::::'''''Small Worlds'''''
::::''Chapter Thirty-Five''

"So, where iss the nearest [=SssDF=] sstation again?"

"Who knows. This ship's computer should have some map data though. Werther?"

"Yeah, yeah... I'm working on it."

"All thiss running and traveling; why can't you humansss be more direct...?"

"The Prophetess hardly ever makes things simple. And now that Zeke and the SDF have another reason to kill me, well..."

"Your passst is impresssively convoluted, gunssslinger, and I've only encountered part of it. I don't sssuppose you have any other enemiesss that will ssshow up to harasss uss too?"

"Hmph, considering how long things have taken already, we're more likely to meet one of yours."

"Hehe, generally my enemiess do not deal in the dessstruction of worlds, but who knowsss?"

"Alright, I think I've found a smaller base that might have a better ship for us to steal. Problem is, it's kinda far away; by the time we get there Zeke'll either have caught up to us or they'll have tripled their patrols to find us."

"Well, I guess it's a risk we'll have to take. Wouldn't want to make it too hard for my past to catch up to me..."
The Prophetess sometimes thought she had too many bodies to choose from. She was very careful about picking each one, and they all had their advantages. In a way it was sort of a relief when one was killed; made it easier to choose the next time she switched.

And in another way, it was infuriating. Vaniah kept taking away her resources. From never giving her her new world, to killing her bodies, and now the Blaggemol; killing him was starting to get more and more appealing.

As she was mulling this over an SDF soldier walked into her room.

"Zeke would like to see you ma'am."

"Well, of course he would."

"He said it was urgent."

"Everything is urgent to that man. When everything is urgent nothing is."

"Uhm... yes, well, please go see him when you are ready."

"Very well. You may go."

''What did I do allying myself with these idiots. Almost every one of them is either too attached to protocol to manipulate or too incompetent to be worth the effort. But it ''will'' all be worth it in the end. And the end will come soon enough...''