Aaron Dismuke was one of few child voice actors in the voice acting field. He is best known as the voice of Alphonse Elric in the first ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' anime, who he voiced when he was 12 years old. However, [[HeIsAllGrownUp he had grown out of the role]] by the time ''[[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood]]'' was produced, so Creator/MaxeyWhitehead [[TheOtherDarrin filled in]] for him. Is the cousin of Creator/JustinCook. He continues to voice characters for Creator/FUNimation.

He and FMA co-star Creator/VicMignogna formed their own "fanbase incarnate" in the form of the Risembool Rangers, which occasionally follow them from con to con.

!!Notable roles from Aaron Dismuke:
* Alphonse Elric in the first ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' and the OVA Collection (bar the "Kids" short) ([[TheOtherDarrin Darrin'd]] by Creator/MaxeyWhitehead in ''[[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood]]'', as he matured and couldn't reprise the role.)
** [[spoiler:Young Hohenheim]] in ''[[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood]]''
* The English voice synthesizer for the famed ASIMO robot was apparently patterned after him, specifically his performance in FMA.
* Chihiro Furuya in ''Manga/SankaRea''
* Cyprus in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia: The Beautiful World''
* Hibiki Lates in ''Manga/FairyTail''
* Hiro Sohma and young Akito in ''Manga/FruitsBasket''
* Ion Fortuna in ''LightNovel/TrinityBlood''
* Jiki in ''Manga/{{Karneval}}''
* Kio Kakazu in ''LightNovel/CatPlanetCuties''
* Leon Elliot in ''Manga/BlackCat''
* Lucifer/Hanzou Urushihara in ''LightNovel/TheDevilIsAPartTimer''
* Ouri Kagami in ''Manga/ShikabaneHime''
* Sergeo in the ''Lupin III'' film, ''Anime/FarewellToNostradamus''
* Yasuchika "Chika" Haninozuka in ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub''
* Yoh Takami in ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland''
* Yuuto Sakaeguchi in ''Manga/BigWindup''

!!Tropes associated with Aaron Dismuke:
* {{Bishonen}}: Both most of the characters he voices and himself.
* OneOfUs
* RelationshipVoiceActor: With Creator/TroyBaker and Creator/VicMignogna, the latter being no surprise given that they portrayed a pair of [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist brothers]] a few years back.