'''''Scion''''' was a ComicBook series published by Creator/CrossGen. Set on the world of Avalon, which superficially resembles a conventional fantasy setting but with high tech instead of magic, the series follows Ethan, the youngest prince of the Heron Dynasty, as he incurs the wrath of the Raven prince Bron and falls in love with Bron's sister Ashleigh, who recruits him to a movement to free the Lesser Races, genetically engineered slaves and servants in both countries.

The series has been re-collected in the following trade paperbacks:

* ''Crisis of Conscience''
* ''Blood for Blood''
* ''Divided Loyalties''
* ''Sanctuary''
* ''The Far Kingdom''
* ''Royal Wedding''
!''Scion'' provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Ashleigh and Ylena both kick plenty of ass.
* AerithAndBob: For the Heron Dynasty, we have ''Artor'', ''Kai'', ''Ylena'' and ''Ethan''; for the Ravens, we have ''Bron'', ''Kort'' and...''Ashleigh''.
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* ArrangedMarriage: Between [[spoiler:Bron and Ylena]]. [[spoiler:It's all a ploy by Mai Shen, who disguises herself as King Dane]].
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Ethan after being impaled by Bron. Bernd Rechts after being obliterated by Mai Shen.]]
* BadassBeard: Kai sports one, as does King Dane.
* BadassFamily: A majority of both the Herons and the Ravens kick ass.
* BareYourMidriff: Ashleigh and Mai Shen sport outfits that follow this trope at times.
* TheBaroness: Mai Shen embodies the "Sexpot" variant in her alliance with Bron.
* BeardOfEvil: Bron grows one as the series goes on.
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* BigDamnVillains: [[spoiler:Kort interrupts a fight between Ethan, Kai and Raven guards in ''Royal Wedding'']].
* BigWhat: [[spoiler:Ethan's reaction to hearing of his sister's impending ArrangedMarriage to Bron in issue 35]].
* BountyHunter: Exeter first appears as one.
* ColorCodedCharacters: Ethan, yellow; Bron, red. As usual for Creator/CrossGen heroes and villains.
** [[spoiler:Also Mai Shen (red, Sinister) and Bernd Rechts (gold, Dexter), with the colors that belong to their Houses in ComicBook/TheFirst.]]
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* ConflictingLoyalty: Ethan's loyalty to his family and kingdom and his loyalty to Ashleigh's cause are not always fully compatible.
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* CrashingDreams: In the very first issue, Ethan is roused from a dream of winning the yearly tournament by his two older brothers.
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* CycleOfRevenge: The war between the Ravens and Herons is set off again by this.
* [[DangerousSixteenthBirthday Dangerous Twenty-First Birthday]]: What sets the plot into motion.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Even though she defected from her dynasty, Ashleigh still wears black leather outfits that are commonly associated with the Ravens.
** [[spoiler:Ylena]] is forced to wear such an outfit [[spoiler:during her brief marriage to Bron]].
%%* DarkMagicalGirl: Mai Shen
* DefectingForLove: Ashleigh is introduced as such. Then she recruits Ethan to her slave liberation underground, and the feuding countries thing gets a whole lot less important...to them. Ethan's family is very annoyed that he has largely abandoned their war in favor of his girlfriend's social crusade, and his brother Kai doesn't approve of Ethan's choice of girlfriend.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: In issue 36, [[spoiler:Ethan succeeds in killing [[PhysicalGod Mai Shen]]]].
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* DisproportionateRetribution: Bron seeks truly excessive revenge against Ethan for his scar.
* DragonAscendant: [[spoiler:Kort in ''Royal Wedding'']].
* EvilIsPetty: Bron. Prominent examples occur in issues 3 and 35.
* TheEvilPrince: Bron and Kort are both princes of the Raven Dynasty.
%%* [[FallenPrincess FallenPrince]]: Ethan
* FantasticRacism: The Lesser Races are not treated terribly well in Heron lands, but in the Raven lands, they're outright enslaved.
* FeudingFamilies: The royal families of the Herons and the Ravens.
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%%* AGodAmI: [[spoiler:Mai Shen.]]
* GoGoEnslavement: [[spoiler:During her brief marriage to Bron in ''Royal Wedding'', Ylena is forced to wear a [[HellBentForLeather black leather outfit]]]].
* GoodColorsEvilColors: Creator/CrossGen's usual. Gold is good, red is evil.
* GreenLanternRing: Ethan's [[PowerTattoo sigil]] allows him to magically conjure an energy sword.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Ethan and his family have the coloring; he has the personality as well, as does his sister Ylena.
* HappilyEverAfter: [[spoiler:''Royal Wedding'' ends with a shot of an older Ethan (now sporting a BadassBeard) with a young son, a pregnant Ashleigh, and an older Skink and Exeter]].
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Exeter]] goes from a fairly menacing minor villain to TheBigGuy of the main group.
* HellBentForLeather: The Ravens. Goodness gracious, the Ravens.
** And Mai Shen.
* TheHero: Ethan is the main character of the series, after all.
* HeroesWantRedheads: From the moment redheaded Ashleigh comes into the story, it's obvious she will be Ethan's LoveInterest.
* HotBlooded: Bron has anger control problems, to put it mildly.
* [[IAmNotMyFather I Am Not My Brother]]: Ashleigh says this to Kai when he gives her grief for being related to the Ravens during her and Ethan's visit to his home.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: [[spoiler:Ethan]] in ''Blood for Blood''.
** [[spoiler:Mai Shen]] in issue 36, courtesy of [[spoiler:Ethan]].
** [[spoiler:Bron]], twice.
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:Artor, Mai Shen]].
* KingIncognito: [[spoiler:The drunk that Ethan, Kai and Ylena come across in ''Royal Wedding'' turns out to be their missing, amnesiac father Dane]].
* KlingonPromotion: [[spoiler:Bron kills his father King Viktor to gain the throne]].
** [[spoiler:Later in the series, Bron's younger brother Kort stabs Bron in the heart (Bron survives) and becomes King of the Raven Dynasty in his stead]].
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler:What Mai Shen does to King Dane]].
* LizardFolk: Some of the Lesser Races are rather reptilian, such as Skink.
* LowerDeckEpisode: One issue follows a Lower Races slave escaping from Raven lands [[spoiler:to Ethan and Ashleigh's haven]]. The main cast appears only on the last page.
* TheManBehindTheMan: Bron could easily have been the BigBad of the series, and had his own motivations (however [[EvilIsPetty petty]]) for hating Ethan...but he was only such a great threat because [[spoiler:Mai Shen gave him powers and a lot of help in order to further her own plans]].
* TheMentor: Skink, for Ethan.
%%* NonHumanSidekick: Skink
* OffhandBackhand: [[spoiler:Mai Shen does this to Kai in issue 36]].
%%* OldRetainer: Skink
%%* OverlordJr: Bron
* PettingZooPeople: Some of the Lesser Races, although some of them seem to be anthromorphized MixAndMatchCritters instead.
* PhysicalGod: [[spoiler:Mai Shen is a member of the First (House Sinister, to be precise), originally sent by Ingra to observe the conflict. Bernd Rechts is her House Dexter counterpart.]]
* PowerTattoo: As usual in Creator/CrossGen, Ethan has one.
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: [[spoiler:Mai Shen: '''''I will be a goddess!''''']]
* ReformedButNotTamed: Even after his HeelFaceTurn, [[spoiler:Exeter]] is far less merciful than Ethan might like.
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%%* RoyalBrat: Bron
* SaveThePrincess: [[spoiler:What Ethan and Kai set out to do after Ylena is married to Bron in ''Royal Wedding'']].
* ScarsAreForever: The scar Ethan accidentally gives Bron, starting off this whole mess. Normally, Heron/Raven technology can heal wounds perfectly with no scars; Ethan's Sigil-Bearer power allows him to inflict wounds that cannot be healed this way.
* ServantRace: The Lesser Races. In Heron lands, they have some rights, although not equal to humans; in Raven lands, they're enslaved with very few exceptions.
* SexyDiscretionShot: [[spoiler:Ethan and Ashleigh]] in ''Divided Loyalties''.
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* SlashedThroat: [[spoiler:What Bron does to Artor]].
** [[spoiler:In ''Divided Loyalties'', Kai attempts this with Ashleigh until Ethan stops him]].
* SlaveLiberation: The plot that ends up [[PlotTumor hijacking]] the "warring Herons and Ravens" one.
%%* SoProudOfYou
* SpiritAdvisor: [[spoiler:Artor]] to Ethan in ''Blood for Blood''.
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* SurrogateSoliloquy: Bron performs this with [[spoiler:Viktor's statue]] at the start of ''Divided Loyalties''.
* TeleportersAndTransporters: Mai Shen. [[spoiler:And she uses it to rescue Bron when he loses a duel with Ethan.]]
* TookALevelInJerkass: [[spoiler:In issue #29, Kai takes a definite level in Jerkass when Ethan visits with Ashleigh.]]
* TouchedByVorlons: In ''Blood for Blood'', [[spoiler:Mai Shen gives Bron a portion of her power with a kiss. [[{{Fanservice}} While they're both naked in a hot tub]]]].
* UnderwaterKiss: [[spoiler:Ethan and Ashleigh]] in ''Divided Loyalties''.
* WhiteSheep: Ashleigh, princess of the country where the Lesser Races are outright enslaved, devotes her life to freeing them. Her brothers paint her as a more straightforward BlackSheep [[spoiler:and find her a convenient scapegoat for Bron's murder of their father]].
* WoundThatWillNotHeal: Ethan unintentionally gives one to Bron in the first issue.
* WronglyAccused: Ashleigh, by Bron.