Corpse / Small Worlds Chapter Fourteen

Small Worlds
Chapter Fourteen

There are many things the shedim are known for: their piousness, their remarkable regenerative ability, and their stench. If there were two things the shedim were not known for, it is their keen hearing and patience, mainly because they don't have them.

So it was with great consternation that Visstor, former lord in the service of the Prophetess Analta, was trying to hear what the woman was saying to Vaniah. It had taken Visstor quite a while to find out where Vaniah was being kept — he wasn't exactly stealthy or subtle, so he had to make his questionings brief and violent (something the shedim were known for, in fact) — but when he had found the White Room, it had been empty.

He had found Vaniah trail quite easily though and yet was still frustrated by his attempts at rescue. He had no problem believing he could take on one or perhaps two of the SDF forces alone, but four was too much. The SDF believed in strength in numbers and tended to side on caution, meaning there was always going to be more of them then there were of you. The Prophetess would have allied with them, but fortunately the SDF also had an intense hatred of anything mystical.

Even now, Visstor was nervous about being out in the emptiness of space. In a shifter, there was always a world you could find, but space was huge. There were large swathes of nothingness here, no worlds or stars or even dust. Just cold silence.

Visstor forced himself to concentrate on the situation at hand and strained more to hear what the woman was saying.

"…honestly thought you were dead, Vaniah," the woman said, her rifle still pointed at him, "so imagine my surprise when I get a call from Zeke telling me he had found you. You really should have known Dringenberg's World was one of ours."

"It's hard keeping up with all the changes in the 'verse," Vaniah said. "Look, I'll go with you willingly if you let the girl go." Visstor noticed the girl standing beside Vaniah, wearing blue coveralls. She must have been the one to free him.

"Willingly?" the woman said. "Why would we want you willing? We'll just put you back in the box and wait. Time is all it takes. You know that."

While he was listening, Visstor was making balls out of the viscous fluid that made up his skin. He had stolen a gun off of one of the guards he ambushed, but relying on unknown guns was always trouble. He could use shedim weapons and shedim tactics. No more working how the Prophetess wanted. Back to the shedim way, he thought.

The woman was motioning to the four guards now. "Goodbye, Vaniah," she said. "I'll see you again in a few days…or weeks. Take him. The girl you can kill." And with that, she turned and Visstor made his move.

The balls of viscousness hit the guards either in the face or chest and immediately started to melt through their armor or their skin. Visstor grinned and said, "Great Lord Moloch, I thank you for their ssscreamss."

And in he went, a smile on his face and murder in his heart, the shedim way.