Comic Strip / Striker

Striker is a comic strip that has appeared in The Sun newspaper, Nuts magazine, and its own comic. It was created by Pete Nash.

Initially, the story focused on Nick Jarvis, who played as a striker for Thamesford Football Club. After several years, he was headhunted by Eric Openshaw, the owner of Warbury Warriors, which Nick joined as player-manager. His playing career was ended when his leg was bitten by a shark. He remained as manager for some time, but the name of the strip didn't become an Artifact Title, as by now the focus was on the whole team and not just Nick. Eventually Eric sold the club to Chinese investors. The new chairwoman was Li Ming, with Eric being kept on as Chief Executive. She fell in love with Nick, and they almost married. But he called it off, prompting her to deliberately run down the club, which she had by now inherited outright after her father died. The club was bought by an Arab investor called Sheik Mustapha Futti Kalub and Eric and Nick were sacked. This ended the story for a few years, but then it came back, with Li Ming having decided to buy back the club, in order to get back together with Nick. This time they did end up married, only for her to get murdered by agents working for her brother, who was on death row back in China. This resulted in Nick inheriting the club. However, the Chinese weren't happy about the money he had also inherited, and froze his bank accounts. As a result, the club missed a payment on a TV station Nick had recently purchased, and the club ended up in administration. That got them a 30 point penalty for the start of the 2015-16 season. The Chinese lost the court case only for Eric and Nick to both get arrested after the guardian of one of the players told the press that he'd been bribed to say he was his guardian in order to allow his immigration.


  • Art Evolution: Was originally hand drawn, but nowadays is rendered in 3D using a computer.
  • Association Football: The subject of the strip.
  • British Footy Teams: Unlike Roy Of The Rovers, Striker uses the real ones.
  • Catchphrase: A few characters have them. For example, Eric often says "Muddy Mildred!".
  • Channel Hop: From The Sun, to it's own comic, back to The Sun, to Nuts, back to The Sun again.
  • Expy: When it left The Sun for the first time, they replaced it with another football comic strip called The Premier, which recycled some old storylines.
  • Punny Name: Happens sometimes. The club was once owned by Mustapha Futti Kalub. Get it? Must have a footy club!