Couch Gag: Web Original

  • The web series Matchstick McCoy is NOTHING BUT couch gags.
  • Parlsey Boobs switched out its lyrics from episode to episode, getting progressively more bizzare until the end.
  • Smosh: A random audio clip playing when the Smosh logo comes up in the beginning always gets interrup- SHUT! UP!
  • The Philthon Jones intro. It started out (for the first three videos) as someone just saying "Philthon Jones", but there have been variations since — one video even had the intro segue into the episode itself.
  • Each episodes Brows Held High has Oancitizen reading some book or periodical relevant to the film for the episode — from Alice in Wonderland for Jan Svankmeyer's version to a Yankee Candle catalogue for Perfume.
    Oancitizen: [Reading Fifty Shades of Grey] "This is still an automatic punchline, right?"
  • Todd in the Shadows opens each of his videos with a piano rendition of the song being reviewed. If it's a special review, like a top ten list, he will simply play a song from that year or theme.
  • Tobuscus opens each episode of Cute Win Fail with a Mad Libs Catch Phrase intro, using the formula "Hi, I'm Toby Turner. [Improbable statement], and this is 'Cute Win Fail', the show where videos from three different [items related to improbable statement] compete to become the most EPIC."
  • The intro of Red Letter Media's review show Half in the Bag consists of Plinkett placing a beer bottle in a popcorn bag, announcing the title, and pulling away the bag as he makes a short declaration of some kind that may or may not have to do with the episode's content. Some of these are recurring, while others are only used once.
  • ProJared opens each of his full reviews with a shot of him holding a controller, a gameplay clip, then him stating "I'm playing (insert game here)". His tone instantly gives a general idea of what he thinks of it.
  • Often, the Google logo will be changed (offically known as a "Google Doodle"). There are two reasons for the logo to be changed; either for a holiday or if the date celebrates a milestone of something. For example, on May 21, 2010, the logo was replaced by a javascript Pac-Man game in the shape of the Google logo for the rest of the week. It was so popular that it even got its own permanent URL.
    • As of 2011, clicking on a Doodle will bring up a search for what its celebrating.
    • If the user is signed in to his or her Google account and it's their birthday, a special Doodle replaces the logo.
  • The search engine "Bing" has a different background image on its homepage everyday. Its desktop app, Bing Desktop, has an option to change the user's wallpaper to this image, provided the user has internet access.
  • This happens in Project Voicebend: Below the title of every episode, there is a funny line related to older episodes or the like. For example, one of them made of Tarrlok's Cool Kids' Club.
  • At the end of each review, The Nostalgia Critic plays whatever he considers to be the worst line of the movie over the Channel Awesome logo.
  • I Hate Everything prefaces the beginning of every "I HATE" video with a message saying "WARNING!, SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH THIS IS MY OPINION. DON'T GET YOUR (insert word relevant to the topic of the video) IN A TWIST".
  • Random Assault: Different secret sounds at the end of each episode, also done on the landing pages with silly plugs and credits for that episode's hosts.