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Comicbook: Once Upon A Caper
aka: Once Upon A Super Hero
Once Upon a Caper (formerly Once Upon a Super Hero until legal disputes required a name change) is an independent comic book written by Rod Hannah and illustrated by John Amor and Paul Little. It follows Sovena Red, a Russian super-heroine approximately at the level of Superman, and how she deals with the fact that she's been 11 years old for a long time.

Issue #0 can be bought in paper and digital formats here.

This work exhibits the following tropes:

  • Almost Kiss: Played with within the story between Sovena and Phantom Kid.
  • Complete Immortality: So far, it seems to be this in that Sovena is extremely hard to hurt and doesn't age.
  • Glasgow Kiss: Well, Sovena did promise to keep her hands behind her back...
  • Glorious Mother Russia: When she was first empowered, Sovena was a symbol for the Soviet Union. She defected in 1973.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Sovena sports long golden locks and remains surprisingly innocent for being over 40 years old.
  • Not Growing Up Sucks: Sovena has not aged since she first received her powers. Since she was 11 when she received her powers, almost 40 years ago, this is a matter of some angst for her.
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alternative title(s): Once Upon A Super Hero
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