Corpse / Small Worlds Chapter Twenty Six

Small Worlds
Chapter Twenty-Six

What seemed like hours passed uneventfully as the Wooster drew more and more uncomfortably towards the black hole. This was uneventful, so we're skipping to the good part.

Werther happened to be in the middle of retiring to the ship's head when the sirens went off. Her heart racing, Werther jolted up from her seat and rushed through the halls, into the bridge. Vaniah stood in place, a mortified expression crossing his face, sweat pouring from all visible parts of his body. Visstor slammed the controls to no avail. Out the window, the stars were disappearing into dark, inky emptiness.

"What the hell is going on?" Werther cried out under her breath.

"It'ssss the black hole." Visstor grunted under his breath.

Vaniah added, "We haven't found a world and we're being absorbed by the black hole's pull."

"QUIET!" screamed Visstor. "There'sssss no telling how long we have before the black hole ssssssucksssss ussss in completely."

Vaniah ran to the controls, hoping to gain a foothold when suddenly a loud crack was heard. The lever Visstor had in his grip had broke off.

Just then, the Wooster was enveloped by the black hole.

Everything went dark. Abruptly, a voice was heard from the ship's darkest reaches...