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->''"Know also, O prince, that in the selfsame days that [[Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian the CIMMERIAN]] did stalk the HYBORIAN KINGDOMS, one of the few swords worthy to cross his was that of RED SONJA, warrior-woman out of majestic HYRKANIA. Forced to flee her homeland because she spurned the advances of a king and slew him instead, she rode west across the TURANIAN steppes and into the shadowed mists of legendry."''
-->-- '''The Nemedian Chronicles'''

Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, is a low fantasy sword and sorcery heroine created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. She first appeared in ''Comicbook/ConanTheBarbarian'' #23 (Creator/MarvelComics, February 1973). The character was loosely based on Red Sonya of Rogatino in Creator/RobertEHoward's short story ''[[http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Shadow_of_the_Vulture The Shadow of the Vulture]]'' (''The Magic Carpet'', January 1934), which Roy Thomas rewrote as a Conan story for the Marvel comic.

The character now appears monthly in her own series, as well as a series of mini-series and one-shots, all published by Creator/DynamiteComics. The main Red Sonja series features a wide array of cover artists as well as the regular creative team of writer Michael Avon Oeming and artist Mel Rubi. The monthly series is currently being written by Creator/GailSimone, with a four-issue spin-off, ''Legends of Red Sonja'', in publication, featuring a wide array of well-known female fantasy writers from Creator/MercedesLackey to Creator/TamoraPierce.

Red Sonja has become the archetypical example of the fantasy figure of a fierce and stunningly beautiful female barbarian in the utterly impractical ChainmailBikini.

Red Sonja lived with her family in a humble house in the Western Hyrkanian steppes (modern Ukraine/Russia). When she had just turned 17 years old, a group of mercenaries killed her family and burned down their house. Sonja survived but she had been brutally raped by the leader of the group, leaving her in shame. Answering her cry for revenge, the red goddess Scathach appeared to her, and instilled in her incredible skill in the handling of swords and other weapons on the condition that she would never lie with a man unless he defeated her in fair combat. (The "fair" part is sometimes not included.)

Sonja has been featured in several novels by David C. Smith and Richard L. Tierney with covers by Creator/BorisVallejo:

# ''The Ring of Ikribu'' (Ace 1981) (Adapted to comics by Roy Thomas and Esteban Maroto in ''The Savage Sword of Conan'' issues 230-3)
# ''Demon Night'' (Ace 1982)
# ''When Hell Laughs'' (Ace 1982)
# ''Endithor's Daughter'' (Ace 1982)
# ''Against the Prince of Hell'' (Ace 1983)
# ''Star of Doom'' (Ace 1983)

On television, Red Sonja makes an appearance on the ''Conan'' TV series, in the episode, "Red Sonja". She is on a mission to rescue a young wizard who was kidnapped. When one of Conan's partners sarcastically asks why the village didn't send their best warriors, Sonja replies, "They did send their best warrior, mulebrain!" She was played by Angelica Bridges.

She was played by Brigitte Nielsen in the 1985 film ''Film/RedSonja''.

An animated movie was released October 3rd, 2016.

!!The series provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Red Sonja herself.
* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Thulsa Doom in the Dynamite run look more like his movie counterpart than the original, skull headed necromancer from the original Kull stories.
* AmazonianBeauty: Definitely Nielsen in TheMovie. The comic character can be this DependingOnTheArtist.
* AncientEgypt: Represented by Stygia: pyramid as mausoleum, slave labor, stereotypical dress, and a NephariousPharaoh.
* AndroclesLion: In ''Red Sonja: Beserker'', Sonja rescues a polar bear cub from a pair of sadistic hunters who were tormenting it. The bear stays with her through winter. Years later, Sonja has been sentenced to [[GladiatorGames die in the arena]] and a bear is unleashed against her. It turns out to be the same bear and refuses to attack her. The two team up and escape the arena.
* AnimalAssassin: Sonja sets the arena animals on their masters in ''Red Sonja: Berserker''.
* AnnoyingArrows: Notably averted, at least in the Simone run. Sonja recognizes archers as a threat (having been one herself) and will write off any plan that requires charging them.
* {{Anticlimax}}: With only a day remaining before her deadline Sonja bashes into an inn and declares she's taking Rakaua with her and slaughtering everyone who gets in her way. The innkeeper happily informs her that they've heard of her quest and are honored to assist. Rakaua still requests he be carried out over her shoulder (for dramatic reasons) but Sonja is underwhelmed by the whole experience.
* AnythingThatMoves: Unlike previous versions, the Gail Simone incarnation was not raped and will not lose her fighting abilities if she has sex, so she's more than happy to indulge. She's also not too particular about who she does it with. Man, woman, horned forest god are all fair game.
* ArentYouGoingToRavishMe: In ''ComicBook/WhatIf'' v2 #16, a crossover with {{Wolverine}}, Red Sonja is beaten by Wolverine and essentially gives up and waits for him to rape her, but he walks away, disgusted by the idea and saying "Sorry, darlin', that ain't my style." Sonja is both perplexed and slightly insulted, so she follows him. After their next meeting he warms up to her, and she eventually becomes his queen.
* {{Astrologer}}: Samala believes "the greatest stargazer in the world" is an astrologer, but defined target Plaitius is an astronomer.
* BadassBoast: In the Gail Simone version she throws these before or halfway through almost every fight. Apparently it's much more successful offscreen.
--> '''Osric:''' Do they ''always'' run?
--> '''Sonja:''' I'd say it's about half and half.
* BandOfBrothels: Aneva's brothel is an abusive one in that Captain Ferox protects them from outside violence but no one protects the workers from him and his men. Aneva's stated dream is to create a prostitute-run band.
* BarBrawl: A common trope in Red Sonja stories, usually at the start of a story and leading to Sonja getting into trouble. There were a couple of instances in Frank Thorne's run at Marvel and a great one early in the Dynamite reboot, with a fantastic cover by Adam Hughes. There have been instances of Sonja starting brawls because she's been out of sorts but usually trouble will occur when another character hits on her or when they are bullying another character. In such instances, Sonja usually comes out on top, relying on any available weapons. She's cut off the wandering hands of would-be admirers with her sword, she's smashed guys with tankards and she's flattened groups of men with her bare hands. There's a short but neat bar brawl in the current series by Amy Chu, where Sonja picks up a table with one hand and hurls it across the bar like a softball, taking a gigantic thug off his feet ... Chu's Sonja is a cut above most Sonjas and WordOfGod is that she is pretty much superhuman.
* BarbarianHero : Rare female version.
* BatheHerAndBringHerToMe: Has happened to her more than once, when some EvilOverlord decides to make her part of his harem. See the ''Sonja Goes East'' one-shot for one such example.
* BeastlyBloodsports: Kalayah the Beastmaster oversees these in the ''Art of Blood and Fire'' arc.
* TheBeastmaster: Kalayah claims the title but his assistant Rat does the actual work. She frees herself by setting the gladiator animals loose on Kalayah knowing their love for her will leave her safe. Later she's seen asking a gorilla to break a jail cell and sending her hawk Windsong into combat.
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: While she does get a few dirt smears on her in rare occasions, this is played straight to an extreme degree. Sonja has been slashed, impaled with arrows (albeit in the arms or legs), and even got got shot with a police revolver in her team-up with Spider-man. In no instance has she ever been scarred, lampshaded at the end of her Spider-man team-up, she wakes up lying on an altar somewhere in her own time period and finds the bullet she had been shot with had fallen out. More recently she contracted black plague and while one panel had her sprouting some boils on her face, these immediately disappeared the panel after.
* BestHerToBedHer: Former TropeNamer.
** LoopholeAbuse: As might be expected in a modern take on the story, deconstructing the exact wording and meaning of Sonja's vow has been attempted in her current series. Aside from the presence of the word fair (which can come and go, depending on the story), and for that matter the ''definition'' of fair combat, in issue 15 of the Dynamite series, [[spoiler:an ancient god defeats her (''and'' two of her friends, which apparently made it a fair fight) in battle. However, he knows nothing of her vow. Later, they become allies, and she comes to admire him, so she allows herself the indulgence.]] In issue 31, it's revealed she can lie with any man she chooses if she permanently foreswears her blessed skills. It would also follow that she does not have to let a man rape her if he defeats her, but the option to sleep with him is there if he does. In addition, there is no provision against love, just physical affection--it is as much a test of Sonja's will to abide by her vow as it is a compact from her goddess. The wording of her vow also means that if she were to be raped, she would ''not'' lose her blessed skills in consequence.
** This facet of her has officially been abandoned in the Gail Simone run; she runs into a [[SpearCounterpart male swordmaster]] with the same vow and... Well...
--->'''Red Sonja:''' That is without question the [[StupidestThingIveEverHeard stupidest thing I have ever heard]].
* BiTheWay: In Gail Simone's run she's not too picky about who she goes to bed with.
* BlackMagic: Occasionally used by villains. To be fair, it's probably their only hope against the She-Devil with a Sword.
* BlitheSpirit: Of the more violent sort. In general, the Hyboria is at least as patriarchal as the medieval times of our own world; when she passes through a town, though, some of the women tend to take inspiration from her example.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Roy Thomas has said that when he 'created' Sonja, he made her a redhead so she she be visually distinct from the other major women in Conan's life; the black haired Belit and the blonde Valeria. Of course, the original Red Sonya of Rogatino had red hair, and since he ripped her off this might be nonsense.
** Thomas has also said that when he first read ''The Shadow of the Vulture'' he thought Red Sonya of Rogitano would make an excellent foil for Conan. So it is likely that when he was casting around for another female character, he remembered Sonya and the red hair helped to clinch the deal.
* ButtMonkey: Sonja is turning into this in the Gail Simone run. She's been thrown face first in the mud by bouncers, has a chef turn her down when she's practically begging him for sex, a swordsman spanks her in the butt before she falls face first in the mud. Finally a barbarian who saw her get humiliated, gives her the nickname Mud Sonja. Stuff like this would never happen in the previous Dynamite incarnations.
* TheCaligula: When she wasn't killing evil sorcerers, Red Sonja was often killing mad kings, many of whom attempted to imprison her in their [[RoyalHarem harem]].
* CarnivalOfKillers: The Gray Riders, a group of twelve mercenaries and assassins hired to hunt down and kill Sonja in the ''Legends of Red Sonja'' mini-series.
* ChainmailBikini: Usually attributed to artist Esteban Maroto. Red Sonja is the TropeCodifier, if not the UrExample.
** The ''ComicBook/PathfinderWorldscape'' comic includes ''{{Pathfinder}}'' stats for Red Sonja. Apparently, her chainmail bikini doesn't give her any armor bonus at all (her only armor bonus comes from Bracers of Armor +4), but she does have an ability that lets her add her Charisma bonus (18, for a +4 bonus) to Armor Class when not wearing armor, as opponents are [[DistractedByTheSexy distracted by her boo-]], uh, "confidence and personality", as the text says.
* ColorCharacter: '''Red''' Sonja.
* CombatPragmatist: Especially in Creator/GailSimone's run on the series. Sonja uses her ChainmailBikini to distract male opponents and in ''Legends of Red Sonja'' tells a former adventuring partner to spread lies about her cowardice and lack of prowess so a group of hunters tracking her will be caught off guard. When it comes to a straight-up fight, though, she's perfectly willing to put on a suit of full plate armor and pull out all the stops with her swordfighting skills.
* ContrivedCoincidence: Sonja arrives in the bogmen's camp to rescue the chef Gribaldi. Gribaldi foraged some eggs and lizards a few weeks ago and has been cooking them for the tribe. Those eggs and lizards were actually the offspring of lizardmen who choose to attack the bogmen within hours of Sonja's arrival, slaughtering the bogmen so she and Gribaldi can escape.
* CoolOldLady: Gerd, the blacksmith and retired adventurer who gives Sonja her very first ChainmailBikini in a story by Creator/RhiannaPratchett in ''Legends of Red Sonja''. She [[BigBeautifulWoman cut an impressive figure]] [[StoutStrength herself]] before she settled down.
* CrossOver: Red Sonja has crossed over with a number of others, from the obvious like ClawTheUnconquered, a BarbarianHero from a different publisher, to ComicBook/SpiderMan and ComicBook/{{Wolverine}}. She was also a major figure in the Dynamite ''Swords of Sorrow'' event, which included Dejah Thoris, Vampirella, and Snow White among others.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Dark Annisia endured the fighting pits alongside Sonja. Annisia was driven mad, hearing the ghosts of everyone they were forced to slaughter to stay alive and constantly promising to deliver more company to them.
* DefiantToTheEnd: Plaitius the stargazer. He faces torture and execution for his observations defying the divine writ of the rector, but refuses to recant even to save his own life.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: EvilSorcerer Thulsa Doom slays an Elder God in ''Queen Sonja'' #20. Overlaps with DidYouJustScamCthulhu, as he first tricks it into giving him enough power to allow him to kill it.
** Sonja herself gets this alot, in one mini-series she kills Woden, Loki, the Fenris Wolf and the Midgard Serpent. She also became a Witchblade wielder in another mini-series and defeats a fallen archangel.
* DiscontinuityNod: Creator/GailSimone's relaunch dispenses with the "can't have sex unless the man defeats her in battle" aspect of her origin. Instead, a very horny Sonja meets a swords'''man''' who won't have sex with anyone unless they defeat '''him''' in battle. She declares it to be the stupidest thing she's ever heard.
* DistractedByTheSexy: This is [[DependingOnTheWriter sometimes]] given as the reason for the ChainmailBikini.
* TheDogBitesBack: In the first arc of Simone's run [[spoiler:the queen of the king killed by the mad King of Zamora gets even with him by feeding him the very poison he'd used to decimate the countryside in his drink, resulting in an extremely messy death as all his organs fail at once]].
** Both metaphoric and literal examples in the ''Art of Blood and Fire'' arc: the apprentice Rat releases all the caged animals at once on their abusive trainer Kalayah.
* DolledUpInstallment: Sonja's first appearance was an adaptation of Howard's non-Conan story ''The Shadow of the Vulture''.
* EnigmaticEmpoweringEntity: The 'red goddess' Scáthach (known as 'The Lady' in some accounts) who grants Sonja her fighting skills in the Creator/MarvelComics version of her origin.
* EternalHero: After a story in which Sonja dies, the subsequent story has the character being reincarnated. This is later revealed to be a mystic line of reincarnation, [[spoiler:back to the days before humans used weapons--Sonja's original incarnation was the first to do so. Apparently being a FieryRedhead is actually the real power of the line, as her fury is what allows each incarnation a way of becoming a great warrior regardless of circumstances, but depending on how she does it, that fury means she can end up a great hero or a great villain.]]
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Happens from time to time. Sonja herself even expects it.
--> '''Sonja:''' I'm Red Sonja. I'm everyone's type.
* EvilAlbino: Trolus from ''Savage Sword of Conan'' #1.
* EvilCounterpart: Crimson Katherine from ''Giant-Size Red Sonja'' #2. Later, Dark Annisia in ''Queen of Plagues''.
* EvilOverlord: Many of Sonja's enemies.
* EvilSorcerer: Kulan Gath, amongst many others.
* ExposedToTheElements: Sonja both averts this and plays this straight, depending on the writer and artist of the story. The better writers will have her wearing several layers of fur when she is in a snow-covered realm. The worst ones will have her marching through the snow in a ChainmailBikini without even as much as a fur cloak.
* FarmBoy: Well, farmgirl in her case but in almost all of her incarnations Red Sonja and her family were farmers/foresters before they got attacked.
* TheFagin: Jubal
* {{Fanservice}}: What do you think the ChainmailBikini is for?
** Additionally, named male characters are often depicted shirtless with excellent muscle definition.
* FieryRedhead: Red Sonja is named for her hair and known for her rage, battle- and otherwise.
* FireForgedFriends: The ''Art of Blood and Fire'' arc has Sonja collecting six artisans. As they journey with her they band together so that when she is captured, the all contribute to her escape (except for the dancer, who was the last to join).
--> '''Sonja:''' They could have lived lives of endless surplus. They chose friendship instead.
* FullFrontalAssault: On a few occasions, Red Sonja has broken out of a [[RoyalHarem harem]] and fought while clothed only with shadow.
** In the third Smith/Tierney novel, ''When Hell Laughs'', her ChainmailBikini is torn off her in the middle of battle. She fights on, and makes no attempt to cover herself even when the danger is past. (For the remainder of the novel series she wears more practical armor, though the cover art keeps the bikini.)
** It also happens in the first act of ''Red Sonja: Blue''; during battle with a monster to save a young man from being a virgin sacrifice, her top is ripped away. [[ArmorIsUseless This, naturally, just pisses her off]], and after defeating the monster (berating the boy not to look all through the rest of the battle) skins it to wear its blue fur as a makeshift tunic.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: While Gribaldi, Rat, Aneva, Osric, and Plaitius are fighting for Sonja's freedom, Rakaua is lost in his dancing in the background.
* GladiatorGames: Commonly overlapped with slavery.
** Sonja is sentenced to the arena in the ''Red Sonja: Berserker'' one-shot.
** In the Creator/GailSimone run, she and Dark Annisia used to be slaves fighting in an arena for the King of Zamora's amusement until they were rescued.
* GoGoEnslavement: A frequent trait of bad guys. The King of Zamora is shown having multiple slaves of both genders from kingdoms he's conquered, including at least one queen whose husband he murdered.
* GoodIsNotNice: Sonja to a tee. Offend her or attack innocents in her presence and she'll usually offer a BadassBoast; those who apologize and leave live, but those who refuse are almost universally executed. Corrupt leaders don't even get the chance to leave because by the time Sonja is in their presence, she's aware of their greater crimes.
* GottaRescueThemAll: Sonja is charged with collecting six of the greatest artisans in the world. Four need rescuing from hostile forces, but the other two only need convincing.
* AHandfulForAnEye: Sonja pulls this trick on Raven in the ''Red Sonja: Raven'' one-shot.
%%* HeroicFantasy*
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Aneva. When introduced her dream is to unite the prostitutes into a guild for their own protection. She agrees to join Sonja to save the lives of slaves who will be freed if Sonja succeeds.
* HumanShield: Used tactically by Sonja whenever she's outnumbered. She'll maneuver around frontline fighters to keep a body between herself and arrows/bolts.
* ILied: Though never directly stated, this was [[spoiler:Samala's]] plan all along. Sonja is unsurprised but still pissed.
* ImAHumanitarian: The bog people delight in consuming outsiders who enter their swamps as a delicacy.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: Red Sonja has always been a boozer and this probably reached its zenith under Gail Simone, where she was a full-blown alcoholic who could barely function without booze. Current writer Amy Chu has dialled that back a bit but her Sonja still loves a drink. In the storyline where Kulan Gath transports her through time to modern-day New York, her first priority after escaping captivity is food and her second is ale. Sonja pretty much says the trope title while walking around Harlem looking for a bar.
* KangarooCourt: Sonja finds herself before one in the ''Red Sonja: Beserker'' one -shot after maiming two young hotheads who mistook her for a prostitute and then attacked. One of them was the son of the justicar who sat in judgement on her.
* TheLadette: Especially in Gail Simone's run. Sonja is not particularly modest, has an aggressive appetite for sex, booze and food, sings bawdy songs and has a mouth as foul as anyone else's she might encounter.
%%* LowFantasy
* LittleMissBadAss: In the Dynamite comics one-shot Sanctuary, Sonja mentions that she started her career as Scathach's enforcer when she was 12.
* LizardFolk: There is a tribe in the bogmen's swamp, secret enough that Gribaldi doesn't recognize their young as an intelligent species. Sonja dubs them mindless predators, but they are intelligent enough to coordinate an attack on the bogmen (who were prepared for such), to use the table for their feast, and to speak at least a few words.
* LostFoodGrievance: Sonja likes ale, and does not like absence of ale.
** She objects vehemently when Gribaldi uses Cimmerian ale to cook instead of drink.
** It's reversed when Sonja uses Gribaldi's artisanal soup as an improvised weapon.
* ManEatingPlant: ''Savage Tales'' #5.
* MarkOfShame: In the ''Queen of Plauges'' arc Sonja's face is marked with one after she contracts the plague.
* MasterSwordsman: Red Sonja is dangerous with a bow or improvised weapons, but she's most deadly with her sword.
** Also Osric the Untouched, a duelist so named because he's never been touched by his opponents' blades.
* MistakenForProstitute: This happens to Sonja on a semi-regular basis; largely due to her habit of hanging around seedy taverns in her ChainMailBikini. Thus usually ends badly for the person making the mistake, although she always gives them the opportunity to apologise before kicking their ass. They seldom take it.
* MusclesAreMeaningless: Sonja is far stronger than most men she encounters but lacks the muscle mass to illustrate this.
* NephariousPharaoh: Emperor Samala of Stygia
* NeverGetsDrunk: Type 3a. Red Sonja *can* get drunk and often *does* but her capacity for alcohol is prodigious, probably even higher than Conan’s. In Amy Chu’s current series, having been transported through time and space to modern-day New York, Sonja finds herself a bar, makes friends quickly despite her inability to speak English and ends up in a big drinking session with her new buddies. When her cop friend Max comes by to pick her up, he finds her passed out drunk with a bar tab of 837 dollars to settle. The bartender tells Max it’s all her’s. WordOfGod is that there was a glitch with the calculations … based on the price of beer on the wall, 837 bucks would’ve bought nearly 300 beers but Amy Chu ‘only’ intended Sonja to have gone through 120 beers, equalling the personal best of AndreTheGiant. Bear in mind that Andre was about 7’0’’ and 450lbs at the time and Sonja’s 6’0’’ and 140.
* OhMyGods: "By Ishtar and Mitra!"
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: Plaitius the stargazer is learned in physics to conduct his craft, but he also claims to be an expert in "potions and powders", i.e. biology and chemistry.
* OneSidedArmWrestling: In the ‘Lost In New York’ storyline mentioned under BarBrawl, NeverGetsDrunk and INeedAFreakingDrink above, Sonja finds a seedy bar and while she’s knocking back a couple of beers, she notices a big guy called Luis crushing his friend in an arm-wrestle. Luis then invites the statuesque female barbarian in the chainmail bikini to step up, hoping to BestHerToBedHer and figuring he’s got an easy win on his hands. Unfortunately for him, Sonja immediately smashes his arm down without blinking. With the other patrons laughing at him, Luis complains that he wasn’t ready, so Sonja offers to take him on again. Once more, she immediately and effortlessly beats him, with Luis saying he thinks she broke his wrist. The next panel shows Sonja beating a huge bald guy with ease in an arm-wrestle and this particular bout goes viral on social media and alerts her enemy Kulan Gath to her presence. The strong implication here is that the She-Devil beat every single challenger in the bar without breaking a sweat, although we only see her taking on two. Now factor in that Sonja was sporting a nasty head-wound in the scene and also had a nasty gunshot wound to her arm-wrestling shoulder, suffered in the previous issue. WordOfGod is that Red Sonja is as strong as six normal men.
* PirateGirl: Sonja has been a pirate from time to time.
* {{Pirates}}: Just as with ''Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian'', pirates feature prominently in the Red Sonja stories: both as enemies and allies.
* PlotCoupon: The six artisans Sonja collects in ''The Art of Blood and Fire''.
* PoisonIsEvil: Zigzagged. Poison is evil if used indiscriminately, but acceptable if targeted and used by someone otherwise physically incapable of murdering them.
** Poison is used by the villains of ''Queen of Plagues'' to kill off enemy militaries before a fair fight even starts. The men in question are depicted as cowardly and unnatural.
** The same arc sees one of them heroically poisoned by his own attendant at risk of her own life.
** In the next arc, a chef poisons an evil king when he reneges on his bargain with Sonja.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: When she's not righting wrongs and helping the helpless (or getting into bar fights, or killing people for looking at her funny, or cutting her way through a few dozen guards of the latest guy to kidnap her and try to make her part of his harem and then making him wear his ass as a hat, or any of the other sort of violence she engages in), Sonja tends to make a living as one of these.
* PsychoLesbian: Not Sonja, but some of her foes fall into this category.
* RapeAsBackstory: She became the badass warrior she did partly out of a reaction to being raped when she was a girl.
* RapeAsDrama: Sonja's original backstory uses this as an inciting element (along with, y'know, the deaths of her entire family).
* ReTool: The Creator/GailSimone series, with an eye toward {{Reconstruction}}.
* {{Retcon}}: Happened partially when Dynamite first re-introduced Red Sonja. While almost all the other details have been kept the same, her age had been reduced to tweeny-hood in her origin (perhaps to increase the believable length of her adventuring career) and she was made to be the youngest child not the oldest. In the latest Gail Simone version, her origin seems to be retconned again, this time making her successful revenge against the killers of her family come from her own childhood skills as a hunter rather than being powered-up by a goddess and there seems to be no rape.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Part of her backstory, but also like her SpearCounterpart Conan, would often find herself motivated to them, especially against foes that took particular delight in their crimes against women.
* SanitySlippage: Over the ''Queen of Plagues'' arc Dark Annisia transitions from a competent and fearsome general protecting the world from dangerous plague to a bloodthirsty executioner driven mad by the weight of deaths she's caused.
* SchmuckBait: Gribaldi announces his first appetizer to his captor as Khitaian mushroom pate, which the man happily eats. Minutes later Gribaldi announces that any gourmand would know Khitaian mushrooms are poisonous.
* ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules: Avena the courtesan refuses Sonja's invitation to perform despite enormous wealth attached; she's wealthy enough and it would distract her from her goal of creating the courtesans' guild.
* TheSecretOfLongPorkPies: Inverted by Gribaldi among the cannibal bogmen. By day they captured travelers and brought them to him to cook for dinner. Instead he cooked foraged foods and released the travelers.
* SorcerousOverlord: Kulan Gath.
* SpikedWheels: She acquires a Boudicca-style chariot, complete with spiked wheels, for leading troops into battle in Queen Sonja #4.
* StatuesqueStunner: Her height is officially 5'11" ... in the current series by Amy Chu, she's 6'0'' and was played by the 6'0'' Brigitte Nielsen in the movie.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Obviously. Probably the only major comic character who routinely wears less than her is [[ComicBook/SubMariner Namor]].
** Although semi-justified in the Dynamite Series as Red Sonja deliberately wears it to distract her mostly male adversaries. As she puts it "Men are easily distracted. Most don't even notice My Sword...until their head rolls off their necks."
* SupremeChef: Gribaldi, renowned as the greatest chef in the world. It's implied that his
* SwordAndSorcery: One of the genre-defining works.
* TakeThat: Recently Sonja encounters Osric the Untouched, a seemingly invincible swordsman who has his skills given to him by the gods and he can only have sex with the person who defeats him in battle. Sonja declares that she has never heard of anything so stupid.
* ThroughHisStomach: How Gribaldi earned survival from the bogmen. It helps that they have palates sensitive enough to appreciate his work; Sonja certainly doesn't.
* TrueCraftsman: Gribaldi the expert chef, who cannot prevent himself from turning forage into gourmet meals.
* VillainousBreakdown: Dark Annisia is dangerous as the general of an army cleansing plaguebearers. When the plague is cured, she refuses to believe it and executes healthy people violating quarantine. When the plague's true cause is finally revealed she snaps completely into bloodthirsty madness.
* VirginSacrifice: Sonja saves a young man from this fate in ''Red Sonja: Blue''.
* WalkingTheEarth: Sonja is usually depicted wandering from town to town. Occasionally she gets a quest that gives direction for a month or two.
* WarElephants: In the 1970s Marvel run, Sonja allied herself with the young ruler of kingdom whose major military strength was its war mammoths.
* WaterfallShower: Sonja takes one (surrounded by strategic CensorSteam) just before she is captured by an EvilSorcerer at the start of ''Red Sonja Annual'' #4.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Dark Annisia is fighting to stop a mysterious plague from spreading throughout the land. She does so by massacring any population with signs of infection.
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Gribaldi cooks and eats eggs and baby LizardFolk without realizing their intelligence. He is genuinely penitent when he realizes his mistake.
* WhereItAllBegan: ''Queen of Plagues'' quickly flashes back to Sonja's past as a slave gladiator in the king of Zamora's arena with Dark Annisia. The end of the arc sees them return to the same arena to fight with the king of Zamora watching.