Crazy Prepared: New Media

  • One J.R. Mooneyham has a rather eclectic web site, containing things ranging from supposedly autobiographical stories of his supercar racing days, through survivalist essays and advice for living cheap, all the way to a detailed speculative timeline of world history/prehistory/future history and a Science Fiction novel starring the author's alter ego. There are certainly examples of Crazy-Prepared, both in the fiction and the non-fiction. For instance, see the insanely detailed description of the extensive security measures of a fictional research lab.
  • Legendary Usenet poster 'Gharlane of Eddore' (not to be confused with the other Gharlane) once wrote a post detailing his design for "Standard Generic Monster Load", bullets intended to let you be prepared for almost any conceivable supernatural emergency:
    Gharlane: Silver bullet; hex-scored jacketed hollow-point filled with a gel made of Holy Water, wolfsbane, garlic, fugutoxin and curare, laced with dimethyl sulfoxide to provide tractor-solvent Spreading Factor. Traditionalists can also cut crosses in the bases of the bullets, and have them blessed by a priest. .44 magnum 240-grain load over the standard Elmer Keith hunting load, 24 grains of IMR 2400. (The manual says 21.8 grains is maximum, so don't use the 24-grain load if you have a cheap revolver.) These work reliably on Vampires, Werewolves, the generic Undead, and Evil Human Minions like Renfield, with sublime indifference.