Creator / Arina Tanemura

A mangaka who primarily works on shojo manga. She made her pro debut in 1996 with the one-shot The Style of the Second Love (2番目の恋のかたち, Niban-me no Koi no Katachi), which was later reprinted in the one-shot compilation manga Kanshaku-dama no Yuu'utsu. Tanemura later gained fame less than a year later with the manga I-O-N, a high-school romance (a common staple in the shojo genre) with a supernatural twist.

Her works usually contain Magical Girl stories (with a few exceptions) and extremely cute drawings that are deemed too saccharine for some, juxtaposed against frequently dark and angsty storylines that deal with issues like suicide, parental abandonment, and attempted rape. Tanemura's distinctive art style was intended to be difficult to animate, but this has not stopped Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon o Sagashite from being adapted into anime series.

She is a known fan of JPop music, especially Hello! Project artists and Maaya Sakamoto. This factor has turned now into a Promoted Fangirl fact, as she's recently provided the character designs for the multimedia idol project Idolish 7.

As of 2015, Tanemura also releases doujinshi under the pseudonym Arina Meguro.


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