''Marvin'' is a comic strip that started in 1982 and is drawn by Tom Armstrong. It centers on its titular baby, the redheaded Marvin, and his family, which includes parents Jeff and Jenny, grandparents Roy and Bea, and dogs Bitsy and Junior. Was given a TV special in 1989 called ''Marvin, Baby of the Year''.

The latest strip (and ones up to 30 days earlier) [[http://www.nj.com/comics-kingdom/?feature_id=Marvin can be found here.]]
!!This newspaper comic has examples of:
* AlliterativeFamily: Marvin, his cousin Megan, and his adopted cousin Ming Ming. Also, Jeff, Jenny, and her sister Janet.
* AnimatedAdaptation: An animated special, about 30 minutes long.
* ArtEvolution: Compare the art from the [[http://www.toonarific.com/pics_root//00002313/marvinbabyofyearlogo.jpg 1989 animated special]] to [[http://joshreads.com/images/11/06/i110613marvin.jpg a 2011 strip.]]
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Marvin, [[http://joshreads.com/images/09/02/i090228marvin.jpg in this strip.]]
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Marvin's cousin Megan hasn't been seen in several years. The last time she was mentioned was in a late 2008 strip.
** Megan does appear in the strip for Dec 22, 2015, but only in a RuleOfThree role.
* ComicBookTime: Played mostly straight; Marvin has been a baby since 1982. However, during [[http://kingfeatures.com/2003/06/look-whos-walking-now/ July 2003]], there were a series of strips where he finally learned how to walk, ending with a Sunday strip where his first birthday was celebrated. Since then, he's gotten slightly older.
* CutAndPasteComic: There are ''frequently'' series of strips where the art is recycled on a daily basis. In the last year or so, the author has at least ''tried'' to avoid this; unfortunately, he has not gotten out of copying and pasting the same ''jokes''. [[http://joshreads.com/?p=1679 Here's an example]] (scroll down a bit).
* DontExplainTheJoke: The strip's author has a bad habit of doing this.
* FleetingDemographic: New parents, who don't remain new to parenting for more than a couple years.
* IncrediblyLamePun: Some of the strip's punchlines are these. [[http://joshreads.com/images/11/06/i110603marvin.jpg Like so.]]
* OverlyLongGag: The infamous "Belly Laffs" arc, in which most of two weeks of strips had the same punchline of "You know you're pregnant because you're fat."
* PrintLongRunners
* RunningGag:
** Marvin draws on the walls.
** Before he could walk, Marvin tries to do so, and falls down.
** Jeff is incompetent at grilling.
** Marvin wakes his mom / dad up at 2 A.M. for milk. Sometimes this results in a snarky line from one of them.
* ShoutOut: [[http://joshreads.com/images/07/07/i070722marvin.jpg This strip]] that ran on its 25th anniversary featured Marvin appearing on ''Series/TheTonightShow''.
* StylisticSuck: An arc in which Marvin dreamed of entering a world populated by stick figures was supposed to be this. However, the stick figures didn't look as thin or as crude as other peoples' do, which lessened the impact of the gags to a very huge degree.
* ThoughtBubbleSpeech: Both babies and animals communicate in this manner.
* ToiletHumor: Not surprising, as this ''is'' a strip about a baby.
* TokenMinority: Ming Ming and Jordan.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Marvin.