* ''Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar'' has the sacred martial art, Hokuto Shinken, which apparently comes with a specific technique for violently countering any attack as well as inducing KarmicDeath in any manner of villain (for example, if you garrotte people to death because you're evil, the right combination of pressure points will cause you to decapitate yourself with it). In an interesting example of characterization involving this trope, the later volumes see the main character relying less on cute special techniques to kill random Mooks and being content to merely punch them into pudding (unleashing your hidden brute strength is another of the style's techniques...)
** What is possibly the most unbelievable one happens early on, when Kenshiro faces Mr. Heart: [[EvilGloating as gleefully explained by Shin]], [[{{Kevlard}} Mr. Heart's fat absorbs pretty much all martial arts attacks]], [[KungFuProofMook making him immune to all martial arts but Nanto in general and Hokuto Shinken in particular]]... At which point Kenshiro unveils a special technique to ''move away the fat and hit Mr. Heart's pressure point under it''. Shin is left speechless.
* ''Anime/MazingerZ'': In one episode, an enemy was unceasingly shooting missiles at the Hover Pilder to preventing Kouji from docking with Mazinger. Kouji pressed a button, and his vehicle let go a trail of smoke to make the enemy believing he had been shot down and having him stopping to shoot as he docked.
* Juzo Kabuto from ''Anime/ShinMazinger'' is a very well-prepared MadScientist. In addition to building escape routes all over the city, he also created a secret ''Shinto command center'' inside a shrine, complete with 100 armed Bodhisattva statues projecting images from their eyes and operating dozens of levers and switches at once. The shrine functioned as a remote control for the series title HumongousMecha, in case his grandson found himself [[HeroicBSOD unable to pilot]]. Tsubasa even more so, with enough firepower at her inn to let four badass men and one woman hold off legions of robots single-handedly.
* ''Manga/UruseiYatsura'': Lum nearly always carries around some kid of weird alien device is useful to the situation at hand (and usually it makes the trouble one hundred times worse). It is also lampshaded: during one Christmas party in [[TheRival Shutaro's]] manor, Ryoko -Shutaro's little sister- has planted several dozen of bombs around the place (in revenge for not getting invited to the party by her brother). Lum says she has an explosive detector, and [[TheHero Ataru]] asks if she always carries one around.
* In ''Manga/ElfenLied'', Bando spends every day picking up trash from the beach so it can't be used as a weapon against him.
* We are told that ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'' keeps multiple flavors of jam packets in his pockets. Nagi also mentions that when a master asks for gum, any properly trained butler will have EVERY possible flavor on hand... just in case.
* Yuuko the Dimension Witch of ''Manga/XxxHOLiC'' and ''TsubasaReservoirChronicle'' sees all that is to be and has the proper equipment for it...[[EquivalentExchange if you can meet her price]].
* In an episode of ''Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ'', Miss Keane has a counter on hand for any bizarre excuse the girls come up with to leave class, thinking they're trying to cut class. These excuses include a hip ulcer, having to go into space, and attending a wedding of mole people. She also calls the [[TitleDrop President of the USA]], and is [[BerserkButton nearly]] able to charm Mojo out of a rampage.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** Mayuri Kurotsuchi invoked this trope in his fight with Szayel Aporo Granz, revealing a crazy number of preparations. To whit, he:
###Planted bacteria on Ishida during their previous fight so he could monitor him.
###Made it so his Bankai could [[SelfDestructMechanism self-destruct]] if it was ever used against him.
###Replaced all of his organs with fake ones to render himself immune to Szayel's voodoo-style powers.
###Planted poison in his vice-captain Nemu's body in case she was subject to BodyHorror.\\
''All'' of the preparations he made prior to arriving wound up getting used, even the ones that Mayuri couldn't have planned for based on what he had seen of Szayel's abilities thus far (like his ability to infect and control other beings, or his [[BodyHorror squicky]] method of resurrection). This led to jokes in the fandom about how Mayuri had reached "Batman levels" of planning. Going even further, in one of {{The Movie}}s it's revealed that he keeps ''a backup brain'' with a copy of all his memories. \\
There's even an aversion with Mayuri. It turned out Mayuri was the one person who predicted the invasion of the Vandenreich ''all the way back in the Soul Society arc''. The sole reason the Gotei 13 was not prepared for the invasion was because Mayuri's request to start planning like mad for just such a scenario was dismissed as too crazy and paranoid by Yamamoto. As a result, Mayuri was ''banned'' from being allowed to be this trope and had to settle for being the IgnoredExpert instead.
*** And despite the above "ban", he does it '''again''' when fighting [[spoiler:the zombified Hitsugaya]]. He installs a sensor on his sword that allows him to automatically parry any blade within 2 inches of him and plants a bomb on his own body when his opponent tries to use melee attacks. He is ''not'' prepared for [[spoiler:Daiguren Hyourinmaru]], but that's okay because he actually [[spoiler:used one of his experimental drugs on Hitsugaya before the fighting even began that forces him into a mental GroundhogDayLoop, and ends up putting him out of commission after the fight replays a few times]].
** Ichigo explodes out of the garganta and swings his sword at [[spoiler:the back of Aizen's neck. He gets blocked, not because Aizen saw him coming, but because he has a shield on the back of his neck.]]
** The whole plotline of ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' is viewed by the fandom as one long crazy prepared chess game between Aizen and Urahara. In fact, Mayuri himself wouldn't be able to have achieved all his crazy prepared examples without Urahara's own planning that secured Mayuri's release from prison and take-over of the 12th division and Research and Development Institute that has allowed him the opportunity, time and resources to engage in crazy preparation. It has been lampshaded in the story when it was pointed out that Aizen creates the worst-case scenario outcome while Urahara counters it with a best-case scenario solution to that worst-case scenario outcome. It's even been observed in-universe that ''over a span of one hundred years, Urahara has made no miscalculation''.
* In the ''Manga/SoulHunter'' manga, before the battle between the Yin and Zhou, Taikoubou gives the commander of the Zhou army a manual containing every possible move the Yin army could make and how to counter it. He made it the previous day.
* Shikamaru Nara, ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'''s version of Batman, has been shown in the anime thinking of plans and strategies to use against various [[BigBad Akatsuki]] members if he were to fight them. Later he preplanned a fight against two supposedly immortal Akatsuki. Guess who came out on top? Subverted when he fought Temari and thought of nearlly 100 plans in his head--''none'' of which would have worked because of [[WeakButSkilled his own physical lacking]]. He's since [[TookALevelInBadass largely]] [[BadassBookworm surpassed these limitations]].
** The Fourth Hokage deserves an honorable mention here as well after the events of issue 439, where [[spoiler:it is revealed he built a fail safe into Naruto's seal so he would appear if Naruto ever lost control in order to restore order.]]
** In Chapter 370, [[spoiler:it's indicated that he may have sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox into Naruto as some sort of preparation against Madara Uchiha, and sealed the Yang half of the fox's chakra into Naruto in order to have him one day complete a jutsu that would enable him to control the fox's power]].
** Chapter 498 it is revealed he also [[spoiler:put Kushina into the seal, to appear to help Naruto gain control of the Kyuubi. Later on it is also revealed he put his own personal teleportation seal into Kushina's seal, so that he could go to her whenever he wanted.]]
** [[TheStoic Itachi Uchiha]] also deserves honorable mention for having two contingency plans set up to [[spoiler:ultimately protect Sasuke]]. They both failed completely, leaving Itachi with his backup plan of "Wait for Naruto to fix everything"
** In his final battle, [[spoiler:Kisame demonstrated this trait. After preparing a scroll containing vital intel, he was found out by enemies and attempted to flee. Knowing he couldn't escape, he summoned a shark to carry the message, only to be intercepted. So he summoned a few hundred spares to distract the enemy before personally launching a massive attack. When all of that failed and he was captured, he had his own summons kill him, ending the threat... until his intel scroll turned out to be a trap that held his enemies still while a new shark summon made a run for it with the intel]]!
** For her final battle with [[spoiler: Madara(double spoiler: who is really Obito)]] Konan prepared six ''hundred billion'' exploding tags.
** Movie villain Dotō Kazahana has a train equipped with kunai gatling guns, a blimp and a suit of armour that has functioning wings, which says a lot about him considering the level of military technology in the rest of the world.
** ''Orochimaru''. To borrow from his character sheet: [[spoiler: His Curse Seals turn out to be [[SoulJar Soul Jars]], all of them. Not only can he use them to resurrect himself (though he needs outside help for this), they even double as SinisterSurveillance and he can see and hear everything all of the victims do all the time (presumably, only when he is OnlyMostlyDead and not, as now, when he is alive and kicking though) allowing him to remain up-to-date with the plot. On a broader sense, [[BigBad Tobi]] implies several times, to his chagrin, that Orochimaru knew more than he let on, and Kabuto confirms it. Sasuke even brought him BackFromTheDead explicitly to help him get to the heart of the KudzuPlot, albeit it seems he needs Orochimaru and one other person to do that. He even researched how to free his arms (and, by extension, the first 3 Hokages) from the ''Death God''.]]
* Light Yagami of ''Manga/DeathNote''. One of the most astounding examples is his decision to hide a miniature TV within a packet of [[MemeticMutation potato chips]] (a flavor the rest of his family hates) in case of surveillance cameras being placed in his house, so that he can use the TV to gain information on criminals without it showing up on camera.
** He also ''schedules'' killing of criminals in advance, so that in case he falls sick and lands up in hospital for weeks, he would not be suspected of being Kira.
** The TV was only a tactic devised as a result of an '''even more''' CrazyPrepared plan he had to test if anyone went in his room without him knowing; 1) tilting the door handle down slightly in the closed position; if people return it to the normal closed position after leaving the room, he will notice that they went in 2) lodging a piece of paper in the door that would fall out if it was opened and 3) having expected and intended the people who wanted to sneak into his room to find and replace the paper, putting pencil lead that would break if the door was opened onto the door hinge. There's also his creating the hidden compartment in his desk drawer with the igniting gasoline trap to prevent anyone from finding the Death Note itself.
** In a subversion of ChekhovsGun, the hidden compartment is never triggered. It's just to establish that Light ''is'', in fact, Crazy Prepared.
** He also keeps a PornStash for the sole purpose of convincing possible spies that he hasn't detected their surveillance devices. The crazy part isn't [[ProperlyParanoid that he takes these measures to protect the Death Note]]. It's that he routinely used all the tactics to tell him if someone entered his room [[CrazyPrepared before he found the Death Note]], despite apparently keeping no possessions of any real value to him in there and knowing of no reason for anyone to want to go in.
** L, under 3 different aliases, has made sure he's the top 3 detectives in the world in case somebody wants to learn his identity, correctly concluding that anybody wanting to identify the world's greatest detective would hire the second greatest detective for the job and maybe the third greatest for verification. This is just a small example, because to try and list every single CrazyPrepared thing he's done would just be impossible.
** What takes the cake for L being CrazyPrepared comes from the live-action film series, in which he [[spoiler:writes his own name in the Death Note just in case Kira decided to do it, setting his date of death at a certain time in the future and couldn't be altered]]. While this might seem more "crazy" than "prepared" this is what lets him [[spoiler:catch Light, which is something his anime and manga counterparts failed at. It helped that the movie version of L was able to figure out the ideal timing for this, because the margin of error for such a tactic is only 23 days (that being the maximum amount of time in the future a death can be set via the Death Note)]].
** [[FridgeBrilliance In hindsight]], thinking about L having set up not one, not two, but [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill a freaking mansion full of successors in the case of his death]] was not only [[CrazyPrepared looking very far into the future]], but it doubled as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
*** When you take into account that he had previously met Mello, and therefore chosen Near as his successor, it gets insane when it appears he expected Mello to go off on a race to solve the case (Rhyme not intended,) and therefore deliberately set up the duel of detectives in the second half of the story for the sole purpose of uncovering whoever had killed him. In other words, the whole ending was L's plan, which explains why Light had the constant feeling of facing L throughout.
* One seriously overlooked item in ''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion End of Evangelion]]'' is when the Geofront rises out of the ground. Apparently, in addition to their EverythingSensor, Nerv has an altimeter on a stationary geological feature. Not only do they know and say what their altitude is, but it's in '''BOLD''' in a corner as if it's been there all along.
** In ''Anime/RebuildOfEvangelion'', Tokyo-3 consists of rising plates to help Evas make quick turns when moving at insane speeds, can elevate sections of the city to serve as blast barriers or to help an Eva maneuver, and they've arranged the supports of the city to blow up to drop entire city blocks into the Geofront if they need to get an Eva out of the fight in an instant.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh'' and all of the card playing characters use this trope to the extreme, with characters countering, counter-countering and counter-counter-countering each other regularly and with ease.
** Lampshaded in the [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries the Abridged Series]] quite a lot. "I play this card, which would be completely useless in any other situation!"
** Happens in the real life version of the game much more than one would expect; or maybe not, seeing how counters and traps and effects that work against each other are the whole point of the game. For example, there's a counter trap called "Counter Counter" which specifically counters the use of any other counter trap, which are only used in response to something else, up to and including trap activation. So, theoretically, you could use this to counter your enemy's attempt to counter your counter to a spell of theirs.
** The Yugioh anime usually features ones that aren't nearly so broad though. For example, the anime would have Yugi use a special magic card to force fuse an undead monster with his opponent's powerful monster to lower it's attack points and make it vulnerable, a combo that even if it were real, requires 3 specific cards to be available at once. A real life deck would likely just have one card that either lowered attack points on it's own, or just out right destroys the target monster.
* ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' has Daichi Misawa. His opponent throws his Deck in the ocean before their match. No problem! He keeps six Decks on his person at all times and uses a different one based on the opponent. [[PutOnABus Too bad we only ever get to see two of them]].
* Subverted in the case of Kodo Kinomiya from ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds''. His plan in the [[TournamentArc Fortune Cup]] was a lot like that of Daichi Misawa's: Use a deck designed with that of his opponent's in mind. However, Aki had at least one card that he did not even know about, and was not prepared for at all, and it caused him to lose... painfully. (In fact, one might say that he was hardly prepared at all, and might fall into the StupidEvil spectrum; he was confronting a woman with powerful [[RealityWarper Reality Warping]] powers and a [[BerserkButton very bad temper]], and spent the whole duel ''insulting'' her?)
* [[Anime/FreshPrettyCure Inori Yamabuki]]. Whoever brings an umbrella to the amusement park to protect from splashing water caused by log flume?
* In ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}!'', it's shown that the [[KnowledgeBroker Daily Days newspaper company]] has seen to it that ''every single employee'' in their headquarters keeps a loaded gun in or under their desk, which they're instructed to take out at the slightest suspicion. It's taken even further in the novels, where desks and supplies are carefully arranged so that, should a firefight break out, all employees have access to cover while intruders are wide-open and thoroughly screwed.
-->'''Nicholas:''' [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/dailydays.jpg My apologies. You can't be too careful in our trade.]]
* Sagara Sōsuke from ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic''. He has, at hand, any and every kind of weapon you can possibly find. And he can pull any of them out at any time from... [[{{Hammerspace}} somewhere]]. In one episode he's shown to even have a biochemical suit handy, which he promptly puts on. He received by error a biochemical weapon, so he must have "somehow" prepared it in advance.
* Kiritsugu Emiya from ''Literature/FateZero''. Having been bound to a contract not to perform an actual murder, his associate barges into the hostage situation with a machine gun.
** Kayneth el-Melloi Archibald's magus' fortress with a bounded field and summoned monsters proves to be highly useless against [[DungeonBypass C-4 applied to the supports which is then detonated]].
** Kirei Kotomine with his bulletproof ''priest's robes''.
* In MahouSenseiNegima, Negi's ability to be CrazyPrepared is pointed out as his greatest strength. This is seen most clearly in his fight with [[spoiler:Jack Rakan. The kid essentially learned an anti-army spell, completed several techniques that his ''master'' had given up on after hundreds of years of work (which he combined with said anti-army spell), and created his own uberspell from scratch...to use as a ''distraction'', so he could set up his ''real'' plan. Upon that failing, he reveals that he was still delaying one high level spell "Just in case"]].
** Mana has shades of this as well.
** Yue takes the cake, having embedded a time-delayed anti-paralysis spell into herself as a guard against one her "sixteen predictions". She was right.
** As does [[spoiler:Chao Lingshen.]]
* In ''Anime/CombattlerV'', an episode involves the villain kidnapping the team's super scientist. He then exploits Professor Yotsuya's drinking problem to make him drink some wine with truth serum in it. Luckily, the professor had a capsule with an antidote hidden in his teeth.
* In an episode of ''Anime/OutlawStar'' set on a space station where conventional firearms are forbidden due to safety concerns, Gene Starwind for some reason has paintball bullets for his gun which he uses to disable the visual sensors of a [[strike:PoweredArmor]] ''MiniMecha''.\\
''FridgeBrilliance!'' That tactic would work pretty well on damn near anyone, making them a sensible alternative. He probably replaced all his ammo the instant he learned about that policy - the instant you take guns off the table, you're catnip to the next [[AxeCrazy psycho with an axe]] ''who will know for certain that you're not armed'', let alone over-funded pirates with Mini Mecha.
* Ah [[{{Trickster}} Blue]] from ''PokemonSpecial''. When exactly did she think to [[VictoriasSecretCompartment stuff her shirt with Pokeballs]] and pretend her Ditto is her arm before her actual battles? She screwed her opponents ''good''. She also always takes careful notes on everything she does, which backfires on her when Silver steals them to figure out where the final battle would take place despite the fact she didn't want him anywhere near it.
** Giovanni also shows shades of this as he always brings a Mewtwo RestrainingBolt on him just in case the Pokemon unexpectedly shows up to try to kill him.
** The Team Rocket trio in the Best Wishes arc of the ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime. As a result of them [[TookALevelInBadass taking a level in Badass]], rather than being blasted off again by Ash and Co. (especially Pikachu), they now blast themselves off with jetpacks before the heroes can even deliver the finishing blow on them.
** Clemont, in the X&Y series. Always has a machine in his [[BagOfHolding Clemontic Gear]] to deal with various scenarios, followed by a declaration that "I thought we would encounter a situation precisely like this one!" This is usually [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by the others in the group, except for [[IdiotHero Ash]], who [[EasilyImpressed thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread]], seemingly forgetting that the invention is inevitably going to [[BunglingInventor explode]]. This tends to be a [[OnceAnEpisode running gag]] throughout the season.
* Armbrust from ''Anime/KiddyGrade'' never traveled without his metal case. The case (called the Black Box) has extradimensional powers and can shapeshift, enabling him to transport things, people, anything the situation may demand, and he always seems to show up just when he's needed. The case is also bulletproof, and can repair damage at the press of a button.
* When Reiko, one of the GateKeepers whose power of illusion is activated through her piano playing, ran away with the Gate Robot, Invaders suddenly attack! It's a good thing the GateKeepers' secret agency A.E.G.I.S. just so happened to have a secret weapon for the Gate Robot: GR05V, which was essentially a giant piano.
* ''Manga/OnePiece''.
** Warlord of the Sea Crocodile is the BigBad of the second saga of the series, and he's shown to be a master tactician. He was prepared for every possible setback against the Straw Hats; after imprisoning them, he tosses the key into the mouth of a crocodile in a whole pack of crocodiles (making it difficult to figure out which one ate the key) and explodes his underground base, so that they would drown. When it looked like the Straw Hats found the right crocodile, Crocodile reveals that key was a fake and he had the right one on him the whole time. In fact, if it wasn't for him not knowing about Sanji and Chopper (or rather, disregarding Chopper due to him being a RidiculouslyCuteCritter) and Mr. 3 managing to survive inside a crocodile, the Straw Hats would have been dead.
*** There was also his plan with the bomb in Alabasta. He engineered it so that even if the cannoneers are defeated, [[spoiler: the bomb was rigged with a timer]]. And when forced to fight with his hook, he has a poisoned backup hook underneath that hook. And if that hook is broken, he can eject a knife in its place.
* How does one defeat a phoenix, a being who's immortal, in ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD''? Simple; have a Longinus that doubles your power every 10 seconds, have a cross and holy water in handy, a skill that enhances the effects of anything you desire, and [[PowerAtAPrice sacrifice your arm to turn it into a dragon]] just so you don't get burned by the effects of the cross and the holy water. Oh and as a backup, have two bottles of holy water in handy. This is what Issei did to [[spoiler: finish off [[{{Jerkass}} Raiser]]]]. By the way, all that was the ''backup plan''.
* Shiro from ''Manga/{{Adekan}}'' certainly counts. While he doesn't have a different skill or object for every possible occasion, most of the trouble he encounters is easily solved with sharp weaponry, and he carries roughly 10 or 20 knives on his body at all times.
* ''LightNovel/LoveChunibyoAndOtherDelusions'':
** [[{{sleepyhead}} Kumin]] always keeps a pillow (not the inflatable type, mind you) with her for whenever she feels the need to take a nap.
** Sanae [[spoiler:, well aware that the ''[[GreatBigBookOfEverything Mabinogion]]'' she's keeping can be destroyed, so she keeps copies. Lots of it.]]
** As for Rikka's sister Touka--who would've thought she's keeping a clip of one of Yuuta's [[OldShame "Dark Flame Master"]] rants?
*** And later, she rigs the outside of the house with a trap because she predicted Rikka's escape attempt.
* In ''Manga/KotouraSan'', Yuriko comments on being prepared for any situation in episode 6.
* Franchise/LupinIII always seems to have some bizarre escape plan or gadget just when he needs it for an escape. In the manga, at least in earlier chapters, it feels more like a reliance on {{Ass Pull}}s. It's lampshaded in the second episode of ''Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket'' (at least in the Gag Dub). Alternative explanation; he is BornLucky.
* In ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', while Kurama is fighting the doctor, a plant starts growing around them. Kurama reveals that he planted Okuninju seeds in the past, saying that "You can never plan too far in advance." Just how long ago did he plant the seeds? Oh, only a few ''thousand years ago.''
* In ''Manga/SeitokaiYakuindomo'', the local SchoolNewspaperNewshound Ranko brought a souped up digital camera, zoom lens, pan lens, and a bunch of other lenses, about a dozen bags of other equipment, a sound collector, a TV camera, and a motion capture camera, just to get a scoop of Shino during their school trip to Kyoto. It was revealed that after Aria deleted the pictures that the identity card in the camera is a decoy.
* Aeolia Schenberg from ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'' is definitely one [[spoiler:even if a good deal of that time was spent in cryo stasis]]. The true mastermind behind Celestial Being, he's not only set in motion a complex network of plans spanning 200 years but has made contingency measures for just about ''any'' eventuality. [[spoiler:Even his ''death'' in the hands of Alejandro Corner, which among other things is what activates the Gundams' Trans-Am mode.]]
* Ichiryu, president of the International Gourmet Association in ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'', prepared for the end of the world. Ichiryu's preparations severely lessened the damage caused by [[ColonyDrop Meteor Spice]]. His work made sure people were around able to repel many of the meteors themselves, limiting the damage of the original attack. Afterwards, we learn that he took steps to delay the inevitable food shortages by making sure a literal mountain of frozen food was kept ready. Even his own personal "Full Course" was designed for the express purpose of hatching a bird that reproduces at an exponential rate (and, thus, could be eaten indefinitely even if it ''did'' taste terrible).
* ''Manga/DragonBall''
** Super Buu is a lot smarter than he looks. For example, after he reverts to a weaker form while fighting Goku, he finds himself outmatched again. Then he points to his head tentacle, which had a piece of it cut off earlier...
-->'''Super Buu''': ''(after distracting Gohan with inane conversation for a minute)'' Luckily, I left some 'insurance' in case this happened. Why do you think I didn't regenerate this?
** Cue a decapitated piece of Buu jumping out of a rock behind Gohan, absorbing him. It is important to note that he did absorb the highly intelligent Piccolo earlier.
** Vegeta has his moment during the Saiyan Saga. After Goku proves to be his match after using Kaioken, Vegeta reveals that Nappa and him purposely came to Earth during a full moon cycle, although they mostly did it so they can begin wiping out the population quickly. When Vegeta realizes that the moon is destroy, he uses a technique to create an artificial one.
** Some of Goku's GenreSavvy moments:
*** After finding out that his friends and son are in grave danger on Namek and they have no way to escape because their spaceship is damage, he reveals to everyone that he ask Bulma's father to build him a spaceship, just in case he is needed. And he had Bulma's dad install a gravity machine for training.
*** After Trunks and Vegeta finished training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku is certain that they can handle Cell and the androids. He still have Gohan and him train, because you never know.
** King Yemma kept Vegeta around after he died because he maybe needed to fight Buu again. After Buu becomes nearly invincible after absorbing Gohan, he sends Vegeta to rejoin the battle. Even Old Kai was impress by Yemma's forward thinking.
** In ''Resurration 'F''', Frieza makes a backup plan just in case Goku proves stronger than him again. He knows that Goku will show mercy to him again and has [[spoiler: Sorbet shoot Goku when his guard is down]].
* The Mach 5 from ''Anime/SpeedRacer'' was designed to be this, with all sort of gizmos that can help Speed and his friends out of any sort of jam.
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'': Annie turns out to be this. [[spoiler: She wears a ring with a hidden spike, so that she's able to transform even if restrained]].
* In ''Manga/TodaysCerberus,'' Hinata's grandfather told her to keep a miko outfit handy. So Hinata keeps one in school in case of emergencies.