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  • LEGO BIONICLE was fond of using such settings whenever and wherever possible:
    • The first example may be the Metru Nui of the Visorak saga: a once beautiful and colorful urban utopia turned into a monster-infested spider nest, with crumbled buildings and almost perpetual darkness, overseen by an Unholy Matrimony of a Big Bad-The Man Behind the Monsters and his Dragon-Starscream.
      • Thankfully, Metru Nui was rebuilt once the Matoran came back as well as the repossession of the Staff of Artakha.
    • Voya Nui: a barren wasteland with barely any resources, dangerous animals, and no contact with the outside world. Overrun by a Quirky Miniboss Squad composed of Always Chaotic Evil characters, the Piraka.
      • While we're at the Piraka, lets mention their home island of Zakaz: like the above, but every inhabitant is an Always Chaotic Evil loon, and their war never stops. Basically a Wretched Hive.
    • Bara Magna: Also like Voya Nui, but it's a full-blown desert planet. However the villains here are far more cunning and skilled than the zany Piraka.
  • As mentioned in Western Animation, Cybertron, home of the Transformers, is usually a burnt-out husk of its former self due to eons of war. A good number of continuities also have Earth or whatever other Transformer-inhabited worlds caught up in the war turn into one.