Corpse / Small Worlds Chapter Twenty

Small Worlds
Chapter Twenty

Miyuki blatantly disobeyed Visstor before kicking him in the back. Irritated, Visstor attempted to grab her, but she somersaulted out of the way, making sure to kick him once again. Vaniah cringed briefly, before whipping out a length of highly elastic twine from his pocket. "Fight Visstor— it will look more convincing, and he can take it!" he whispered to Werther from the sidelines.

She nodded slightly, before letting out a scream that sounded much like a cat being stepped on by a sleepwalking trombonist, and jumped into the air before punching Visstor in the face. While his ears hurt quite a bit, Vaniah got to stretching the twine. Carefully checking the angle, he anchored it to two crates of supplies. He gave a signal to Visstor.

The shedim'ato promptly shoved Miyuki at the twine, knocking it loose and causing it to return to its balled up form with her inside. "Crap," she said, and Vaniah approached.

"Now, are you working for them, or are you a hostage?"

"W-w-working for them, sir. Or I was, until that nasty Noonj—"

"Yes, yes, excellent. Now, do you think you could kindly lead us to the ships?"

"Um, okay... they're through that hallway, behind the vending machines."

"Excellent. Visstor, if you would?"

"Sssertainly," he replied, hoisting up Miyuki.

"Put me down, you devil!"

He immediately put himself face to face with her. "With all due ressspect, madam, I would appreciate it if you kept your sssilenssse." On that note, he made the most menacing expression he could think of.

They passed to the hangar without incident, noticing it was strangely empty.

"Miyuki, why is no one in the hangar?" asked Werther.

"They're all looking for... a, um, a tall man, who... oh. If you intend to take a ship, I would suggest it happens now."

"MORONS! CHECK THE HANGAR!" yelled Noonjack from outside.

"Well, then, everyone, we ought to get going, eh?" said Werther, nervously.

"Almost," said Vaniah. "But the first thing we are going to do with this ship is get. My. Damn. Gun."