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Couch Gag / Comic Books

  • The comic book The Maxx included a different short sentence in its credits.
  • Keith Giffen's comics usually have some sort of credit gag, eg: Keith (angry old man) Giffen.
  • Transmetropolitan
    • Probably not a proper couch gag since it only happened once, but in the first issue the title/credit box comes a page or two after Spider Jerusalem hears his editor's voice on the phone and, surprised, says, "The whorehopper!" The editor is credited, in that issue, as the "whorehopper".
    • A more proper example: at the end of each issue, the three eyed smiley face would be shown in a way somehow related to the content of the issue (walking in the rain, smoking a cigarette, etc.)
  • In Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's run on The Amazing Spider-Man, each splash page would contain some kind of gag in the credits, usually replacing "written by", "drawn by" and "lettered by" areas.
  • Each of the longer Sam & Max: Freelance Police comics carries a title gag in the form of "Based on the [Media Type], [Silly Title]", such as Based on the famed Beat-generation novel, "Sam and Max Drive Around in a Car" by Bucky Kerouac. This tradition is carried over to Season 2 and 3 of Telltale's series of adventure games. The episode "Chariot of the Dogs", for example, is "Based on the best-selling addled-brained musings of noted aliens-made-all-our-stuff theorist Erich von Dannyohday"
  • Bongo Comics' The Simpsons usually credits Matt Groening with a different title in every issue.
  • The Wicked + The Divine: Every chapter begins and ends with the icon wheel, showing representations of each god as well as their status.
    • Some sections of the wheel are empty, representing gods not yet known by the media.
    • Dead gods have their icons replaced by skulls.
    • Once Luci is arrested, her icon has bars over it.
    • When Baphomet bursts onto the scene, his icon appears for the first time in the wheel while wreathed in fire.