Comically Missing The Point: Animated Films

  • In Anastasia, the train car that the protagonists are in breaks off from the ones behind it. Vlad is more concerned about losing the dining car.
  • Chicken Run: Mr. Tweedy is being attacked by chickens.
    Mr. Tweedy: Mrs. Tweedy! THE CHICKENS ARE REVOLTING!
    Mrs. Tweedy: (not looking up) Finally, something we agree on.
  • The scene from Felidae with Bluebeard's response to Francis telling him that the cult could lead to something big. "Something like a fresh piece of fish?"
  • In Hoodwinked, right after the Big Bad's Villain Song, the Wolf and Granny are secretly watching behind rocks:
    Granny Puckett: Sweet tea and cookies! We got to do something.
    Wolf W. Wolf: I know. The song was catchy, but the choreography was terrible.
  • The Lion King gives us the hyenas in the "Be Prepared" song.
    Scar: And injustice deliciously squared! Be prepared!
    Hyena: Yeah! Be prepared. We'll be prepared! For what?
    Scar: For the death of the king!
    Hyena: Is he sick?
    Scar: No, fool, we're going to kill him. And Simba too.
    Hyenas: Great idea! Who needs a king? No king, no king! La la la la la!
  • In Monsters University, the first round of the Scare Games involves running through a tunnel of toxic sea urchin-like critters. As the hosts repeatedly tell the contestants not to touch them, Art is excitedly yelling how he wants to touch one. He does and is promptly poisoned.
  • In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington tries to explain Christmas by way of talking about gifts and stockings. The other citizens of Halloween don't quite get it. In fact, Nightmare's entire plot hinges on the fact that the Halloween Town's citizens don't quite get the point of Christmas.
    Jack: We pick up an oversized sock, and hang it like this on the wall.
    Various Hydes: Oh, yes! Does it still have a foot? Let me see! Let me look! Is it rotted and covered with gook?!
    • Jack's own enthusiasm for putting on Christmas has him oblivious to Sally's warning, as he assigns her making his Santa outfit.
    Sally: Jack, please listen to me. It's going to be a disaster!
    Jack: How could it be? Just follow the pattern! [holds up design of outfit] This part's red, the trim is white...
    Sally: It's a mistake, Jack!
    Jack: Now don't be modest. Who else is clever enough to make my Sandy Claws outfit?
  • One, Two, Three:
    Peripetchikoff: "We have emergency meeting with Swiss Trade Delegation. They send us 20 car-loads of cheese. Totally unacceptable... full of holes."
  • In Rango, one of the volunteers for the posse, Sgt. Turley, has an arrow through his eye, and Rango sheepishly points out, "You've, uh, got a little something in your eye there." Turley seems to think Rango is talking about his conjunctivitis.
    • "Must be that immersive theater."
  • In The Road to El Dorado, when Miguel and Tulio are caught accidentally stowing away on Cortez's ship:
    Cortez: My crew was as carefully chosen as the Disciples of Christ, and I will not tolerate stowaways. You will be flogged. And when we put in to Cuba to resupply, God willing, you will be flogged some more. And then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of your miserable lives. To the brig!
    Miguel: All right! Cuba!
  • In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, after the Canadian army blows up the Baldwin brothers, the U.S. declares war on Canada. Everyone is shocked, but Mr. Garrison shouts "All the Baldwins are dead!?"