A mangaka who primarily works on {{shojo}} manga. Born on March 12, 1978, she made her pro debut in 1996 with the one-shot ''The Style of the Second Love'' (2番目の恋のかたち, ''Niban-me no Koi no Katachi''), which was later reprinted in the one-shot compilation manga ''Kanshaku-dama no Yuu'utsu''. Tanemura later gained fame less than a year later with the manga ''[[{{Manga/ION}} I-O-N]]'', a high-school romance (a common staple in the shojo genre) with a supernatural twist.

Her works usually contain MagicalGirl stories (with a few exceptions) and extremely cute drawings that are deemed [[TastesLikeDiabetes too saccharine]] for some, juxtaposed against frequently dark and angsty storylines that deal with issues like [[DrivenToSuicide suicide]], {{parental abandonment}}, and {{attempted rape}}. Tanemura's distinctive art style was intended to be difficult to animate, but this has not stopped ''Manga/KamikazeKaitouJeanne'' and ''Manga/FullMoonOSagashite'' from being adapted into anime series.

After the end of ''Manga/SakuraHimeKaden'', Tanemura left the magazine ''Ribon'' and has become a freelance artist. Several of her works after 2012 are published in different magazines and publishers.

She is a known fan of {{JPop}} music, especially Music/HelloProject artists and Creator/MaayaSakamoto. This factor has turned now into a PromotedFangirl fact, as she's recently provided the character designs for the multimedia idol project ''VideoGame/Idolish7''.

As of 2015, Tanemura also releases doujinshi under the pseudonym [[http://twitter.com/meguro_arina Meguro Teikoku]].

* ''[[{{Manga/ION}} I-O-N]]''
* ''[[Manga/SquibFeelingBlue Kanshaku-dama no Yuu'utsu]]'' (''Short-Tempered Melancholic'')
* ''Manga/KamikazeKaitouJeanne''
* ''Manga/TimeStrangerKyoko''
* ''Manga/FullMoonOSagashite''
* ''Manga/TheGentlemensAlliance''
* ''Manga/MistressFortune''
* ''Manga/SakuraHimeKaden'' (aka ''Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura'')
* ''Fudanjuku Monogatari''
* ''Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi''
* ''31 Ai Dream'' (''Idol Dreams'') -- Tanemura's first {{josei}} manga
* ''Touken Ranbu Gakuen''
* ''Akuma ni Chic x Hack''
* ''Shunkan Ryle'' -- As the writer
!!Associated Tropes in Her Works:

* ArtEvolution
* {{Bishounen}} and {{Bishoujo}}
* BreakTheCutie: Her longer works really like to pile on the angst.
* CrazyJealousGuy: Her male love interests tend to be on the possessive side.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: Her works often end up as these after her characters going through BreakTheCutie moments.
* FateDrivesUsTogether
* InformedAttractiveness
* MagicalGirl
** OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: Some of her female leads.
* OnlySixFaces: Boy oh boy does she suffer from this one. But the amount of pretty makes up for it. A chart showing notable differences in faces (particularly eye sizes and shapes) can be seen [[http://i.imgur.com/IPqhS.jpg here]].
* {{Shoujo}}
* ThePowerOfLove

!! Tropes for her as a person.
* {{Determinator}}: During her run with ''Full Moon o Sagashite'', she got ill to the point she literally couldn't move nor speak. She even made her chapters while she was hospitalized. The details of these evens is on the side comics on the final volumes of the manga.
* KindheartedCatLover: Loves her cats to the point her [=YouTube=] is mostly cat videos.
* OneOfUs: She loves to play [=RPGs=]. You can find her gushing about the ''VideoGame/TalesOf'' series and ''VideoGame/FinalFantasy'' series in her author's notes and she has fan art of their characters posted on her twitter. She has also drawn fan art of characters from different anime such as ''Anime/SailorMoon'', ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', and ''Anime/AttackOnTitan''.
* SweetTooth: She loves her sweets, especially cheesecake.