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Crazy Awesome: Anime and Manga
  • Eat-Man:
    • Bolt Crank. What's his superpower? He eats things — anything — and then throws them up god-knows how much later out of his right hand. The list of things that he has eaten includes Screws, Knives, Axes, Guns (usually very large ones, at that), Ammunition, Magic Swords, Paint Thinner, Brick Walls, Force Fields, And Memories. Not mention sulfur and gunpowder as well.
    • Leon deserves a mention for being so insane that he has actually convinced himself that he IS Bolt. Not crazy enough? He convinces several other people that they're Bolt, too. And this doesn't screw with his reality at all.
  • The titular Irresponsible Captain Tylor is one of the trope's best examples. No one's clear on whether he's a lucky fool masquerading as a genius, a genius using people's opinions of him as a fool to become a Chess Master, a Magnificent Bastard, or a lunatic whose irrational approach manages to somehow always work.
  • In Lyrical Nanoha, nearly every protagonist is Bad Ass Awesome on their own, and 95 percent of them remain sane. Villains however, aren't that immune to insanity. Jail Scaglietti is crazy prepared — emphasis on "crazy". Thousands of Gadget drones aren't enuff? He has cyborgs. Saint Cradle is ambushed by a squadron of overpowered Mages? Laugh and DANCE that he's managed to break the heart of two of the most powerful mages in the universe and laugh! That's crazy awesome.
  • Klein Sandman in Gravion is this. He's a Cultured Badass who sounds awesome giving cheesy Transformation Name Announcements, does death defying stunts to pull people's asses out of hot water (with the same amount of tension you show waiting for toast to quit toasting), and has (in dead seriousness) led his Meido squad in powering up his Super Robot with freaking karaoke! His most illustrious Moment Of Awesome involved a ping pong game, bath slippers, and over the top Calling Your Attacks, and frankly, he just wouldn't be awesome without the crazy.
    • He lives in a giant castle that's really a space ship filled with hot maids who can fight (at least one is a robot), he's a super intelligent scientist who invents giant mecha in his spare time, can kick ass, makes a horse do physically impossible stunts, is obecenely rich, and does cool poses just for the heck of it.
    Raven: Sir, what was that?
  • Boss in Mazinkaiser. When he's on the screen it's almost guaranteed to be pure win, whether it's awesome or hilarious. This is, interestingly enough, a complete reversal of his role in the original Mazinger Z, which essentially amounts to "be useless, annoy Kouji, and annoy the audience".
  • Anime Tenchou from Lucky Star. Several times over. His craziness and enthusiasm is what is needed to drive the anime industry.
  • Katsura and Elizabeth the Giant Duck-Thing in Gintama.
    • Also Kondo when he gets serious. Once he used his nether regions as a weapon.
  • Every aspect of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which has some of the greatest moments of crazy-awesome that have ever been imagined. Kamina invokes this intentionally.
    • One that stands out particularly occurs during Simon's battle with Lordgenome. The latter, seeing that his mech is not strong enough to beat the titular mecha, gets out of his mecha and starts beating Lagann with his bare hands. While his head is on fire.
      • You can't mention Lordgenome without mentioning his HACKIIIIIIIING! in Lagann-hen.
    • Episode 7 has Kittan achieve this by impaling a Gunmen on his own mech's pointy head.
    • Shouldn't we mention that Kamina founded La Résistance by stealing a Gunmen that happened to catch his eye?
    • Some mention has to be made for the second movie, which gives us Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: an Energy Being which might well be the reincarnation of Kamina, wearing Simon's star-shades and a fiery energy-cape, standing taller than galaxies, and looking fit to crush the Granzenboma underfoot. Granted, Granzenboma promptly matches his size barely a minute later, but that's not the point. It's outlandish and illogical, comes straight out of left field (even for this series), and can be neatly described as a vision of Awesomeness.
    • Only for a short while but Gurren-hen has a scene right at the beginning which shows Lordgenome announcing his dominion over Earth while the Cathedral Lazengann is sitting on Earth as if the planet was its throne. For those who haven't seen the series, said mecha is the size of a planetoid (the upper half of this is the mecha in question) - more exactly, it was disguised as the Moon for a long while.
  • Basara. Nekki. All that needs to be said is that there is a reason why the military nicknamed him "Karaoke Ninja".
  • Ichijou from Pani Poni Dash!. See for yourself.
  • Eikichi Freakin' Onizuka. Holy shit, in real life he'd so get fired, arrested, beaten up by a mob and thrown into jail in whatever order and number, if he didn't get himself killed first. Actually reaches Marty Stu levels through the sheer amount of nonsense and abuse he puts himself and others through.
  • Gundam 00 and its sidestories have a shitload of this. Allelujah Haptism's psychotic alter ego Hallelujah and the villainous Ali Al-Saachez both fall under this trope. In the 00F manga, we have the utterly nutso Fon Spaak.
    • Fon is an example of how to make this trope a bad thing.
    • Meet the Gundam Seven Sword that Setsuna uses in the 00V side story. Crazy Awesome? Yes.
    • Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer has lots of characters become this:
      • Gundam Harute is the only Gundam known so far to actually have two pilots in its main compartment, and is truly awesome. Mostly because it is piloted by Allelujah and Marie, although they eventually activate Marute Mode on it, and change personalities... Yes, Gundam Harute is piloted by Allelujah, Hallelujah and Soma Peries AT THE SAME TIME! As if Allelujah and Hallelujah weren't dangerous enough together...
      • On the mobile suit side of things, Zabanya is one of the most Awesome, yet Impractical Snipers ever. It is armed with a sniper rifle, two regular beam rifles, 10 Rifle Bits, 10 Holster Bits, and 78 Missile Launcher-tubes. AND TWO HAROS to assist the pilot in controlling everything. Nonetheless, given the massive number of enemies, its huge arsenal does get to see some excessive use.
      • Gadelaza had 14 GN Large Fangs, each of which were the size of a Mobile Suit. And each carried 10 GN Fangs, giving it a total of 154 Attack Drones, in addition to its own Wave Motion Gun, beam rifles, and missiles. Then again, when you can kill enemies by just flying past them and letting your drones take care of them, there's not a huge need for it to ever use those other weapons. Too bad the ELS took it over.
      • Despite the small amount of screentime 00 Qan[T] got, it's still this. Its melee option, GN Sword IV, can reach a length of over 4 kilometers! Aside from that, it can use its Blade Bits to create a massive physical sword, or a GN Buster Rifle, that fires a beam that is roughly a 200 meters in diameter. Aside from that, it is actually able to teleport by using GN Particles to create a tunnel between two points in space-time and travel through that tunnel in nanoseconds... And despite that, it was still just designed as a tool of communication, with its own Veda-Console installed in the cockpit.
      • Raphael Gundam's backpack is more than just a back-pack. Remember how Virtue had Nadleeh inside, and Seravee had Seraphim on the back? Raphael has Seravee II on the back. It surprised this troper when Seravee II suddenly sortied in the middle of combat.
  • Gundam Seed Astray protagonist Lowe Guele is no slouch in this department. He's a decent combat pilot despite having no training because of the downright weird (but effective) strategies he comes up with. This is the guy who decided a 150-meter long katana was an awesome idea (despite requiring a Power Loader for his Mobile Suit to wield), redesigned his Mobile Suit's hand-plugs (used for delivering energy to weaponry) to emit bursts of damaging energy (so, basically a watered-down Shining Finger), and once attached a severed BaCUE head to his Astray's hand so he could use it as an impromptu double beam saber.
  • G Gundam is a crazy awesome series made of national stereotypes and top grade ham, where horses pilot giant robots and people can punt skyscrapers into the air if they train hard enough.
  • Haruko, of FLCL, who uses her Rickenbacker bass alternately as a music instrument, a motorized cudgel, a grenade launcher, a flying surfboard, and a weapon of mass destruction—oh, and in the first episode she reprograms a robot with it. To top it all off, she tends to put on fan-service-y disguises and at one point cuts down a wall of bullets aimed at her using only a straight razor. For the second-to-last fight, she shows up on her flying guitar in a bunny suit, armed with a slingshot she pulled from another character's forehead. The enemy is a giant hand in a trench coat, and each finger is armed with a weapon she can fit into. She takes this on with a slingshot, one that's made of a very small guitar. That is all you need to know about FLCL.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is basically Gainax looking at FLCL and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and realizing that they need to bring more of that Crazy Awesomeness (and just plain crazyness) to today's anime industry. Observe.
  • Naruto has the eight-tailed beast host who goes by the name "Killer Bee". He looks like someone straight out of the Wu-Tang Clan, raps and writes it down in the middle of battle, uses seven swords at once (holding them in such places as his armpit and between his neck and shoulder but not in either of his hands) which he uses by spinning around like a buzz saw, and transforms into a giant bull with octopus tentacles. Despite how weird that sounds, he was able to utterly rip Sasuke a new one. Then he later faked being captured by transforming into a severed tentacle and the actual tentacle into himself. This wasn't discovered until the Akatsuki were busy sealing what they thought was his tailed-beast ("'s a tentacle"), making Sasuke and the entirety of Akatsuki looks like a bunch of idiots. Then it turns out he used the opportunity to his benefit to go on vacation. Oh, and he nearly boom-headshots Kisame with a pencil that'd he'd been using to write lyrics. He also shoots a Bijuu Dama straight down the JUUBI'S THROAT while it's charging its attack.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya crosses the line whenever she meets the computer science club. He challenges her to a 'duel' in a computer game, and she doesn't hear the 'computer game' part, and is outside the room. She introduces herself with a Dynamic Entry! Both feet first. Into the poor man's face.
    • And there's Yuki Nagato who can tweak a baseball bat to have "homing mode": that is, all balls thrown at it home in on the bat, avoiding obstacles in the way. Forget Haruhi being an unknowing Reality Warper, Nagato can do all that physics-fucking intentionally.
  • Jack Rakan from Mahou Sensei Negima!. His entire fighting style seems to be based on Rule of Cool. Feats include summoning a building sized sword, accidentally blowing up a mountain, and defeating his opponents by stealing their panties. Then there's the supersonic sword-surfing, and his method of escaping a barrier dimension...
    • "Rakan-For-The-Hell-Of-It Right Hand Punch!", a perfectly ordinary punch that leaves a gigantic fist-shaped crater
    • Don't forget his final attack in the Tournament match, RAKAN IMPACT!—clearly a reference to Gurren Lagann.
    • In celebration of my first kiss with ojou-sama technique he demonstrates to Setsuna because she gets too modest about her sword talent.
    • Rakan can see flashbacks. Other people's flashbacks. Just because he's that awesome.
      • Actually, he wasn't the first one to do so: earlier Negi was showing Asuna his Origin Story, and Evangeline not only saw his flashback but showed it to her other guests. Still, Rakan did it in a more amusing way.
    • What about when Rakan wills himself back into existence? Sure it doesn't last long, but still shows his complete disrespect for any laws of physics, magic, and any other laws that could bring him down. He later does this again (twice more if you count Negi's projection of him during the epic handshake).
    • The series as a whole can qualify, to be honest. In no other series does nobody bat an eye when two people at a high society ball sit down to have a high-stakes arm wrestling match that leaves a crater in the floor, immediately followed by an aged-up ten-year-old snogging a Robot Girl so hard it breaks the laws of reality to give her a SOUL. From magical kissing. And then there's the Fantasy Kitchen Sink, which is played for all the awesome possible. If the Crazy Awesome of Negima can be traced to a single person, that person is Ken Akamatsu.
  • Crona from Soul Eater. His (her?) weapon of choice is an enormous shrieking black puppet made of congealed blood that erupts out of her back and can turn into a sword. Also his/her eyes are always, always moving. This isn't actually by choice, more as a result of having Medusa for a mother, who experimented on him/her.
    • Stein might be another example (but not the last). He's actually more effective in battle when he gives up his reasoning that holds back his insanity (fear, authority... that's it). 'Might' because Stein at his most insane is not exactly funny. He is when he's just being the eccentric teacher, though.
    • Arguably, Medusa as well, though she's more of a sociopath than anything else. She's cold, methodical, always has a backup plan, and knows exactly what buttons to push when dealing with people to ensure that she'll come out on top, even when she's up against people who are, in principle, far above her in terms of raw power.
    • Giriko's use of his terribly mundane Weapon form is the most versatile of all of the Weapon characters excluding Tsubaki. He's a repulsive and generally unimpressive bastard, but a creative one.
    • The hyperactive, ridiculously egotistical Black Star always seemed to be on the fence between this and Too Dumb to Live. However, he gradually moved further into Crazy Awesome territory, taking a flying leap into it when an Eldritch Abomination straight out of Lovecraft tries to drive him insane...and the craziness just makes him more awesome.
    • There's also the Death Scythe Tezca Tlipoca, a man in a suit wearing a giant fluffy bear mask who turns into a mirror wielded by a monkey wearing clothes and a baseball-cap. This guy creates copies of himself and merges with them in order to turn into an extremely weird-looking but devastatingly powerful attack form.
  • In Getter Robo, how does the giant robot Texas Mack and its pilot Jack King move a giant UFO away from a city, so that its explosion won't kill everyone? This being a Super Robot show, you'd clearly use a Kamehame Hadoken attack to do the trick, right? Not so for Jack King, who has his giant robot ride a giant robot horse controlled by his dog, and then pulls the UFO with a lasso while shouting: "COME ON, SWEET UFO!"
    • The pilots in New Getter Robo are Crazy Awesome incarnate. By the end of the series they've become so crazy, powerful and, well, badass, the only logical step for the series to go in was for them to fight the four Buddhist Kings. Something they gladly do, with one of them acting completely berserk in the process.
    • Maybe it's more accurate to say that everything and anything in Getter Robo is Crazy Awesome, even the epic sideburns.
    • This is true, it's even brought up by the characters in the series that most of the Humongous Mecha pilots seem to be completely nuts.
  • Isaac, Miria and Claire from Baccano!!, though on entirely different ends of the spectrum. Isaac and Miria are successful mostly on the basis that their heists are just so bizarre (such as stealing the entrance of a museum while dressed as mummies, then posing for pictures) that they end up getting away with it. Claire, on the other hand, just crosses the murderously batshit / badass line so many times that we can't place him anywhere but here.
    • Not to mention Graham Specter, who enjoys "breaking" things (including people), uses a wrench to catch a flying bullet, and idolizes Ladd Russo. Oh, and one of the most popular characters, possibly due to the insane rambling philosophy he has.
    • Ladd Russo himself. Thank you, fuck you! Oh, Ladd. Even Narita loves him.
  • Bobobo Bobo Bobo. The entire cast (sans Beauty) could fit under this heading, but the main trio of Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jiggler get top honors for being practitioners of an actual fighting style whose main purpose is to utterly bewilder the enemy into submission. It really says something when you have two characters merge into a Magical Girl and beat the enemy by singing, and you accept it because it's still not as crazy as the time Bobobo pulled Yami Yugi out of his afro.
  • Juzo Kabuto from Shin Mazinger is one of the most awesome Mad Scientists around, performing many ridiculous stunts and generally being Crazy-Prepared in the most bizarre ways. The highlight of this was when he snapped his grandson (a Humongous Mecha pilot) out of a Heroic BSOD by surfing a rocket punch through the air and jumping off it into the cockpit.
  • Siegfried in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple—which needs a shorter title incidentally—who can only have his crazy awesome status described by the fact that since his martial arts form is essentially unique, he could not find a master to teach him more. So he decided to imitate a spinning stone that Tibetan monks use... for forty days straight. Spinning. Also sings constantly, will stop fighting to write music and can use his loud voice as an attack while singing. Despite this, Kenichi's masters describe him as a genius with abilities that are already nearly at the master level.
    • And then he senses his friends need him, gets a plane, fly three days straight, finds the incredibly defended island the friends were, as they are shooting his plane down without a parachute, dodging missiles, and SINGING, in the way down, get up, join his friends team, and fight. As soon the fight is victoriously over he collapses from exhaustion, from his 3 straight days flying. Oh, and his 40 days straight spinning. Yes, he just stopped straight his training as soon as he felt the friends needs, and got on a plane. He IS that awesome.
    • Recently it was revealed that his master (the Tibetan prayer wheel) taught him how to survive having his head turned vertically 180 degrees by an enemy attack. Yes, he learned how to survive having his neck snapped (it was audible) by a surprise attack.
    • Master Fuurinji also has his moments, like entering a tournament intended for teenagers as "Mysterious Teenager Garyu X" by putting a mask on and changing nothing else about his appearance. He also took on a fully armed combat force by throwing their own soldiers back at them.
    • Some of the stuff Shigure does also counts. Like defeating a squad of assassins with a ribbon, or disarming all the members of a gang of delinquents in one hit... with a spoon.
      • And doing Clothing Damage in the process by accidentally cutting their clothes with said spoon.
      • She then request that they attack her again. The result is the same except this time she's wielding a plastic sword controller.
  • Trigun: Most of the Gung-Ho Guns fit this, as well as Knives. Some people say Legato too. Vash himself, at first, before things start going to hell and he's slowly broken down into a Heartbroken Badass.
  • Osaka. Knife. No other words need be said.
  • Kuroshitsuji's Grell Sutcliff. She's nuttier and crazier than any fruitcake and she made a CHAINSAW in Victorian England her death scythe. Add in her love for demons and you've got a recipe for this very trope.
  • Alucard from Hellsing. The crazy part can't be argued; entire pages of the manga are his posturing and maniacal laughter. His typical fighting strategy is to invite his opponent to kill him, let them do it, and then come back to finish them off. He also enjoys impaling his opponents. Preferably with their own weapons. In fact, there are quite a few characters in this that could qualify.
  • Prussia. His ego could choke a horse, he has no friends, he's a boundlessly ambitious psychotic punk who delights in mischief, and yet caves at the sight of cute things.
    • Also, Russia and Belarus.
  • Our Crazy Awesomeness have been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!
    • Taken to extremes with Kimblee: to sum, a Sociopathic Soldier Blood Knight Troll crossed with the Social Darwinist and The Philosopher. Even before his death, he's an unsettlingly realistic example of high-functioning sociopathy. He also proves that, in Fullmetal Alchemist, both Badassery and Crazy Awesomeness need not be influenced by silly things such as death. After being devoured by Pride, he surfaces momentarily, maintaining his identity specifically because he Loves the Sound of Screaming, and pulls off a Villainous Rescue, delivering a crushing "Reason You Suck" Speech to Pride before disappearing into the mass of tortured souls. In the flashbacks, he inspired the heroes to redeem themselves and Amestris, and unlike most Nice Job Fixing It, Villain cases, he probably would have been genuinely proud of their success. Yes, his sense of morality is just that screwed up.
    • Greed definitely deserves a spot here. "I'm Greed the avaricious! I want everything you could possibly think of. I want money, women, power, sex, status, glory. I demand the finer things in life!" He also reacts rather insanely.
      • Ling as well. He actually let himself become the host of the new Greed to gain a Philosopher's Stone, knowing that he'd have to fight the spirit of a homunculus for control of his own body, for the sake of saving his country (and become the emperor of said country).
  • Drosselmeyer in Princess Tutu. His character design is surreal, and he's first introduced to the audience and the main character as an ominous, booming voice, then materializing upside-down in front of her bit-by-bit in a Cheshire Cat fashion. As the series goes on, it becomes QUITE clear that he's absolutely off his nut, and quite enjoying the tragedy playing out in the story. And then, as the series nears its end, it's revealed that while dead, he exists in a netherworld filled with gears and mocking puppets he controls, has been pulling the strings of everyone in the hopes of making the story have a Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending, and when his hands were cut off before his death, wrote the story controlling the town with his own blood using the stumps of his arms. And he finds the whole thing hilarious.
  • Before Cerebus Syndrome strolled into town, Goku had this as his super power, turning Rock Paper Scissors into an attack, acting like a monkey in the middle of battle, and defeating Monster Carrot by putting him on the moon.
  • In the Pokémon anime (games too to an extent, but definitely in the anime), Byron, Hot-Blooded, fossil-loving, hole-digging leader of Canalave City Gym. He was voiced by DAN GREEN, for crying out loud. If you need any more proof, here ya go. I LOVE THIS TROPE!!!
    • Team Rocket also qualify. Some of their plans are just INSANE. And more often than not, involve gigantic mechs. Not to mention the fact that they seem to just enjoy dressing up so much they work weird disguises into every plan. And when all else fails, they just dig a hole and wait for the protagonists to fall into it.
    • He's so Hot-Blooded that explosions keep going off behind him! (That must get expensive!)
  • Death Note: Teru Mikami is utterly insane, but he can overdo writing more so then his fellow Kiras. Light also falls into this.
    • L trumps them both, at least in the Anime. However, his form of insanity is somewhat more subtle than the their's.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RUNS on Crazy Awesome, living up to the "bizarre" in its title with some ludicrously cool moments — like a rock-paper-scissors match the likes of which you've very little chances of witnessing in real life...or any other work of fiction, for that matter. There's at least one main character in each of its many installments who acts as an exponent of this trope; Joeseph Joestar being the most prominent example.
  • Yuno of Mirai Nikki, who is just plain crazy to boot. When a Mad Bomber takes over the school and forces the hostages to attack Yuno and her boyfriend/stalkee? Yuno decides that this makes the hostages her enemies and starts setting the bombs off. She also firmly believes Murder Is the Best Solution and has a tendency to appear out of nowhere with a knife, ax or similar object.
    • Yomotsu Hirasaka AKA Twelfth is a whole handful of crazy awesome. A total whackjob, who dresses like a deranged Sentai character, and steals a bomb, just so he can make a flashy entrance. Did we mention he does all this, while being totally blind?
  • One Piece is filled to the brim with Crazy Awesome, but the series personification of the trope is Franky. Coup de Boo anyone?
    • The protagonist Monkey D. Luffy himself takes Crazy Awesome to Jack Sparrow-esque levels or beyond with plenty of Combat Pragmatist thrown in for good measure.
      • Recent chapter reveals that he is so awesome that the Ax-Crazy Bartolomeo is his Fanboy since the Logue Town arc. This crazy and anti-social rookie is also very powerful and he just cuts someone's tongue off because that person talks shit about Luffy. It's so crazy and awesome that Luffy has such an extreme fanboy who is even his first fanboy at all.
  • Bleach:
    • Kuukaku Shiba is a pyromaniac who loves fireworks and crazy buildings so much she's almost an outcast. People like her, but no-one wants live near a house so bizarre. Even Ichigo's group doesn't want to be seen entering it. However, her crazy home-turned-firework-launcher is precisely what's required to break through Seireitei's normally impenetrable shield by effectively turning the group into a human cannonball. The launcher's true purpose is to help the Royal Guard return to the Royal Realm whenever they leave it. Even the Praetorian Guard needs her insanely awesome talents.
    • To say Urahara has a unique way of looking at things is an understatement. His quirky view of the world helps him invent things other people might never think of. It also helps him play the role of Eccentric Mentor. He tells Ichigo his only chance of survival is to put on a silly bandana and boxing gloves. Ichigo refuses to submit to the humiliation as he argues with Urahara while dodging his very dangerous opponent. Eventually he takes Urahara's advice... and learns Urahara was joking, they're just an ordinary (and very silly) bandana and gloves after all. What Urahara was actually doing was distracting Ichigo so much that he couldn't focus on his opponent and was therefore forced to keep dodging her, teaching him without him realising it, how to move his new ghost body when he previously could barely even manage to breathe in that form.
    • A villainous example is Mask de Masculine. Who would say that a Masked Luchador's antics would actually work in this environment? He managed to do it. In fact, he's able to obtain power-upgrades by virtue of being so Crazy Awesome he has fanboys cheering on his antics.
  • Code Geass: Jeremiah counts, somewhat. Maybe not at the beginning, but the character slowly evolves from a forgettable and unlikeable foe to a Woobie to a deranged, ferocious mild version of this trope in the first season finale. Eventually he calms down and fully evolves into his own in R2 as a somewhat unhinged, but ridiculously competent pilot and fighter. Some of Lelouch/Zero's plans count, too.
  • What about Sousuke Sagara? He certainly has innovative methods to solve every situation. For example, when a guy wanted to blackmail Kaname by putting less-than-idolized pictures of her onto the internet, how did Sousuke stopped him? He unleashed a freakin' EMP blast and destroyed every piece of electronics in the school. Or a more radical example: when a Hind was chasing his Humongous Mecha, how did he got rid of it? He threw Kaname high up into the air without warning to free up his mecha's hand, took out the Hind with a knife thrown into the cockpit then safely caught the screaming girl on her way down. As awesome as it was, it put even Sousuke on edge - not because of any danger to her but because she's a Tsundere and he knows how she'll react once she wakes up from fright-induced unconsciousness.
    • And then leading a group of Yakuza in a daring rescue dressed in Bonta-Kun suits.
    • Colonel Maress from The Second Raid lampshades Mithril's tactics perfectly when Tessa and the TDD-1 pull off a Big Damn Gunship moment in the first episode.
      An amphibious... submarine?! Impossible... who the hell ARE those guys?!
    • Recovering a borrowed notebook, Kaname style!
    • It's pretty clear that Kaname is meant to be this trope when dealing with Sousuke, if only for the fact that Sousuke, a Child Soldier who is so detached from the normal world that he treats his surroundings as if he'd be on a battlefield, is sufficiently intimidated by Kaname's Paper Fan of Doom that he breaks out in cold sweat at the mere sight of it.
  • Hiruma Youichi. Has taken over his school from the shadows, throws a long pass as a quarterback with his broken arm, runs across America for 40 days without showing any fatigue until the end, Has blackmail material for half the people in the world, and throws together a high-school American football team within a year that manages to beat an all-star high school team that has never lost before, among other examples.
  • Märchen Awakens Romance uses this trope a lot. Especially when it comes to weapons.
    • The protagonist fights with a kendama. Kendama is a kind of toy—a hammer and a ball tied to it.
    • His rival uses a Battle Scoop. All the early enemies claim it is just a farm tool.
    • Princess summons giant snowmen. They are mostly for crushing enemies under their weight.
    • People who have a lot of resources can find a weapon that looks like a weapon, but it still ends up unlike any normal ones.
  • Pretty much everyone in The Legend of Koizumi; its basically a Crazy Awesome world. This begins to set in with chapter one, but is firmly established by the point where Junichiro Koizumi sets himself on fire scraping a mahjong tile made of depleted uranium with his fingernail hard enough to scratch the top half millimeter off in a room with too much oxygen.
  • Director Yasuhiro Imagawa seems to love this. His works, Giant Robo, G Gundam and Shin Mazinger, are some of the most over-the-top shows in anime history that seem to run off of pure distilled Refuge in Audacity (and that's not even getting into the shows themselves). And, quite frankly, the shows themselves wouldn't be half as awesome if they weren't so batshit.
  • Subverted in Diebuster 2's Nono. She's a total ditz, and wants to be a mecha pilot, in spite of being a robot who doesn't have the genetic qualification for doing so, and you just KNOW that she's going to somehow manage to succeed anyways, by sheer force of ditz luck, until it's revealed that she is actually one of the mecha in question (obviously, not needing a pilot), has an army of a million drones which can be configured into a giant extension of her own body that's larger than the bloody planet, and is entirely composed of badass
  • Desty Nova is the kind of guy who saws the top of his head off to prove a point, gives random people bodies that account for weapons of mass destruction, makes a backup of his brain (and head) on his belly, or becomes inmortal in a way that turns him into a literal plague, and with at least 3 of himself with separate agendas and working against each other; all for the lulz KARMATRON DYNAMICS, and meanwhile he eats flan, laughs madly, and wears spectacles that makes him look like a maniac. We also have Zekka, who does miracles by hitting things really hard. No seriously.
  • Kogarashi, the titular Maid Guy of Kamen no Maid Guy, is Crazy Awesome in spades. He has 37 senses, multiple superpowers, a body of steel, used to teach math at MIT, is a complete sociopath, but wears a maid dress and frilly mask.
  • Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!. For one, he can punch people out of their clothes, his favorite weapons tend to be vending machines and street signs, one of which he uses to slice a car's roof off.
    • Also, Izaya.
  • They Are My Noble Masters. What happens when you put an Expy of Domon Kashu up against one of Gai Shishioh, then have the Undefeated of the East get involved? Crazy Awesome that's what.
    • Also Shinra Kuonji would probably have been arrested for her habit of Molesting, among other people, her younger sister were she not crazy rich to go along with it.
    • Hell the whole cast fits this trope, whether it be the Trap Shouta Chiharu, the younger sister Yume, who spends a good amount of time Angsting over the fact that Shinra doesn't molest her or the Big Sister Mihato, who is a Brocom and proud of it. Seriously the most "Normal" one among them is a Older Than They Look Token Mini-Moe who supports them all.
  • The Principal is easily a Crazy Awesome character despite his being in the charmingly cutesy "Hidamari Sketch". The Principal appears completely out of place compared to the other characters, and his actions make him appear more so. For example as The Landlady for the Hidamari apartments strolls by the school gates from across the street she abruptly stops to see The Principal dash towards the gate perfoming three full front flips as he leaps over, perfectly landing next to her and proceeds to thank her for taking care of the students. Another is when Yoshinoya is spraying him with a water gun several times over before The Landlady tosses him his own to which he reacts by dodging Yoshinoya's shots at rapid speed before firing directly at her forehead. In these scenes The Principal's animation style changes drastically from Cutesy to Extremely Serious.
  • Revy in Black Lagoon falls under this trope; for example, the time when she takes out several speedboats chasing the Lagoon by jumping from each to each and shooting everyone on board, or making them shoot each other... all whilst listening to something that sounds like exercise music on an MP3 player.
    • Rock also has a few moments of this, most notably when he conceives of a plan to get rid of a military helicopter that has the Lagoon cornered... by ramping off a shipwreck and torpedoing said helicopter. Crazy Awesome? I think so. Less conventional examples from Rock stem from the fact that, actually, this guy is just smart, and when he can get over the fact that he's now living in a Crapsack World without any morals where violence is very much the norm, he can often accomplish a lot more with his words than even Revy can with her guns.
    • Roberta takes this trope Up to Eleven, being a nigh unstoppable Shout-Out to the Terminator capable of surviving being squished into a shipping container by a multi-tonne muscle car and driving in a way that would make Mrs. Yukari proud... all without anything more than a crack in her Scary Shiny Glasses! Then, she engages Revy in a gunfight that somehow leads to explosions and electric arcs flashing above the shipping containers they're fighting among!
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Accelerator exists for this trope. His face and his laugh when maiming his victims, and the way he killed a squad of soldiers, including shotgunning a woman in the face will forever be in the minds of any fan of this series. they don't show this in the anime, but when he shotguns her in the face, a piece of her jaw gets blown off and lands on his face. you know what he does with it? "...Oh hoh hoh, so your face turned to something good for a fuckin' pacifier."
    • In the second season, Accelerator takes this trope Up to Eleven in his encounters with Kihara. Perhaps the best example would be when he plunges his hand into a nearby skyscraper, tears it off its foundation, and sends it skidding halfway across Academy City.
    • At the very end of his final fight with Kihara, he becomes so pissed at the guy he lifts him by his face, mutters "ihbfKILLwq" and launches him into the sky with so much force the guy burns up from atmospheric friction.
    • A more humorous example from Index is the #7 Level 5, Gunha Sogiita. Nicknamed the "Attack Crash", the guy thinks he is and act like a textbook Shounen hero. His powers include incredible durability, Super Strength, shockwave creation, and other assorted things... but nobody knows how they work. Even he doesn't know how they work! He doesn't care either. All he ever does is shout about "GUTS!" and run around beating up troublemakers.
    • Not wanting to be outdone, Mikoto pulls out some seriously awesome shit in the finale of Railgun's second anime season. The first season finale already demonstrated that she can use objects much bigger than coins as ammo for her signature attack; here, Kongo launches Mikoto and Kuroko into low Earth orbit on-board a Humongous Mecha, the two eject into vacuum in their school uniform and Mikoto promptly fires her ride at an incoming missile before Kuroko teleports them both back to Earth. Repeat, Mikoto went into space for the sole reason of using a Humongous Mecha as railgun ammo.
  • TK from Angel Beats!, although it's hard to tell if he's this or just a Bunny-Ears Lawyer.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! has Jonouchi/Joey. Regardless of language, his deck depends heavily on chance. Of course, in this anime, chance falls as the plot demands.
  • GaoGaiGar has some of this.
    • Mic Sounders' famous Tower Bridge Guitar Riff also qualifies. He literally defeats Percurio alone, by playing rock music on Tower Bridge. By using the bridge as a huge guitar, no less!
    • Soldato-J riding a torpedo through several walls, and hits one of the Primevals, who're about to finish off Guy. Not because he wants to save Guy, but because he wants to defeat the 31 Primevals and Guy himself.
  • For very similar reasons to Kamina, Gai Daigoji qualifies. He actively charges opponents without a second thought and perpetually believes that he's in a Super Robot show, completely blind to the fact that he's in a gritty Real Robot anime.
  • Issei Hyodou in High School D×D is this seeing as almost everything he does post-transforming into a devil has so much crazy stuff he can think on the fly that it actually works. Shred clothing? No problem. Hear breasts talk? Sure he can do that. Summon a god from another dimension that other mythologies don't even know about? Even gods thought that was crazy.
  • Toori, his sister Kimi and Gin Tachibana from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon. Toori uses his upbeat attitude and Weaponizes it to power up his army. Kimi slaps a person so hard, she sent them flying in a tornado. Gin manages to use a Banana Peel slip to her advantage.
  • Mari Illustrious Makinami from Rebuild of Evangelion counts. The girl is absolutely crazy, enjoying being synched with a mech whose pain she's able to feel because the sheer excitement of which overrides the induced pain for the most part, and enjoys the scent of LCL, which smells like blood. This is the girl who goes all out against Zeruel, mightiest of the Angels, and then activates Unit 02's Beast Mode function. Zeruel manages to defeat her anyway, but not before she decimates its AT Field. Her battle style is crazed compared to the other Eva pilots, and yet still proves to be effective. Mari is awesome because she's crazy, and she makes the crazy work.
  • Kohta Hirano from High School Of The Dead, whenever he has a weapon in his hands.
  • Jin the Taxi Driver from Canaan. Most people would probably get scared and freaked out when two people who were pursued by numerous bad guys shooting at them got inside your taxi. Jin? He thinks it's just a good opportunity to show off his crazy driving skills while singing along with a cheerful J-pop song. "CHINA STYLE, with HIGH TENSION", indeed.
  • Sailor Moon and Code Name Sailor V have Minako Aino, whenever she decides to get serious. Exhibits:
    • She can learn anything by playing videogames (upon noticing this, Artemis invented the Sailor V Game to train her);
    • Speaking of the Sailor V Game... Her first appearance in the Sailor Moon manga is her giving Usagi a pep talk from the Sailor V Game;
    • When faced with a mosquito-based youma and an army of mosquitoes, Minako annihilated them all in one attack with weaponized mosquito-repelling incense. For added awesomeness, she predated Spiral Energy with the spiral-looking beam she fired from the incense burner;
    • She's the only one to casually do Roof Hopping without transforming (more notable in the anime. In the manga the others could theorically do the same, but Minako is the one doing it just because);
    • In The Nineties anime, Usagi was once kidnapped by Kaolinite, who had guessed her identity and seized her Transformation Trinket. Cue Minako disguising herself as Sailor Moon to fool Kaolinite and Sailor Uranus and Neptune in believing they were wrong and Usagi's brooch was just merchandise, with Rei joining in and insulting Usagi for good measure. Somehow, Minako was so convincing that nobody noticed the horrible disguise;
    • For some reason, Usagi was barely surprised when Minako did not faint when her Pure Heart Crystal was extracted (everyone else fainted, Sailor Senshi included) but proceeded to run away and outrun a car;
    • When Rei was possessed by the Monster of the Week in one of the Exam Battle manga specials, Sailor Venus could have exorcised her with her Sailor Senshi powers, but instead used Rei's own exorcism technique.
      • And Minako's crazy awesomeness is actually contagious. In the manga Rei is usually serious, calm and collected, but after the incident above she started having ideas like infiltrating Juuban High to stalk the Three Lights and determinate if they were friends or foes. Minako's reply to that idea? She gave her her own uniform, so they could stalk the Three Lights together while she wore a sexy volleyball uniform, flirting all the way.
  • Dragon Ball essentially runs on Crazy Awesome but a few examples stand out in absolute ridiculousness:
    • Goku, when he wasn't defeating armies on his own armed with only a magic pole and a flying cloud, he was transforming into a giant Ape and destroying anything in his path, using air to one shot his opponents, kicking peoples asses with rock-paper-scissors, using his tail to fly like a helicopter, flying into the air and punching holes through demon aliens with only one arm and using his power pole to sodomize a ninja. And this stuff happened when he was a child as an adult he reeked of Crazy Awesome, so much so that him just powering up nearly destroyed the planet.
    • Tao Pai Pai killed a man with his tongue and he did this during his debut in the show. His crazy awesomenes then goes to a whole new level when he taps a pillar and breaks it out, while leaving the building completely intact then throws the pillar and jumps onto it while it's moving. Tao Pai Pai's only comment on that matter is, "Who needs a jet when when we've got a perfectly good pillar."
    • Vegeta, turned Saibamen into pulp and made Cui explode like a firework by just pointing at them and did it so casually.
    • Freeza, he impaled Krillin in the chest with one of his horns on his head and then started to shift his head up and down, further injuring Krillin and causing more blood to leak out of him, used a paintball style Beam Spam on Piccolo, threw a mountain at Goku using his mind and imprisoned Goku in an golden sphere of energy and then toyed around with like a soccer ball and made Krillin implode from the inside out without touching him.
    • Gotenks, not counting the Awesome Ego nonwithstanding, he is able to tear dimensions with his scream, his attacks are summoning explosive ghosts and even turns Super Buu into a ball at one point to be played in a game of catch.
      • Not to mention his ability to turn Super Saiyan 3 with little effort, actually managing it better than the person who showed them the technique. The person in question, Goku in comparison finds the transformation exhausting and it takes everything to draw out its power in an all out battle.
    • Vegito is even more ridiculous, while overpowered on his own, even by the show's standards, he takes it Up to Eleven when he manages to deal humiliating damage to Buu after being turned into a chocolate jawbreaker, noting that normally one can't move or think, let alone speak well enough to taunt Buu some more.
    • Majin Buu as a whole is literally made of Crazy Awesome and with each new form, the amount of crazy awesomenss he produces skyrockets:
      • Fat Buu turned Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm, into a cookie and then ate him, destroyed a city by breathing at it and turned dozens of humans into clay and used that clay to build his own house.
      • Super Buu goes even further. The first thing he does in his debut is kill a psychopathic gunman by pouring himself down the gunmen's throat until he explodes, while laughing. Then he murdered the entire human race in under a minute without having to move an inch by firing billions of ki blasts into the air. Oh, and he did this out of boredom. To cap off his crazy awesomeness when Piccolo attempts to outsmart Buu by blowing up the entrance to the time chamber, locking him in the pocket dimension. Buu's response is to tear a hole between the dimensions and escape.
      • Kid Buu takes this trope Up to Eleven. Being completely unrestrained in battle; his fighting involves Beam Spam while using Self-Duplication stretching his limbs to extreme lengths and even taking time to whistle or beat his chest in midst battle. And unlike most villains who are Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy Up to Eleven, Kid Buu is too crazy to care about ego and how to attack.
    • Broly, being a massive Breakout Character, who is a Super Saiyan Blood Knight Up to Eleven who uses sheer Super Strength, and not any fancy moves to make the Z Fighters look like amateurs for most of the fight
    • Janemba, who releases all the denizens of Hell at one point, while turning the Afterlife into a jelly bean dimension, creating a clone of Goku to counter the Kamehameha technique, a bunch of clones and control of inter dimensional portals to launch attacks. After going One-Winged Angel, he takes it Up to Eleven by enhancing his dimensional portals to teleportation, beats a Super Saiyan 3 Goku, a feat that the aforementioned Kid Buu couldn't pull off and has a sword that cuts through dimensions from the swipes of the sword
    • Beerus, used King Vegeta's head as a footstool in front of his own son Prince Vegeta while making him treat him to an Eight-Course Banquet, curbstomped Super Saiyan 3 Goku with a single chop on the back of the knock, used chopsticks to defeat Tien and knock Piccolo out with pressure point attacks, defeats Super Gotenks by spanking him, effortlessly defeats Vegeta with a single pressure point attack to the forehead. And yes, he also one shot all the other Z-Fighters including Android 18, Ultimate Gohan and Majin Buu. Oh, and he also needs the sounds of multiple bombs exploding continuously and simultaneously just to wake up.
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