A Spanish comic-book series.

''Fanhunter'' tells us the story of an alternate world: In 1996, in the city of Barcelona, Alejo Cuervo (an insane ex-librarian who thinks he is possessed by the spirit of Creator/PhilipKDick), proclaims himself as the new Pope Alejo I (killing the old one [[StuffBlowingUp blowing up the Vatican City]]), submitting (and bribing some governments) all of Europe to the boring "Dick's Rule" by forbidding almost any form of subculture (video games, comics, [=DVDs=], role-playing games, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking hopscotch]]...) allowing just what he likes (the works of Creator/PhilipKDick... and, strangely, Film/BreakfastAtTiffanys) Alejo I decided to create a special force, the '''Fanhunters''', and use the cloned soldiers "Tintin Macutes" (not so intelligent) to annihilate the civilians who still resist: otakus, gamers, comic fans and geeks left in Europe. Barcelona is renamed as ''Barnacity'', being the capital of Europe, now renamed Europe of Dick.

To defend themselves, the rebels created a group, ''[[LaResistance The Resistance]]'', to fight against Pope Alejo I and his evil forces. Many fans organised to defend their ideals and lifestyle, stopping the destruction of imagination that moves the World, [[IKnowMortalKombat using their knowledge of movies, comics, TV shows, books, manga & anime]], etc.

It started as a self-edited fanzine, and its creator-artist-writer Cels Piñol personally distributed it among the comic book shops. As time went by, its popularity rose, and then it became a nationwide phenomenon, and went outside Spain, attracting the interest of the South American readers.

Graphically limited (simple, but effective artwork), Piñol attracted the attention of thousands of readers who are identified with his comics, games, characters and concepts. In the 1990s, ''Fanhunter'' passed from a fanzine to a big publisher, Planeta DeAgostini, and there was a huge production of the series. An expanded line with different authors, [[TabletopGames role-playing games]] (''Fanhunter'', ''Outfan''...), novels (''Fanhunter: Herencia''...), etc. was created.

The humoristic world of the future that ''Fanhunter'' reflects, where everything related with comic books, Internet, video games, role-playing games and other expressions of leisure are forbidden, is a subtle and intelligent reflection about the dangers of totalitarian regimes, intolerance and fundamentalism.

[[RuleOfCool And. It's. Awesome.]]

You can find more info [[http://fanhunter.com/ here]].

!!This comic provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Belit, Leona Vaskez.
* ActionMom: Belit, with a dose of MamaBear.
* ADayInTheLimelight: Don Depresor in the ''Fanhunter USA'' oneshot. He's still a TooDumbToLive [[WalkingDisasterArea walking disaster]], but an [[IdiotHero heroic one]].
* AffablyEvil: Alejo I, with elements of MagnificentBastard. He's the bad guy, but ''very charismatic''.
* AffectionateParody: Most of the characters are this (John Constantine -> John Konstantin; Ellen Ripley -> Ellen Replay; etc.)
** Don Depresor deserves an special mention. His name is a pun on the early Spanish translation of ''Daredevil''. Spanish censorship wouldn't let a hero be called "Devil", so they changed his name to Dan Defensor (Defending Dan). Don Depresor could be translated as "Mr Gloomy", in a ShoutOut about the Miller/Nocenti run of DD.
* AlternateContinuity: In an alternate continuity [[spoiler: John Konstantin dies getting run over by a De Lorean -yes, ''that'' De Lorean- and it results in a new timeline with Alejo as TheHero -and married to Belit- against a new BigBad, Morsa (a member of the ''Resistance'' in the original universe)]]
** The whole thing is a parody of [[ComicBook/XMen The]] ComicBook/{{Age of Apocalypse}}.
* AlternateUniverse: We have the ''Fanhunter'' universe, the ''Fanboria'' universe, the ''Outfan'' universe (thought this one is probably just a distant future to the ''Fanhunter'' one). There's also the ''Positive Zone''... [[RealLife our world]].
* AuthorAvatar: Cels Denbrough.
* BadassPreacher: Father Merrin, who uses Bibles ''as throwing weapons''. Bibles signed by Mike Tyson and Jet Li.
** Also X-tremo (Milton O'Roke) in the elseworld ''Savage Kiusap Tales''.
* BerserkButton: Don't insult Creator/SigourneyWeaver in front of Ridli... Just don't.
* BigBad: Professor Lokie, Alejo I (he becomes TheAtoner afterwards), Muermammu and Killer Dog (temporarily)... but the real BigBad is the MEEP (Mal En Estado Puro, ''Evil in its purest form'' in english)
* BigDamnGunship: The ''Guagua de la Muerte'' in The Final Conflict, with its surprise return and attack against the fleet of the MEEP.
* BizarreAlienBiology: [[spoiler: Alejo is really Bev, a member of the Fenicius species. They obtain energy and expand their lifetimes (with near inmortality) ''with business transactions''.]]
* BlueSkinnedSpaceBabe: Kayleigh in ''Outfan''.
* BountyHunter: Bob A. Feet.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Erika Konstantin does this a few times in the novel (when the narration is interrupted by a reader)
* ChewToy: Don Depresor (a Daredevil parody)
* CloningBlues: The ''Tintin Macutes''
** Also in the ''Fanhunter Adventures'' miniseries, R.E.I. [[spoiler: a.k.a Ridli/Ellen I, created with genetic material from Ridli Scott and Ellen Replay.]]
** And we can't forget the failed and deformed clones of Creator/AlanMoore.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Almost all the cast has elements of this more or less, but the main examples are Don Depresor and Alejo I (occasionally).
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Cels Denbrough is frozen in carb...''frozen in shit!''. Cheaper and easier to work than carbonite.
** Depriving Konstantin of his cigarettes is also a good punishment for him.
* CoolPet: Gusa. [[spoiler: Is revealed that she isn't an animal but a member of an intelligent alien race and daughter of a general]]
* CowboyCop: Starsky Hutch.
* CrossOver: ''Fanhunter: The Final Conflict'', the final arc, is a CrisisCrossover between all the in-universes of the series: ''Fanhunter'', ''Outfan'', ''Fanboria''...
* CulturePolice
* DisguisedInDrag : The Liquidator, a parody of Franchise/{{Terminator}}, is a muscled male robot coming from the future. Naked, he looks for the clothes of a nearby person. He uses the clothes of a female Flamenco dancer, believing it is some kind of urban camouflage gear.
* {{Elseworld}}: ''Barnacity by Gaslight'', ''Savage Kiusap Tales''.
* TheEndOrIsIt: The end of ''The Final Conflict'' implies [[spoiler: that the ''Fanboria'' universe will become a new ''Fanhunter'' universe, with a new BigBad -this time centered around Creator/RobertEHoward, not Creator/PhilipKDick- and a new ''Resistance''...]]
* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler: Al Fonso, also know as the villainous ''Guerrero del Antifan'']]
** Also, Yuri Petrovsky, before his [[RedemptionEqualsDeath heroic sacrifice]].
* FromBadToWorse: Alejo left the power [[spoiler: forced by Muermammu, and things got worse. Muermammu is defeated leaving the goverment in the hands of Killer Dog, things got even worse.]] Alejo came back [[spoiler: and just when it looked things will got better, even hinting an agreement with the ''Resistance'', he's shot by an sniper and ''everything goes to hell''.]]
* FunnyAnimal: Morsa (an anthropomorphic walrus), Killer Dog (anthropomorphic dog) and Chigusa (anthropomorphic alien rodent).
* GuileHero: John Konstantin.
* HalfHumanHybrid: [[spoiler: John Konstantin]]
** [[spoiler: Also, Max Pospo. And Erica and John Patrick Konstantin, who are 1/4 Fenicius.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: Alejo, at the very end.]]
* HeroicBSOD: John Konstantin, [[spoiler: after the LukeIAmYourFather moment below.]]
* {{Homage}}: Most of the characters, being parodies, are also this: (John Konstantin/John Constantine, Doctor X-traño/Doctor Strange, Ellen Replay/Ellen Ripley, etc.)
* HotScientist: Dr. Lazarus.
* HumongousMecha: The Mazinguelion. Piloted ''by Don Depresor''. HilarityEnsues.
** Also, the AKD 2988 ''Knight of Dick'' from ''Fanhunter: Manga Wars'', piloted by Belit for a crowning moment of both funny and awesome.
* IKnowMortalKombat: But not only applied to videogames. If you're a comic book fan, an otaku, a gamer or a geek in the ''Fanhunter'' universe, you're probably a ''freaking potential superhero''.
* LaResistance: Well... ''The Resistance''.
* LesYay: Leona Vaskez with Ellen Replay in ''Star Hounds Genesis'' and with Belit in ''Dracula Returns''.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: John Konstantin, Belit, Ridli Scott, X-Tremo, Don Depresor, Alejo, Cels Denbrough, Doctor X-Traño, Killer Dog, Morsa, Nando Dixcontrol, Merrin, Ruben Hood, Stuart Goldsmith, etc. etc.
* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler: Alejo I to John Konstantin]]
* MadScientist: Doctor Deflipe.
* MamaBear: Belit, especially when Alejo visited her newborn twins (his grandchildren): exhausted woman who has just given birth threatening the current BigBad with [[KatanasAreJustBetter katanas]].
* MindScrew: Erika's dreams in the novel ''Fanhunter: Herencia''.
** Max Pospo's dreams in ''The Final Conflict'' too. Being the cousin of Erika's father, maybe is a family thing?
* {{Mooks}}: The ''Tintin Macutes'', with elements of RedShirtArmy. This gets averted at times: even if they are pathetic and laughable (they're claustrophobic and can't walk and chew gum at the same time), their big numbers can made them a true menace (and we better not talk about ''degenerated'' macutes or the zombified ones in ''The Final Conflict'')
** The ''Fanhunters'' are more of EliteMooks.
** In the other hand, the female macutes are quite intelligent (and in the side of the good guys, of course).
* MostCommonSuperPower: All the female characters.
* MyGreatestFailure: Konstantin and the Newcastle incident: [[spoiler: He sent more than 50 comic book artist to ''HELL'' by error. Ouch.]]
* NeverMessWithGranny: The ''Ninja Granny'' in ''Goldenpussy''.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: ''Fanpires''. They don't drink blood... they ''eat comic-books''.
** According to the ''Fanpiro'' RPG book, there's another breed of fanpires, the ones infected by the Barrabás virus, who don't need to eat comic-books - though some do -, just play games and read books and comics enough time to calm their ''vice''.
** Then there's Dracula, though.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: X-tremo.
* ThePlan: The reveal of Konstantin's plan in the last issue of ''The Final Conflict''.
* PunkPunk: Fanhunter describes itself as "cutrepunk", which could be translated as "shabby punk".
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: Alejo.]]
* {{Retcon}}: In the original ''Battle of Montjuic'' arc the Tintin Macutes are driven to suicide when they are made to believe that a painted-in-white Gusa is Milu (a.k.a Snowy), Tintin's dog, took as hostage in a ridiculous plot orchestrated by Don Depresor of all people. In TheRemake [[spoiler: it's revealed that the surrender and suicide of the Macutes was caused by mental suggestion by Alejo, who didn't want to see Konstantin die.]]
* RuleOfCool
* RunningGag: Don Depresor (extremely blind and WalkingDisasterArea) as a driver. They just don't learn.
** Also, X-tremo deluding himself in having mutant superpowers. It's not real... [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome until they become real!]]
* ShoutOut: ''Tons''.
** No, seriously. Given its nature and plot the series is a ''big'' conglomeration of [[ShoutOut shout outs]] to movies, comic books, manga, videogames, literature, etc... the characters themselves, certain cameos and [[{{Expy}} Expys]], dialogues, some situations of the plot, jokes... The list of shout outs in ''Fanhunter'' is dreadfully long.
* SlapSlapKiss: The beginning (and most) of the relationship between Konstantin and Belit.
* SpaceOpera: ''Outfan'', ''Star Hounds''.
* StraightGay: Rupert, Erika's best friend in the novel.
* TheChosenOne: Max Pospo, Konstantin's cousin from the ''Fanboria'' universe.
* TheDragon: Killer Dog, with elements of TheStarscream.
** Captain Alvariño becomes Alejo's new [[TheDragon Dragon]], an extremely loyal one.
* TheEmpire: The ''Reverso Oscuro de la Pichurrina'' (Dark Side of the Pichurrina)
* TheFederation: The ''Federación de Planetas Federados'' (Federation of Federate Planets).
* TheForce: The Pichurrina.
* TheRemake: Some of the older self-edited fanzine issues and story arcs of the series had been remade (by Cels and other authors) to fit with the more developed continuity of the recent ones. Some examples are ''Celquest'', ''The Battle of Montjüic'' (which is also an expanded version subtitled ''Redux'') and the ''Kiusap Gothic: Robin Hood'' remade as ''Green Hood/Green Dixk''.
* TheVamp: Pussy Malone in ''Goldenpussy''.
* TimeTravel: Ridli and Konstantin, to ''World War Two''. [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Awesomeness Insues]].
* TraumaInducedAmnesia: Jack Konstantin (John and Belit's son and Erika's brother). The trauma? Too much interdimensional/time jumps.
* TooDumbToLive: Don Depresor.
* WalkingDisasterArea: Don Depresor. Put him in an enemy ship, tell him to act naturally, enjoy seeing the ship sinking.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Jack Konstantin (John and Belit's interdimensional traveller son and Erika's brother).
* YouKilledMyFather: Max Pospo, to the MEEP in ''Fanhunter: The Final Conflict''. He even uses Iñigo Montoya's line:
-->'''Max Pospo:''' "JustForFun/{{Hello}}. [[MyNameIsInigoMontoya My name is Max Pospo]]. YouKilledMyFather. PrepareToDie."\\