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Comic Strip: Strizz

Strizz was a German Comic Strip that ran from 2002-10 in the conservative German FAZ newspaper. It tells about the life of the bookkeeper Strizz, his family, his boss, their pets, and some related folks, with many hijinks. Definitely better than it sounds.

  • Strizz: A young man (early thirties - we guess) who works as a bookkeeper at Leo & co. Very enthusiastic, with big dreams, but not that great in making them come true.
  • Herr Leo: Owner of the company, thus Strizz' boss. Would prefer if Strizz just did his work.
  • Raphael: Strizz' young nephew. Owns a number of toys, and likes to stage elaborate discussions with them.
  • Irmi: A painter. Once Strizz dialed a wrong number and got her on the phone. She liked his voice, though, and stored his phone number. Given enough time, something developed from it.
  • Herr Paul: The cat of Herr Leo.
  • Müller: Irmi's dachshund.
  • Tassilo: A guard dog.

Has an official website here. You can read the collected strips here, but apparently not for free.


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