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Comic Strip: Garulfo
Garulfo is a French comic strip series written by Alain Ayroles (also Author of De cape et de crocs) and illustrated by Bruno Maïorana , taking an humoristic take on Fairy Tales like De cape et de crocs did for the swashbuckling genre.

Garulfo is a frog who cannot stand being at the bottom of the food chain, and worships mankind as the epitome of God's Creation. Inspired by the tale of "The Frog Prince" and with the help of a witch, he succeeds in being turned into a prince by the kiss of a handmaid he mistakenly believes to be a princess, and manages to make his entrance at he king's court. Unfortunately, he soon discovers man's true nature, and his ignorance of human society puts him in bigger trouble.

The second Story Arc is based on the unwilling cooperation between the innocent Garulfo and Romuald, the irascible and vain prince turned into a frog to learn humility, so that Romuald kisses a princess and both beings find back their respective forms.

This comic provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Garulfo
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