Polish {{Fantasy}} author, born 1948. He began his career as a writer by sending a story about a "Witcher" to a writing contest organised by a speculative fiction monthly. He didn't win, but garnered enough popularity to become one of the pioneers of the fantasy genre in Poland, which ultimately allowed him to drop his day job as a fur trader and take up writing full-time. He is well-versed in fantasy literature, often discussing fantasy tropes and their appearance in various literary works. In his writing, he is [[AuthorAppeal fond of]] untranslated foreign language passages, Celtic or faux-Celtic themes, and cats.

!!Sapkowski's fiction

* ''Literature/TheWitcher'' series (1992-1999, 2013). Consists of:
** ''Literature/TheLastWish'' (originally published in 1991 as ''Wiedźmin'' (''The Witcher''), it was [[ArcWelding remastered to fit into the emerging continuity better]] and published again under the new title ''Ostatnie życzenie'' in 1993; English edition: 2008)
** ''Literature/SwordOfDestiny'' (''Miecz Przeznaczenia'', 1992; English edition: 2015)
** ''Literature/BloodOfElves'' (''Krew elfów'', 1994; English edition: 2008)
** ''Literature/TheTimeOfContempt'' (''Czas Pogardy'', 1995; English edition: 2013)
** ''Literature/BaptismOfFire'' (''Chrzest Ognia'', 1996; English edition: 2014)
** ''Literature/TowerOfTheSwallow'' (''Wieża jaskółki'', 1997; English fan translation)
** ''Literature/LadyOfTheLake'' (''Pani jeziora'', 1999; English fan translation)
** ''Literature/SeasonOfStorms'' (''Sezon burz'', 2013)
* The Literature/HussiteTrilogy (2002-2006): HistoricalFantasy adventure novels set in the time of the Hussite Wars. (The series lacks a real name, so it's known under that {{fan nickname}}.)
** ''Literature/{{Narrenturm}}'' (2002)
** ''Literature/WarriorsOfGod'' (''Boży Bojownicy'', 2004)
** ''Literature/LuxPerpetua'' (2006)
* ''Literature/TheViper'' (''Żmija'', 2009): Novel set [[UsefulNotes/SovietInvasionOfAfghanistan in Afghanistan]] in TheEighties
* ''Literature/MaladieAndOtherStories'' (2012): A collection of short stories, first published in 2000 as ''Something Ends, Something Begins''.

!!Sapkowski's non-fiction (mostly essays)
* ''Piróg, or, There Is No Gold In The Grey Mountains'' (1992): [[BooksOnTrope An essay]] about [[OneOfUs fantasy tropes and clichés]], the history of modern fantasy and a criticque of the state of fantasy literature in early 1990s Poland. Nowdays mostly infamous due to [[{{Hypocrite}} a hefty dose of hypocrisy]] on author's side.
* ''The World of King Arthur'' (1998): Book about [[Myth/KingArthur Arthurian myth]].
* ''Manuscript Discovered in a Dragon's Cave'' (2001): [[BooksOnTrope An essay]] about [[OneOfUs fantasy tropes]]