Comic Strip / Apartment 3-G

Apartment 3-G is a newspaper comic about three women living in the same apartment in Manhattan. They are the brassy and aggressive Margo Magee, the sunny and innocent war widow Lu Ann Powers, and the quiet and hardworking nurse Abigail "Tommie" Thompson.

Created by Nicholas P. Dallis in 1961, the strip ceased publication in November 2015. During its final years, it was written by Six Chix cartoonist Margaret Shulock and drawn by Frank Bolle.


  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Lu Ann, Margo, and Tommie, respectively.
  • Drop-In Character: Older male neighbor Professor Ari Papagoras
  • Race Lift: A strange Zig Zagging example. At some point it was revealed that Roberta Magee wasn't Margo's biological mother, and that her father had cheated with the family housekeeper Gabriella, Margo's true mother. This apparently made Margo half-Latina, but an unhailed later retcon seemed to make Gabriella Robert Magee's wife, as well as making her look much lighter.
  • Roommate Com: The three main characters, Margo, Lu Ann and Tommie are all unmarried women sharing an apartment in New York City. A lot of storylines involve one or more of them finding men to settle down with, going as far as planning a wedding sometimes, but because of Status Quo Is God, something always derails it.