Creator / Anne Brontė

The other other Brontė sister.

Anne Brontė (1820-1849) was the youngest of the three writing Brontė sisters, and the one who most people forget about. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre (and some other books that get much less love); Emily wrote Wuthering Heights (and some much less melodramatic poetry); but Anne's books are the polar opposite of both. Bleaker than Charlotte (and, in fairness, Charlotte could get pretty bleak) and more prosaic than Emily, Anne's popularity has unfairly waned in comparison with her sisters'.

Anne was the only one of the sisters capable of functioning in the real world, spending several lucrative (though unhappy) years as a governess. This real-world experience is reflected in her less melodramatic and far more realistic fiction. She wrote only two novels, under the name of Acton Bell (and a volume of poetry in collaboration with her sisters):

Anne died from tuberculosis at the age of 29. Despite having such a small list of works, her work was influential in English literature, making her a case of Short-Lived Big Impact.