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Corpse: Small Worlds Chapter Twelve
Small Worlds
Chapter Twelve

"That's the third one you've gone through, Visstor."

The shedim'ato sighed, and said, "What of it, sssir?"

"You know the agreement, Visstor. Three lives, no more, no less."

"Hmmmph. Go ahead, then, dissspenssse of me. What ussse am I, anyway? A shedim that not only left the path, but died asss sssoon as he returned to it? I wouldn't be sssurprised if you dessstroyed me right here and now. What'sss more, I'd be glad."

"Well, somebody is bitter. Might I remind you that most shedim would not have been allowed even three?"

"Yesss? Ssso how isss that relevant?" Visstor was growing impatient.

"The agreement was three. The standard two, and one to attain enlightenment. Even then, you broke our deal. And you know me: there's nothing more important to me than a deal."

Visstor bowed— or so it would appear. Soon, a red glow was seen coming from his eye. It slowly slid down his face, before landing on the ground with a cross between a sizzle and a plop.

"Then there'sss no reassson to keep me alive. All three of my exissstancesss, missserable! You've sssertainly never helped me! You never have, and you never will. I would have been better off fending for myssself, you missserable fiend. You did not choossse to help me! You sssought only to bring me hardship, while keeping me alive to sssuffer through it all. And only through the sssuffering did I... grow." The shedim'ato realized what he had said. "Damn it. You knew all along."

"Yes, I did. And you have indeed achieved enlightenment. You may return."

"But why? What did I do?"

"You have given up your own life for another."

"I didn't know."

"Neither did he. I can only hope you'll be able to find him."

"Goodbye... great Moloch."

"Goodbye, Visstor."
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