[-[[caption-width-right:335:'''SHE CURSES!''' '''SHE SMOKES!''' '''SHE BLOWS!'''[[note]]'''...AWAY THE COMPETITION.'''[[/note]]]]-]

An adult, satirical prestige format one-shot comic, written by Creator/GarthEnnis, with pencils and lettering by Amanda Conner and inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.

A bored young prostitute (and single mom) is given galactic superpowers by a GreatGazoo. She's immediately noticed by the local {{Expy}} superheroes, but doesn't feel like going along with their self-aggrandizing hero bullshit. Instead, she exacts revenge on a JerkAss customer, and she teaches the local Superman equivalent about sex. Unfortunately, his semen is also superpowered and knocks a plane out of the sky, and while he manages to save the passengers, he's forced to do so pantsless. The ensuing scandal damages the entire league's reputation irrevocably.

She's about to be kicked out, but the meeting is interrupted by a terrorist attack, and the Pro is forced to make a life-or-death decision.

* AbusiveParents: The Pro herself is rather verbally abusive towards her infant son, doesn't bother to dress him properly, and smokes right in front of his face while breastfeeding. Some of the other stuff wrong ''might'' be justified by her being too poor to really give him a decent life's living, but that doesn't excuse a lot of her behaviour.
* TheAdjectivalMan: Parodied with the villain team The Grammatical Team of Grimness, which consists of villains such as The Noun, The Verb or The Adjective. Evidently all other names of this type have been taken.
* AnimatedAdaptation: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNRDGjjQwwE There was one]] that was created by ''Creator/{{Titmouse}}''.
* AuthorTract: As usual, this comic is just another long-winded ramble from Garth Ennis about why he doesn't like superheroes.
* BrokenAesop: In the foreword for the book, Creator/GarthEnnis says the point of the book was to point out how super heroes aren't needed. Except the titular character was only able to save the day by flying a bomb into space. Also, the pro says the heroes are never in any real danger, only for the Green lantern expy to be killed a few pages later.
* CastOfExpies: The League of Honor are all obvious parodies of the Justice League. There's also The Viewer, the alien that granted The Pro her powers and a parody of The Watcher of Marvel comics. The Pro herself is basically ComicBook/PowerGirl if she was a surly hooker.
* CleavageWindow: The Pro's costume comes with one. Unsurprising considering who she's a parody of.
* CombatPragmatist: the protagonist, much to the horror of other heroes, considering what her level of strength can do to people.
* FlyingBrick: The protagonist, as well as Superman parody The Saint.
* InformedFlaw: We are told the heroes are all useless but they are repeatedly shown saving people from real dangers.
* NoNameGiven: The main character's name is never given.
* PunchClockHero: The Pro only agreed to become a superhero after she's told that she'll be paid.
* SingleMomStripper: Well, a hooker, but the same thing. She also has a day job as a waitress.
* StudentTeacherRomance: The Pro was knocked up by her guidance councilor at the age of 17 and kicked out of her house by her parents shortly afterwards.
* TouchedByVorlons: The Pro was given superpowers by the voyeuristic alien The Viewer.
* [[UngratefulBastard Ungrateful Bitch]]: The prostitute goes on a 3-4 page rant about why superheroes suck, despite the fact that if it wasn't for the Superman-expy, ''her son would be dead.''