameo as Sam & Stan Sweet
* ''Film/TheresSomethingAboutMary'' (1998) - Ted
* ''Film/MysteryMen'' (1999) - Mr. Furious
* ''Film/MeetTheParents'' (2000) / ''Meet the Fockers'' (2004) / ''Little Fockers'' (2010) - Gaylord Focker
* ''Film/TheRoyalTenenbaums'' (2001) - Chas Tenenbaum
* ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'' (2001) / ''Film/{{Zoolander 2}}'' (2016) - writer/director; Derek Zoolander
* ''Film/AlongCamePolly'' (2004) - Reuben Feffer
* ''Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory'' (2004) - White Goodman
* ''Film/{{Envy}}'' (2004) - Tim Dingman
* ''Film/StarskyAndHutch'' (2004) - David Starsky
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'' (2005) / ''Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa'' (2008) / ''Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted'' (2012) - Alex the lion
* ''Film/NightAtTheMuseum'' (2006) / ''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' (2009) / ''Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb'' (2014) - Larry Daley
* ''Film/{{The Heartbreak Kid|2007}}'' (2007) - Eddie
* ''Film/TropicThunder'' (2008) - writer/director; Tugg Speedman (and Tugg Speedman as Sgt. "Four-Leaf" Trayback)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Megamind}}'' (2010) produced and [[TheCameo cameoed]] as Bernard [[ActorAllusion the night shift guy]] - built from a discarded early script intended for live-action.
* ''Film/TowerHeist'' (2011) - Josh Kovacs
* ''Film/TheWatch'' (2012) - Evan Trautwig
* ''Film/TheSecretLifeOfWalterMitty'' (2013) - Walter Mitty
* ''Film/TheMeyerowitzStories (New and Selected)'' (2017)