'''Amblimation''' was the animation production arm of Creator/StevenSpielberg's AmblinEntertainment, and it was active from [[TheNineties 1991 until about 1997]]. Spielberg created the animation studio after parting ways with Creator/DonBluth. One could almost say it was responsible for the animation in ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'', though the film was produced before the studio officially became an independent production arm of Amblin. While unfortunately none of the films released did exceptionally well at the box office, they were all very lavishly animated, even when compared to what Disney was putting out at the time.

The company's {{mascot}} was Fievel Mousekewitz from the ''WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail'' series, who appears in its production logo. Given that he's both [[MickeyMouse a mouse]], the main character of Spielberg's first entrance into animation and a character that had some personal relevance to Spielberg (being named after his grandfather), it's not hard to see why Fievel was chosen.

The feature animation studio was located in London, England, UK. In 1997, the London studio was shut down and some of the Amblimation staff moved on to Creator/DreamWorksAnimation. After the London studio was shut down, all references with Amblimation became Amblin Entertainment. Today Creator/DreamWorksAnimation is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Amblimation (it's more obvious in Dreamworks' early 2D animated films), and has had far more success.

!!Films and series produced by Amblimation, in chronological order:

* WesternAnimation/AnAmericanTail: Fievel Goes West
* AWishForWingsThatWork
* Fievel's American Tails (TV Series, produced along with Creator/WangFilmProductions)
* [[WereBackADinosaursStory We're Back! A Dinosaur Story]]
* WesternAnimation/{{Balto}}