Crazy Awesome / Fan Fic

  • The whole genre of Crack Fics—provided the story actually works.

  • Ichigo in The First Guardian certainly qualifies. He purposely grows his hair to look like a shonen hero, actually tries to attach speakers to his Shinigami outfit so he can have his theme song (which is "Number One" of course) playing when he fights, constantly talks to his just as crazy Zanpakuto and chooses to do things based on "coolness factor". On the other hand, his crazy way of thinking allows him to enhance his Zanpakuto in various ways (from gathering spirit particles to strengthen it a la Quincy style, shaking the particles already in there to, temporally, turn his blade into fire, and to shape shifting it into different forms) without even showing shikai yet. And, no, his Zanpakuto isn't Zangetsu. And that's only a small sample of the crazy awesome stuff he does.

Calvin and Hobbes

Chrono Cross
  • How does Guile in Heaven-Smiting Masked Magician destroy a meteor that will hit the Earth in thirty days? He thrusts himself past the atmosphere by blasting the ground with a Kamehame Hadoken. It works and saves him from getting burnt to crisp when passing the atmosphere, but the thrust fades when he reaches the outer space. Being in space without any supporting equipments makes him unable to breath, meaning that he has to be fast. Then how? He gets an idea of blasting the Moon's surface with a Kamehame Hadoken to get another speed boost. He jumps into the orbiting moon and then blasts it, and he finally reaches the meteor as the boost fades. He can't hold his breath any longer there unfortunately. How? He blasts the meteor with his Boom Stick, which fires a much stronger energy blast than his Kamehame Hadoken. The crazy part? Guile kills two birds with a stone: the blast destroys the meteor and pushes him back home.


Darkwing Duck

  • In Negaverse Chronicles, Quackerjack is undeniably insane. He was even committed for a time. On the other hand, this is also the reason why he can make so many toy-like weapons that are effective enough for him to hold his own on a team of superpowered heroes. His insanity is also suspected to be the reason why he can see the Voice through the glamour.

Doctor Who
  • Fanfic "Who's Scared of the Big Bad Wolf?" stars Rose Tyler as more Crazy Awesome than you will ever be. The premise of the story is that when the Doctor crashed through a mirror-that-also-happened-to-be-a-time-portal-to-18th-Century-France on a white horse to save Madame du Pompadour from Clockwork Droids (yes, that happened in the actual show, and is proof of the Doctor's own Crazy Awesomeness), and ended up stuck in the past until he could find a way back to Rose and Mickey, instead of arriving five hours later, he actually got back five months later. In the meantime, Rose was stuck on an abandoned, drifting spaceship, in the middle of space, with Mickey.
    • After three months of being stranded on the spaceship, the TARDIS' stores begin to run out of food. If they don't do something, they will starve to death. Getting back home becomes a crisis. Rose, of course, never loses faith that the Doctor will be back, and so she also has to find a way to pilot the TARDIS back to the spaceship so he won't be stranded himself. Unfortnuately, she has no idea how to fly a TARDIS, and someone threw the user manual into a supernova. Her response? Absorb the entire Time Vortex into her head (again) and fly the TARDIS psychically.
    • The strain on her mind of containing the Time Vortex for so long actually kills her, and the TARDIS brings her back to life with Time Vortex, rendering her unable to die. Might also have Come Back Wrong; the Doctor has yet to have seen her reanimate, so it is currently unknown whether her particular brand on invulnerability is as naturally "wrong" as Jack's.
    • And then, instead of just going home, she tricks Mickey into leaving without her, and flies back to the spaceship to live in total isolation for another two and a half months.
    • During which time, she uses the TARDIS' heart to give herself gene therapy, turning herself into a human TARDIS capable of manipulating the Time Vortex, and unable to survive without it.

Harry Potter
  • Everyone in Thirty Hs is absolutely deranged, but Harry himself stands out, killing astronauts with his Groinsaw, eating people's eyes, fighting surf ninjas and rewriting history. And that's not counting how many planets he kills the fuck out of.
  • Harry from Oh God Not Again! is this. Even the other characters admit it in-universe and it's considered odd when Harry isn't doing something bizarre and off the wall.
  • Xerosis runs on this— surviving the apocalypse and being the star of a Peggy Sue fic has warped Harry's mind and with Voldemort as his partner and Luna as his sidekick they come up with the perfect "muggle solution" to move all wizards to the moon and leave the Earth to the Puny Earthlings.
  • Harry in Moratorium, to her friends' mingled horror and amusement.

Jackie Chan Adventures
  • In Queen of All Oni, Jade, just like her canon counterpart, IS this trope.
    • First off, when the Oni general of the first mask tries to double cross her she decides to EAT the mask and thus his essence, gaining control over his tribe, and it WORKS.
    • Then, in the 7th chapter (counting the interludes), she comes with an Indy Ploy that allows her to capture Tohru for Ikazuki, by attacking Uncle, KNOWING Tohru will protect his sensei.
    • Later, in Operation: Steel Lightning, she comes up with a Batman Gambit to infiltrate Section 13 and steal the masks back (and maybe the Talismans as well) that was a VERY close Near Villain Victory, only failing due to the OC Spanner in the Works known as Agent Wisker.
    • Hero, an Anthropomorphic Personification (one of many that reside in Jade's mind, and represent different aspects of her mind) also fits this trope, but with maybe a bit too much emphasis on the "crazy" part. In a later chapter, he rams his ship into the one that the Aspect of Jade's Super-Powered Evil Side took from him (it represents a part of her consciousness), KNOWING his ship is far to fragile to survive the impact JUST TO MAKE A DRAMATIC ENTRANCE!
    • In the chapter where Jade is being tortured by Lung, Left and Right not only MOW down an ARMY of Terracotta warriors but Left kills one of Lung's monsters WITH A CHAINSAW, and destroys a magic-proof door with DYNAMITE!

Looking for Group
  • Adelleh from this Looking for Group fic. A cookie-eating, goggle-wearing undead priestess whose head is permanently in the clouds. At one point she actually convinces the other characters to throw themselves off a cliff, thereby saving their lives from an angry ghost!

Lyrical Nanoha
  • Game Theory (Fan Fic) deconstructs this trope rather harshly. Nanoha's crazy, reckless plans tend to backfire horribly with serious consequences.
    Aleph: One of the things that Game Theory has as a major theme is that Reality Ensues, and that doing something crazy-awesome and insane... is crazy and insane, and doesn't have to work just because it's the hero doing it.

Mega Man (Classic)
  • In Mega Man Recut, Metal Man is a sawblade wielding lunatic who nicknames everyone and fights the mob with his blades. He doesn't attack people but only because he can't mess up his blades by getting blood all over them. At one point Proto Man, Cut Man, and Guts Man have to drag him to safety because he insists on having an epic Bonnie and Clyde-esque last stand against the cops.
    • Dust Man is a Cloud Cuckoolander who drives around in a creepy old van, fights pests and animals around the Skull Fortress, spends his time scaring the other Robot Masters with weird ghost stories and his general weirdness, and has a vacuum cleaner as a weapon.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic


Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • A Crown of Stars: After joining the Avalon Army, Asuka and Shinji (and several other Evangelion characters) discover that Crazy Awesome describes the whole fighting force (unsurprisingly, Misato fits right in). Unprepared, inadequate, cut-off unit? Outnumbered one thousand to one? No plan, no backup, or support from home? As much as the Avalonian forces are concerned, they’ll grin, beat the odds and complete their mission.
  • The version of Rei Ayanami seen in Nobody Dies is best described as a cross between Haruhi Suzumiya, Elsa Bloodstone, and all three of the Warner siblings. In fact, the whole fic is made of concentrated Crazy Awesome. For example, matchmaking between Shinji and emo-Asuka:
    "Hook, line and sinker," Mana says, "Pretty Boy has fallen for the bait. Cancel plan B."
    On the overlooking rooftop, Rei sighs and closes the radio detonator.
    "I never get to do plan B."
    Behind her, holding the bazooka, Kensuke shrugs.
  • Shinji and Warhammer 40k. Too many examples to name, with mighty Shinji being only the most prominent.

Power Rangers
  • One of the general themes in "Of Love and Bunnies" is that being a Power Ranger turns you Crazy Awesome. Ten of these Rangers are the protagonists. These are people who can walk into a carnival and within two hours cause a fight to break out on the midway in which clowns hurl flaming pins at Adam Park. It's one of those stories.

  • It being RWBY, a lot of fanfics can get like this. For instance:
    • React Watch Believe Yikes has Team RWBY trapped in Beacon over the summer holidays and going insane as a result. But that's not the worst of it: while watching every single season of Red vs. Blue, they have to deal with the numerous split personalities of Ruby, Weiss's irritations at being compared to Church, Blake's perverted side, known as Noire, and Yang's stuck between it all.
      • The fic also introduces Aura Mode, a state in which the user's Semblance is overcharged to godlike levels, at the cost of the user's stamina and health. So far, Ruby's Super Speed is accelerated to a fraction of that of light, Weiss is capable of turning a summer forest into a blizzard-stricken wasteland, and Yang's fire become like deadly dragons. And yes, it is as insane as it sounds.
    • RWBY: Reckoning shows numerous examples from the protagonist, Darrel Conway. While everyone's merely content to keep shooting at Grimm until they die, Darrel is forced into interesting situations. For example, while RWBY's fight against the Giant Nevermore culminated into a plan to slingshot Ruby into it's neck and watch as she decapitated it, Darrel ends up riding it, How to Train Your Dragon-style. Such a tactic is described in-universe by Professor Ozpin as a tactic "no sane being would dare to consider, let alone perform".


  • The Emprahsque
  • Absolutely everything Mosegi does in Valour and Mayhem.
  • The Gatekeeper from Plausible Deniability does his best to embody this trope. He blatatantly dresses as an Evil Sorcerer to impress, threatens the Elven king with McDonald's - as elfes are health nuts and junk food is very not healthy - casts a ward protection transforming the attacks against it into plushies and candy and dreams to avenge his dark past in Asgard by exposing the Asgardian youth to - gasp - boys band and Justin Bieber!
  • Team Caster from The Sage's Disciple willingly goes for Refuge in Audacity because the other participants in the Grail War will be too busy gaping at their over-the-top insanity to properly defend themselves. Filching any launchable weapon within Babylon's Gate and giant mech fight, anyone?