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Barbara Dale Goodson (born August 16, 1949) is a Brooklyn-born voice actress. Her best known roles are either older women (or old ladies in general) or young boys (and back in the day, TheChick too). She is very well known as either [[Franchise/{{Disgaea}} Laharl]] or [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Rita Repulsa]]. Her capacity for [[LargeHam ham]] knows few bounds.

She is notable for being one of the first actresses to get regular work dubbing anime, being very prominent throughout the 80s and early 90s, appearing in many projects considered [[GatewaySeries gateway drugs]] for anime fans at the dawn of the medium's popularity, and many titles regarded as classics today. She has also appeared in many older anime dubs that have since been [[DuelingDubs redone]] over the years.

!![[Franchise/{{Disgaea}} These here are the roles of the great]] [[EvilOverlord Evil Overlady]] Barbara Goodson! [[EvilLaugh HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]]:
* The announcer and [[spoiler:old Akane Kurashiki]] in ''VisualNovel/VirtuesLastReward''
* Agatha June and Pee-Wee in ''Anime/GForceGuardiansOfSpace'' (80s dub of ''Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman'')
* Airi in ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar: TheMovie''
* Akira Akebono in ''Anime/{{Daigunder}}''
* Alcyone in ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth''
* Ashley Kafka in ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManTheAnimatedSeries''
* Chiyo in ''Manga/{{Naruto}} Shippuden''
* Danny in the ''Manga/SpaceAdventureCobra'' game
** Jane Flower in the original movie (1995 Streamline dub)
* Doris Lang in ''LightNovel/VampireHunterD'' (1992 Streamline dub)
* Failon in ''Anime/SailorMoon'' (Viz Media dub, in this case, the newer one)
* An unnamed Firebender shaman in the two-parter "Beginnings" of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''
* Goku (Zero) in ''Franchise/DragonBall'' (short-lived Harmony Gold dub in the 80s)
* Kaori and Takashi in ''Manga/{{Akira}}'' (80s Creator/StreamlinePictures dub)
* Keiko Megata in ''[[Literature/TeitoMonogatari Doomed Megalopolis]]''
* Kiki's mother in ''Anime/KikisDeliveryService'' (1990 Streamline dub)
* Lady Vashj in ''VideoGame/WarCraft 3'' and ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''
* Laharl in ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}''
* Lala Hiyama in ''Manga/KnightsOfSidonia''
* Marie Crystal in ''Anime/{{Robotech}}''
* Masao Nohara (Max) in ''Anime/CrayonShinChan'' (short-lived Phuuz dub)
* Mitsune Konno "Kitsune" in ''Manga/LoveHina''
* Mother Talzin in ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars''
* Naota Nandaba in ''Anime/{{FLCL}}''
* Pazu in ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'' (80s dub released by Streamline)
* Reu in ''[[VideoGame/MugenSouls Mugen Souls Z]]''
* Rita Repulsa in ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers''
** Also appeared in the same role in ''Series/PowerRangersZeo'', ''Film/TurboAPowerRangersMovie'' and ''Series/PowerRangersInSpace''
** Also voiced both Sprocket and Orbus in ''Zeo''.
* Shinya Oda in ''VideoGame/Persona5''
* Star Summers in ''Anime/TekkamanBlade''
* Tetsuro (Joey) in the film version of ''Manga/GalaxyExpress999'' (1980 New World Pictures dub, her first anime role)
* Yui Takanaka in ''Anime/MegaZone23'' Part 1 (1995 Streamline dub)
** Suzy Sue ([[DubNameChange Yui]]) in Part 2 (80s Harmony Gold dub)
* Yuzuha, Young Yosho, and Ryoko Balta (not the OTHER Ryoko) in the ''Anime/TenchiMuyo'' franchise
!!Tropes associated with Barbara Goodson:
* LargeHam: As [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Rita Repulza]] and [[Franchise/{{Disgaea}} Laharl]].
* RealLife/MeanCharacterNiceActor
* WomanOfAThousandVoices

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