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Couch Gag: Webcomics
  • Questionable Content
    • The specials board at Coffee of Doom, which always shows ridiculous things like "Cup o' Bees", "Mocha with a hair in it", and "We murder you". Faye has commented that no one ever orders the specials, which is fine with her because then she doesn't have to make them. When no-nonsense Penelope was left in charge, the specials were ordinary drinks, pastries, and a request to not chat with her, which of course was ignored. Recently Jeph expolred a third way with "Banana Latte, Banana Bread, Banana Brownies, We got way too many bananas!" Truth in Television if you've ever dealt with having over-ordered a perishable item.
    • There are also some recurring jokes on the main menu board, including a drink size "WTF" and a beverage sold as "Frappuccino Ripoff".
  • Each Mulberry story begins with an old comic cover that looks nonsensical taken out of context.
  • Princess Pi has randomly selected images and quotes in lieu of cover pages and synopses. Also, the first panel of each comic credits a different celebrity with Pi's creation.
  • There is no standard title drawing for Bob the Angry Flower, with examples ranging from illegible scrawls to a carefully laid out title box announcing "Robert: The very angriest of flowers"
  • Times Like This: The title graphic in the comic itself is usually themed after a reference in the strip or the general gist of the story.

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