Corpse / Small Worlds Chapter Nine

Small Worlds
Chapter Nine

"Then you don't mind telling usss what we did wrong, do you?" Visstor piped up.

"Now, now. You've been wanted here for months! Pulpit!" Jack-in-the-pulpit produced a poster showing what looked vaguely similar to Vaniah and a large shedim, shoving it in front of Visstor's face, and Noonjack continued: "Counts of robbery, burglary, protection rackets, arson, murder, and terrorism, plus several charges of being a public nuisance and littering."

Vaniah asked, "And I don't suppose you'd let us prove you wrong, eh?"

"Nice try, criminal. Now, would you prefer to be shot, hanged, drowned, or drawn-and-quartered?" Noonjack replied, in all seriousness.

The strange voice suddenly piped up: "You might be able to escape being drowned!" Vaniah said: "Alright, drowning for me, but hang this guy," pointing to Visstor.

"Ha! In that case, we'll drown him, and hang you!"

Thinking quickly, Visstor shouted "YES! Great job..."—glancing at the poster—"Posdare! Your reverse psychology worked perfectly!"

"Oh, reverse psychology, eh? They always said that Lirasst was the dumb one. Alright, boys, see to it that these guys are locked up. Drown the man, shoot the shedim!"