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Corpse: Small Worlds Chapter Seventeen
Small Worlds
Chapter Seventeen

"Alright. What world are we on, if you know?"

Werther responded "We're orbiting my homeworld, Adon."

Vaniah and Visstor glanced at each other. "She doesssn't know?"

Vaniah turned to face her again. "Miss Werther, are you referring to Adon of the Locus Kokman?"

"Yes, I am. Why?"

"Because Adon, along with every other world in the Locus, was destroyed many years ago!"

Werther coughed. "You can't be serious, can you?"

"It isss true, Misss... Werther. It wasss, in fact, one of the firssst casualtiesss of the Prophetesss's quessst."

Werther turned away. "I don't believe you! I would have been told!"

"By who? Zeke, that bastard? One of those Jacks? Your clearly very competent superiors?" Vaniah spat out.

"I hear something coming from the vent!" yelled out a voice from beneath them.

"Damn it! Alright. Visstor, try to block the passage with some of that acid. Werther, go ahead with this mapping tool and we'll follow you soon afterwards." And as for you, he thought to himself, you try and inhibit the Psykers. Who the hell are you, anyway?

I am your adviser, Vaniah. And I find it upsetting that you gave a fake—

Dammit, just do what I said. As far as I care, I'm nothing but Vaniah V.V. anyway.

The voice projected the image of a shrug, and its presence disappeared. Shortly thereafter, he heard a couple of pained cries come from the Psykers below. High time. "Let's get started, then."
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