Corpse / Small Worlds Chapter Nineteen

Small Worlds
Chapter Nineteen

They slipped through the ventilation shaft, and came out into what looked like a maintenance deck. The shaft opened out into a large room, one that housed a broken down jet fighter. It had been taken apart, a shell. The engineers, like ants, had stripped it down piece by piece until only its skeleton remained. Like a colossal dinosaur it loomed above them.

"Well with a week we'd be out of here easy," Vaniah muttered, placing a hand on the machine's metallic bones. The actual machinery had been spread out liberally across the room, its weapons, two heavy lasers, set carefully off to one side. "Anything we can use?" he asked Werther.

"Maybe," she said, "If I could find some bolt cutters,"

Visstor walked over to one of the big guns. "Could you convert thisss?" he hissed, stroking the gargantuan laser, "Perhaps I could carry it,"

"When it comes to weaponry, it'd be best to err on the side of discretion," Vaniah replied, "And no offense, but you're a tad on the obvious said as you are, being a shedim. Even a blind man would notice a shedim totting a ship's laser,"

"Excellent point," Werther replied, tossing Visstor a small tool. It looked like a pistol, but when the trigger was pulled a short laser ran out. "Bolt cutters," she said, producing a second one and donning a pair of protective goggles, "Can cut through anything, given enough time."

"Now if only I had a gun," Vaniah sighed. The sound of approaching foot steps broke through the quiet. "Hide!" he ordered. He and Werther ducked behind one of the lasers, while Visstor disappeared who knew where.

Looking around the corner Vaniah took up a long pipe. It wasn't much, in fact, it was useless against pretty much everything. But it felt good to have it in his hands.

The arrival turned out to be an engineer, a young woman wearing a similar pair of blue coveralls to both Werther and Vaniah.

"Hostage," he said with a smile.

"Wait," Werther murmured, "I know her," she slipped out from beside Vaniah, standing out in the open. "Oy Miyuki!" she called.

The girl froze, hand reaching for a communicator at her waist. "Jackie," she sighed, "Thank God its you," She came over and kissed Werther soundly, fingers tangling in her hair "Thank God, I heard you were kidnapped, I was so worried." A relieved smile split the girl's face, while a satisfied one split Werther's.

"Me? Kidnapped?" she laughed, "It'd take more than a shedim to kidnap me,"

"Shedim? What shedim?" Miyuki asked.

"Thisss Sssshedim," Visstor hissed. He dropped from behind a tangle of wires and sheets of metal, bolt cutters coming to life, "Now, pleassse do not sscream."