Comic Book / Deadly Class

Deadly Class is a comic co-created by Rick Remender, of X-Force fame and Wes Craig. Lee Loughridge acts as the Colorist and Rus Wooton as the letterer.

Marcus Lopez is a homeless Nicaraguan teenager living on the streets of San Francisco. His parents are dead and he's being hunted by the local police force. That is until he's saved by Saya and her plucky band of assassins. Marcus is then given the option of staying on the streets and eventually dying or joining King’s Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts and learn to become an assassin.

Deadly Class is a 2014 series published by Image Comics and is published in a monthly format. The humor is off the wall and dark, the characters are interesting and the violence is gratuitous.

A television adaptation of the series is set to premiere on Syfy in 2018, starring Benedict Wong.

Now features a Characters Page that could use some love.

This comic contains examples of: