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Creator: Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas, père

Alexandre Dumas is the name of a father-son pair of famous French novelists and playwrights of the 19th century. The two are descended from one of Napoleon's generals, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, who was nicknamed "The Black Devil" for his courage and African (by way of Haiti) ancestry.

Alexandre Dumas, père (1802 - 1870) is best remembered for his historical adventure novels, which include The Count of Monte Cristo and the series that begins with The Three Musketeers.

He is one of the most-read French authors in history, and the second-most translated according to the UNESCO Index Translationum.

He is also the Trope Codifier for the Swashbuckler genre.

Alexandre Dumas, fils (1824 - 1895) is best remembered for a romantic novel, La Dame aux Camélias (The Lady of the Camellias), which he also adapted for the stage, and which was subsequently the basis of Giuseppe Verdi's opera La Traviata.

Works by Dumas, père, include:

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