->"''Everything Creator/DarioArgento has made is full of big, bloody hooters, including Asia Argento.''"
-->-- '''[[https://www.somethingawful.com/dungeons-and-dragons/lamentations-flame-princess/2/ WTF D&D!?]]''', ''Website/SomethingAwful''

Asia Argento is an Italian actress, singer, model and director who was born September 20, 1975 in Rome. She is a regular in the films of Creator/DarioArgento, her father. She also appeared in George A. Romero's ''Film/LandOfTheDead'', the Creator/VinDiesel action film ''Film/XXx'', and her father's film ''Film/MotherOfTears''.

No relations to [[NamesTheSame another girl]] named [[LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD Asia Argento]].
!!This actress provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Frequently plays them.
* MsFanservice: Definitely not shy about taking her clothes off.
** {{Squick}}/FanDisservice: Though it somewhat dampens the titillation when you realise that many of those nude scenes featured her father behind the camera.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: In nearly all of her roles she has played in, Asia speaks in her natural Italian accent.
* OohMeAccentsSlipping: Her American accent in ''Film/TheHeartIsDeceitfulAboveAllThings'' is all over the place. It keeps slipping back to her own accent.
* TheStoner: Known for taking all kinds of drugs. On the DVD Commentary for ''Film/TheHeartIsDeceitfulAboveAllThings'', she explains all the different drugs she has done during the making of this movie. We even see footage of her doing them in the montage where her character goes out with different men.